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RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.
Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. What you should know - when you need to claim from your comprehensive motor insurance cover for car accident damage compensation from your own insurance. Disputes with South African motor insurance companies, regarding a compensation claim, to recover motor accident damages, are common in South Africa.
Lots and lots of claim disputes within the sphere of insured clients and its motor insurance company, arise on a daily basis and only a part of those insurance claim disputes are referred to the RSA ombudsman for short term insurance. So you see, you're not alone if you struggle to get along with a disputed or rejected insurance claim.
Any dispute about differences resulting out of a contractual relationship with your motor insurance company can be heard and resolved by the ombudsman for short term insurance. It is always considerable to do so, but results to your favour as you may expect, are no way granted. As the South African ombudsman can only deal with car insurance claims that arise out of a contractual - motor insurance policy - dispute between the insurance company and the insured and cannot deal with 3rd party insurance claims.
Due to a release from the ombudsmen's office, hundreds of claim disputes are coming in daily and times to attend an individual complaint became longer and longer. If your case will be one of those where the motor insurance company reject, deny or do not offer fair and full motor accident compensation, you should enter into a dispute resolution with the motor insurance company. If you find yourself in such a case, you should not hesitate to look for experienced support as it will be not a walk in the park to finally get the motor insurance pay what is fair and correct.
To the experience of RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - the insurance claim negotiator or whatever the tittle will be, may be stubborn insisting on the position he is directed to follow, even if very obviously being wrong, the tactic is that you simply give up to end the saga and cut your losses.
But is that really the way to go, accepting a significant shortfall of compensation only to end the story? You can always consider mandating RAMLA with your motor insurance claim dispute, for professional, effective and economically very favourite conditions. If you want support to be compensated for your car accident damage RAMLA can be your one stop solution. You found the RAMLA web page because you were looking for some general information on how to proceed in a case of a car accident in South Africa.
The company vehicle drove into me while I was at the stop street in an attempt to avoid hitting another vehicle that was jumping the stop street. The insurance of the company vehicle advise that they client bumped me in an attempt to avoid another vehicle and they not responsible for the accident. In a case between a comprehensive insured RAMLA client and the insurance company, such dispute of facts had been the case. The disputes of facts are based on two different Expert vehicle assessments, in order to proof what actually had happen and to rebut the allegation of the insurance company that both such motor cars couldn't be part of the same accident, due to the damages examined.
The expert assessments resulted in two very different outcomes in the evaluation of circumstances. The insurance expert denied the possibility that technically both damages could be resulted out of the one and same accident. The expert of the insured concluded, after carefully analyse the circumstances and by looking deeper into the damages that had been hidden and covered by other parts of the car, just the opposite and gave abundant evidence about the reasons he arrived at his conclusions, that indeed it was technically possible to have both cars involved in the same accident and that the damages do match. One of the limitations of my function as Ombudsman is that where there is a material dispute of fact between Insurer and Insured, and the validity or otherwise of the repudiation depends on whose version of the facts is correct, I have no power to hold a formal hearing, or take witnesses' evidence on oath and hear them examined and cross-examined, as happens in a Court of Law. In your case, there is indeed a material dispute of fact, as you will have seen from the papers, and there does not appear to be room for compromise.
I was involved in a 3-car motor vehicle accident where the driver causing the accident did not sustain any damages and did not stop on the scene of the accident and fled not leaving her details which was recovered a week later by myself driving past the same driver & vehicle in the same road as where the accident happened. On 12 February 2014 at 09:30 traveling south on Atlas rd, Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, I was about to cross a busy intersection, with the robot still green for me, at Geldenhuys rd, when a white female driver, on her cellphone, from the opposite direction decided to go and turn right, crossing right infront of me, I turned sharply left, to avoid hitting her, but could not turn sharp enough, hitting another vehicle stopped at the red robot about to go west accross Atlas rd. The female driver, causing the accident, in her very new grey Mercedes 350AMG did not stop and fled the scene. I even followed this vehicle all the way in to Kempton CBD where it stopped at a Ferobrake business in Pretoria rd. I took my car for a Repair Quote at a panelbeater in Spartan, Kempton Park, and I am still awaiting the quote, but he told me it would be in the region of R50,000 ! I do not have Insurance on my car and are unemployed at the moment and can not afford a lawyer. I was recently involved in a car accident in a private parking lot with traffic rules such as stop signs and yield signs through out.
