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Intro: Record Setting MouseTrap VehicleFor my engineering design class our first project was to design and build a mousetrap vehicle. Step 1: MaterialsYou can find these materials anywhere or purchase them for a very cheap price.
Step 5: WheelsOnce the axels are all set, slide a nut then a washer followed by the wheel, then washer followed by a nut.
The record from run 4, was for speed, our professor said in her 20 years of teaching, she never saw a time below 5 seconds. This was the original idea we had, the reason we had dual gears was to make one a start up then another connected to a gear system to increase the speed and distance. This model was a result of changing too many different variables at once in an attempt to solve a problem. Our Physics teacher told us that our "giant wheel" was illegal because it did have a frame. After removing our third wheel and all of its modifications, we returned to the two-wheeled crusader but this time stuck a frame on the back of it.
Sandy Sorensen, Craig Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher, examines eighth-grader Ian Day’s mousetrap car Tuesday morning during the school’s annual mousetrap car rally in the CMS gym.
Tanner Hampton, 14, a Craig Middle School eighth-grader, tweaks his mousetrap car Tuesday during the school’s 15th annual mousetrap car rally in the CMS gym. Slowly but steadily, Tanner Hampton’s mousetrap car crept away from the starting line Tuesday morning.
His car didn’t make it to the other end of the Craig Middle School gym, where he and other eighth-graders participated in the 15th annual mousetrap car rally.

The rally was the culminating activity in a physics unit, said Sandy Sorensen, a CMS seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher.
To construct a mousetrap car, students had to apply their new-found knowledge of simple machines, specifically levers, wheels and axles. The concept behind the contraption is simple: attach a lever to the spring in the center of a mousetrap, tie a string to it, then wrap the other end of the string around the car’s back axle.
When the lever is released, the spring pulls the lever forward, thereby unwinding the string and turning the axle. Getting the hang of making the cars go without the aid of a push or a motor is harder than it looks. Students are evaluated on their cars’ performance, Sorensen said, yet the project’s importance goes beyond the grade. One student who doesn’t do particularly well with worksheets and the like “was the first one to hand in his car,” she said. The logic behind this was to go from first gear into second gear however what ended up happening was going from first gear into fifth gear.
We removed the two records in the back, removed the gearbox, retied the string and everything.
The event was part of a physics unit that included lessons about simple machines, like levers, wheels and axles.
Students used a variety of materials, including CDs and vinyl records, to construct their cars. He chose vinyl records for the tires because they would get more distance with a single turn, he said.

She believes it can get children interested in science when more traditional methods cannot.
What we ending up doing was taking two records, a mousetrap, some hot glue, metal wire and an axel and turning them into a very simplistic design. I have a physics project due thursday and I bought all the materials listed here but it didnt say anything about the frame in the materials list. Im stressing out about this so could u pleease email me where i could get a frame like this? My partner and i have decided to make ours based off of yours, since it is so wonderfully designed. Because i know that there are different sizes and that would most likely effect the speed and distance. But if you were able to get the smaller records, and use them for the front wheels, that would make it look awesome.
I have to make one for a physics class but we're only allowed a single mouse trap and nothing else that could add to its potential work.

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