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MTM Molded Products SURVIVOR AMMO CAN Zoom $26.08 Model #: SAC No reviews yet, be the first! QUICK DESCRIPTIONMTM Survivor Ammo Can Underground Utility Case Medium Black ESTIMATED SHIPPING Ships in 7 to 10 Business Days.Free Shipping with $99 purchase! Before we can ship your firearm, we need to verify that the FFL you select during checkout has a valid license and that they will accept a transfer from us. As soon as we have a copy of the license, we will send your firearm to shipping and your firearm will ship within one business day. Recent Reviews Taylors And Company 1873 CTTLMN BL 6IN 44MG good 1873 Great looking gun .. Keeping your ammo dry is an integral part of ammo care, as any moisture or wetness can degrade and damage your ammo.
Following the ten tips mentioned above is a great start to ensuring that your ammo will be fresh, safe and usable well into the future.
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If we do not already have a copy of the license from the FFL you select, we will need to contact the FFL to obtain a copy of their license.

This can lead to your ammo be completely unusable or, even worse, appear to be fine when in reality they are damaged and dangerous. Dessicant packs are a great way to control for humidity; too much humidity will create moisture, so using these packs is a great way to keep your ammo dry.
Whether you are storing your ammo for one month or one year, all of the above tips are great ways to keep your ammo dry and effective, so keep each of them in mind when choosing a location to store your ammo or ammo container. This process typically takes about one business day, but it may take longer depending on when the FFL is open and how quickly they respond to our request.
The following article will outline ten helpful tips to follow to ensure that your ammo is dry and your hunting sessions are safe and enjoyable, the way they should be.
This will ensure that any potential water in the proximity cannot make its way into the container. This is especially important during summertime and any time when humidity is potentially high. Depending on the time of year and temperature, different areas will me more or less suited to storing your ammo.
If you plan on storing your ammo for long periods of time, make sure to check up on them regularly.

Although lube is a great way to preserve weapons, lube is not effective for preserving ammo and can actually increase their moisture levels and cause them to degrade. For example, the MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal is designed to float in water, meaning the likelihood of your ammo being damaged if you drop the case in water is very slim. For example, if you store your ammo in the attic during the summer, then there is more of a chance of your ammo becoming moist. Make sure to change the location of your ammo container based on these factors instead of simply keeping them in the same place all year round.
Do not store your ammo in the laundry room or underneath your sink, as even though it does not seem likely that any water will make its way into your ammo, anything can happen.

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