In the settlement agreement, her insurer is stipulating that she is not at fault as the accident took place in a parking and "no one has right of way in a parking area". Considering the 25% will put me back R20,000 i feel that the insurer should unequivocally prove undue care on my part. In my opinion the fact that my car suffered R80,000 worth of damage from a parking lot accident clearly implies that this was not a standard fender bender and that the impact was clearly due to above average speed for the accident area in question.
Also the point of impact on the car clearly suggests that I was mid way through the perpendicular point of the intersection where she should have been yielding to make the right turn suggesting she never even stopped. In your opinion should I contact the person responsible and ask her to clarify to her insurance once more that she was solely responsible. I was involved in an accident that was not my fault (this is clearly stated in the accident report by the other driver). Unfortunately my insurance company wants to scrap my car as the damages exceed more than 70% of my vehicles value.
My insurance company advised me that the only option I have to avoid my vehicle becoming a code 3 is to withdraw the claim from them and sue the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident.
I was stationary at the traffic lights and the other car rear-ended my car causing the bumper of my car to be damaged. I live in Howick, Kwazulu-Natal, and I do not think it will be feasible for me to pursue this in the small claims court in Boksburg.
Sorry, Outlook does not seem to allow me to attach another email so I will forward the other email to you directly after sending this. What happened is that at the intersection I got in front of the truck driver from the lane on his left, which was a lane that was turning to join the other road. Interestingly, after the accident nobody came to be part of the unfolding discussions between myself and the driver of the truck.
I have not approached the company yet, since this happened this past Friday, late afternoon. I took all the details I could of the driver and the truck and went straightaway to report it to the police. Also the point of impact on the car clearly suggests that I was mid-way through the perpendicular point of the intersection where she should have been yielding to make the right turn suggesting she never even stopped. I was in an accident a year ago, the guy didn't have insurance so we had an agreement for him to pay my access which he did. The officer driving the vehicle has admitted to it being his fault, he was speeding and lost control of his vehicle and skidded across the lane into oncoming traffic and hit her head on.
The towing service that towed the vehicle will not release the vehicle until we pay the towing fee as well as storage fee amounting to R7000. Would the police not be liable for damages and as well for the towing and storage fee for her vehicle?
I understand that this will not be quick and easy as this is the government we dealing with. Would we have a case as the towing company will be adding storage fees daily and don't see why my mom would need to fit the bill as the police officer was speeding and careless on a wet road. Do you think we might stand a chance with getting them to pay for damaged and the towing fee as the car is a write off or will we just be wasting our time?
The insurance assessor removed most items from the list of damage stating that this was due to old damage and not the accident.
The insurance company handed the matter over to attorneys who then appointed a second assessor to view the damages.
I am insured with Outsurance, Vehicle is a 2013 Chev Trailblazer LTZ 4x4 auto with less than 13000km on the clock. With 3 kids this makes me very upset as if another car just decides to drive into the same side of my car I wouldn't know what to expect. We offer the solution in Car Accident matters, analysing, supporting, demanding, corresponding, negotiating, settlement agreements and further taking matters to a court of law in South Africa, if no amicable solution could be found, in pre-litigation, to best favourable conditions in a professional and decisive routine.
RAMLA will be the solution, demanding compensation, resolving disputes, defending against inflated or unreasonable claims, in all sectors of vehicle accident damage compensation problems.
Motor insurance accident compensation claims to recover material damage, in regard to your comprehensive cover with one of the South African motor insurance companies. We are dealing with your rights and obligations, risks and benefits, if it comes to a claim for MVA damage compensation, directed to your own insurance company, launching a claim against your comprehensive motor insurance cover.
In the first place, talking about comprehensive motor insurance cover, one need to understand that the main source of guiding the relationship between you, the insured and the company, is the policy and the terms & conditions, of your insurance contract. In a case of a claim, you the insured hope and trust on the backing and pay-out, for what one trust is covered under the policy.
You will find it easy to deal with your insurance company, if you are classified as a "good risk". Such good risk, all companies are looking for and in order to keep this type of clients happy, they will probably be generous and quick, if unfortunately one must claim against the policy, once in a while. Get a unbiased and intially free reply to your inquiry where you are and what is the way forward - free of charge - just to enhance confidence trusting RAMLA expertise, before you mandate us.
An insured motorist may face difficulties, if in need to claim more often and must be aware to be scrutinised more in particular, according the policy terms and circumstances of the car accident. Once in a conflict with your own insurance company, strange circumstances can develop, based on a number of factors, such as breach of the terms (which can entail a variety of arguments), or findings of the assessor, in pursuing his work to analyse the case circumstances, probabilities and the damage.
It becomes even more common, that motor insurances don't just analyse the damages by assessment, but engage an investigator to check out backgrounds, witnesses etc. What you should know and better not miss out to do, when dealing with your insurance company and maintaining your policy duties. We listed some information, which will help you to understand your obligations and rights in terms of your motor insurance policy or contract and what at least to do, when you are involved in a vehicle accident.
You want your car accident claim being paid for and recieve your material vehicle accident damage compensation, suffered in a traffic accident on South African roads? You are welcome to contact RAMLA to receive free advice after a free accident fact check to determine your position. Do you know that RAMLA is a specialist in handling and enforcing material motor accident compensation claims, for its clients very affordable - effective - professional and of course decisive and resolute. We do offer a free first advice, but unfortunately we cannot supply a free pursuit of your claim. Keep this in mind before you contact RAMLA, if you expect experts to work for you - free of charge.
When you need claim support for car accident damage compensation, in South Africa you are on the right web page. If you like to explain your problem to our claim manager on duty, you are welcome to contact us by phone for an initial briefing on cell 076 770 3179 (standard rates apply) Anyhow you will be requested to brief us by email, even if you discussed the matter initially over the phone.
Contact RAMLA to analyse your case, and get a free opinion where you stand and what to do next.
It's so easy, just e mail your story and attach what you got to make the RAMLA claim manager understand your problem. RAMLA offers you full legal support to solve your car accident, a comprehensive claim preparation and action to enforce your compensation, all the way up to a court case.
Car accident claims for material damage, in regard to your comprehensive South African motor insurance cover; what you should do and what you better not miss out to do. Motorists who are involved in a vehicle accident often have questions about whether or not they should file a claim with their motor insurance company and when to file the claim. You should think twice when you decide not to report or file a claim with your insurance, despite the fear of rates increases, as unexpected consequences coming later, might be detrimental to you. Just reporting a claim, or inform your insurance company, that a car accident happened, does not mean, you make a claim for a pay-out at the same time. Not coming to terms with the other party can trigger a claim against your policy, some time later and if you haven't informed your insurance company of the possibility a claim may or may not come, it is expectable you don't have insurance cover for this particular case. An insured motorist should understand the terms and condition and act accordingly to all you have accepted, but on the other hand even force the insurer to be awarded all you are covered for, once you need to claim.
When been involved in a motor accident, it's critical to know what your insurance policy requires you to do, because it could make it easier for you to decide whether or not to file a claim. Most car insurance policies explicit require you to notify your motor insurance company of any "occurrence" or "event," like an accident, that might lead to a claim being made under your motor insurance policy, whenever there is any possibility that you, or someone else could ask for compensation from the insurance company, you have to notify them in time.
Lots of insurance companies require you to notify them in a specific manner, which is stated in the insurance policy or as required by state law, probably by calling a specific telephone number or you may be required to give the insurance company a written notice of the accident, may be even on a particular form. You may face problems, if you don't file a claim or give such notice to your insurance company. If you do not report any such accident, it can lead the insurer to reject the damage claim at a later stage. RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa. Just after or even at the scene of the accident, you will or should contact your insurance company, to inform them that you might need to open a claim under your comprehensive cover.
Some motor insurance companies even offering some support you may need, just after the auto accident happened, i.e. After you contacted your insurance company, you should get a reference no your claim will be registered under. As a general rule, you should not act and agree for services rendered at the place of the accident, without knowing the conditions.
Be careful, as some of those service providers take chances, trying to overcharge for towing and very often for storage costs. Once you reported your claim to your insurance, in the manner your T & C may require, you want to get your damages settled as fair and quick as possible.
You will be required to supply certain documents, enabling your insurance claim adjuster to have a clear picture of your case.

Most often it consist out of: your own draft accident report, a copy of the police report, your car - registration - document (not the licence) a copy of your driver's licence the damage assessment or quote and most often a sketch showing the causes and movements of the accident. Certainly all insurance companies can have different requirements, and you need to meet those best you can. The insurance adjuster will now check the matter and take measures to examine what they deem fit. The results of those examinations will have a major impact, on how any settlement offer may look like. Kindly note that one of the tasks of an insurance assessor is, to downscale damages as good as ever possible and don't expect it as certain you will get an independent and fair calculation. All together, the process of an insurance claim, will take some time, and you shouldn't expect a settlement just after some days. What does it mean - Apportionment of Liability - and what will be the effect to your pay out? Apportionment will be needed to understand as a part of liability caused by contributable negligence, that will be blamed on more than just one party, causing a traffic accident. In terms of compensation for damages, this will result in apportioning the settlement contribution to the parties found causal for the accident at all. In this example the road have two lanes in both directions and both vehicles drove on the right lane in the same direction. The fact that B didn't avoid the accident, despite there had been possibilities but bumping into A, makes the driver B the more liable party. But certainly not all cases, that could allow arguing this way, can eventually justify a partly liability.
Motor insurance claim admins, do have an arsenal of prepared statements, drawn from legal cases in the past, citing them as to be appropriate in comparison to this particular car accident, that give them the right to blame a party being partly liable, in regard to the precedent. But there is nearly no traffic collision just as another and such argumentation must be challenged.
It can be a task to fight such a case with an insurance company, if they insisting persistent on an apportionment, despite the argumentation is disputable or even wrong. The calculation or assessment of damages resulting out of a traffic accident is a central matter, next to the question of liability. As we are focusing on the way of dealing with comprehensive motor insurance cover and challenges on the way to settlement here, we do mean the assessment results of a motor car assessor in mandate of the insurance company. The aim of an assessment should be, that the insurance client will be compensated full and fair.
Wrong classification of vehicle damages when called a "write off" or beyond repair and totalled, without proper backing of facts and values. Other problems can arise out of interviews with the assessor, or assumptions made on influential factors being said causing the accident, i.e. Remember that all those allegations can, but certainly must not be true and if true it must be backed by proof. RAMLA as a specialist in motor car accident damage matters, can support someone in need charging just reasonable fees. Help Support Truck SafetyHelp AnnaLeah & Mary for Truck Safety raise funds to support Underride Research.
Recent CommentsRichard Boyd on Does the lack of adequate parking for trucks contribute to decreased road safety?Louis V. Glenn Crompton, Vise-President van Bemarking by Lexus, se die ES het ’n benydenswaardige reputasie vir ruimte, bestuursgerief, waarde vir geld en suiwer gemak verwerf. Die hersiene en verfrisde vooraansig van die nuwe ES behels Lexus se kenmerkende uurglas-sierrooster wat in ’n helder satynchroom-omhulsel geraam is, sowel as twee nuutontwerpte kopligte wat nou ligdiode-projektortegnologie gebruik. Die slanke vorm strek voort tot in die ES se grasieuse daklyn wat moeiteloos na agter vloei waar ’n meer moderne stertligontwerp die “L”-vormige tema in ’n oombliklik herkenbare glans voortsit. Die indrukwekkende nuwe vorm word aangevul deur twee nuwe sewentiensduim-wiele met rigtingspeke wat spesiaal vir die ES ontwikkel is. Nuwe rompkleure is by die pallet gevoeg: Sonic Quartz (wit), swart en diepblou, wat elk aangebring is deur middel van Lexus se vernuwende en hipermoderne verftegnologie wat ontwerp is dat die verf se helder-bolaag ligte skade vanself kan herstel. Nuwe beslag-opkikkerings aan die deure se binnekantste oppervlakke en middelkonsole voeg die binneruim se weelde-gevoel en -ontwerp saam. Ander uitstaande kenmerke sluit in volle leerbekleedsel regdeur met hoegehalte stikwerk en ’n nuwe verhewe patroon.
Lexus se ingenieurs het rompversterkings regdeur aangebring om die voertuig se onderkant verder te versterk. Daarbenewens het die ES ook ’n klankdempende laag agter die voorpaneel om enjingeraas nog meer doeltreffend uit die kajuit te hou. Dinge is onder die dop nog net so ernstig soos altyd, wat beteken jy kry ’n fyningestelde kragbron wat aan die hoogste vereistes op die gebied van gehalte en verrigting voldoen. Wat veiligheid betref, bied die nuwe ES ’n magdom gevorderde aktiewe en passiewe veiligheidseienskappe, soos tien lugsakke, ’n blindekol-monitor met baanwisselhulp, voertuigstabiliteitsbeheer (VSC), sluitwerende remme (ABS) met noodremhulp (EBD) en remkragverdeling (BA) sowel as Isofix-kindersitplekmonterings. Glo dit of nie, maar die antwoord is ‘Ja!” Die nuwe ES se prys is effens laer as die van die uitgaande model deurdat die lys van toerusting op slim wyse aangepas is.
Al die modelle in die nuwe ES-reeks word net soos die res van die Lexus-modelreeks deur ’n waarborg van vier jaar of 100 000 km gedek, met ’n bykomende 8 jaar en 195 000 km vir die hibried-battery van die ES 300h.
The Volvo 480 ES was the first front-wheel drive car with a transverse engine produced by Volvo.
When the annual motor show in Geneva opened on 6 March 1986, the Volvo 480 ES was one of the cars that attracted the most attention. Several sketches had been prepared by designers like Carozzeria Bertone and Volvo Cars Chief Designer Jan Wilsgaard, but the proposal that got the green light was created by John De Vries of Volvo’s subsidiary in the Netherlands. The interior was also innovative, with an instrument panel angled towards the driver and adjustable backrests in the individual rear seats. The level of technology in the car was high, and the 480 ES was well equipped even in the standard version. The 1.7-litre petrol engine came from Renault and produced around 80 kW thanks to the help of catalytic converters. 1988 saw the launch of the 480 Turbo, which had around 88 kW thanks to its exhaust turbo and intercooler.
The 480 was namely the first car in a large and comprehensive project – internally called Galaxy. There were plans for an open-top 480 ES, and a prototype of a convertible version of the 480 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1990.
Tracing its bloodline into the modern millennium, the 480 also inspired the popular Volvo C30 and the present-day V40.
Comments Off on Is there a time limit within which a car damaged in a collision needs to be repaired? Several other online mediums have been included in the drive to create a better understanding of the need for safety. Lexus has revamped all of its models with distinctive lines and styling cues, most notably its spindle grille and signature headlamps and taillights. The stand is inspired by Lexus’ design philosophy and provides an ideal showcase for the new look, luxury and technology of Lexus vehicles. The Lexus display incorporates dramatic features such as the ‘treasure’ box with mirror accents to showcase the iconic LFA supercar. As Justin Ryan, General Manager of Lexus South Africa points out, Lexus has always been about mastering the details, whether it’s in its products, or how customers are treated.
The all-new Lexus ES 250 rightfully moves into the place of honour at JMS, a simple raised plinth at the front of the stand, to indicate its top billing at the show.
Now in its sixth generation and credited with being the top-selling Lexus sedan globally,  the ES will present unrivalled value in the premium segment of the South African market when it goes on sale early next month.
As the luxury vehicle subsidiary of automotive giant Toyota, Lexus has always managed to effectively combine affordability with premium luxury, reliability and performance – accomplished ranges such as the IS, GS, CT and LS offer excellent value for money in their respective passenger car segments. For the first time in its 24-year history, the ES is available with Lexus Hybrid Drive (see ‘Also available in Green’), while the ES 250 is powered by a 2,5-litre four-cylinder engine that employs dual-VVT-i technology that controls valve timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts for optimal performance and efficiency at all engine speeds. The model features a Drive Mode selector that allows a driver to choose Normal, Eco and Sport driving modes.
The simplicity and elegance of the interior complements the graceful L-Finesse-inspired exterior design to a tee. Additional standard equipment include a moonroof, Smart entry system with push-button start, power seats with seat heaters (with driver’s seat memory), electrochromatic rear-view mirror, heated and electrically adjustable side mirrors (with memory), a reverse-view display and parking sensors front and rear. What’s more, the new ES provides a wealth of advanced passive and active safety features, such as 10 airbags, Blind Spot Monitoring with Lane Change Assist, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), ABS with EBD and Brake Assist and Isofix child-seat anchorages. The ES 300h marks the first time that a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain is offered in the ES range.
As with the ES 250, drive mode select is standard on the ES 300h, but there is an additional EV mode specific to the hybrid.
The addition of batteries for the ES 300h’s electric motor does encroach on the car’s boot space, but still leaves more than enough room (the luggage capacity is 425 dm3 as opposed to the 490 dm3 of the ES 250 model). The introduction of ES to the local market is a direct result of customer demand for a more accessible, value-oriented luxury offering from Lexus and we are pleased to have secured not one, but two options for them while simultaneously expanding our innovative hybrid vehicle portfolio (the ES 300h petrol-electric hybrid will be available on order). We don’t expect any cannibalisation from other Lexus models for the simple reason that the ES is appealing to a very different target market. We will continue to build on the Lexus product portfolio including future performance models while remaining true to the ethos of the brand which is rooted in the pursuit of perfection. IS 350 – Lexus has covered all the bases and engineered the new IS to deliver the very pinnacle of dynamic performance and driver engagement while retaining the brand’s legendary superlative standards of comfort and kit.
RX 350 EX – in 2012, the popular RX range received the new Lexus corporate identity and signature spindle grille.
Alfred ‘King Donut’ Matamela, Brian Capper, Seipei ‘Biker Queen’ Mashugane and Gugu Zulu at Light the Fire 2016. It was a weekend of speed, stunts and spectacular motorbikes and cars at Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast from 30 April to 1 May as the second annual Light the Fire biking lifestyle event took over the town. Sponsored by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, in association with Nkosi N Projects and Integrated Concepts, Light the Fire brings biking clubs and motor enthusiasts from all corners to the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, in celebration of all things biking, while showcasing all that the South Coast has to offer.
Although the weather didn’t come to the party on day one of the fun-filled event, conditions improved on the Sunday with crowds flocking to the Dezzi Raceway to enjoy some of the country’s best biking performances. Spectators were also captivated by the death-defying stunts performed by Brian Capper – 10 times Supermoto Champion and South Africa’s most diverse biker. Another South African biking legend, Alfred ‘King Donut’ Matamela – owner of the Soweto Motorbike School and Yamaha Ambassador – kept the crowds entertained with his donut stunts while the renowned ‘Biker Queen’ Seipei Mashugane met with fans and interviewed the performers.
The two-day motoring extravaganza also had a number of exhibitions by custom bike and cars spinning and stunt area, drifting and advanced riding demonstrations as well as live music all staged at the scenic Dezzi Raceway, Marburg in Port Shepstone. Attendees looking for a luxury experience got to visit the VIP precinct, offering upmarket hospitality with a cigar and whiskey lounge, champagne and sushi bar as well as spa massages. Chosen for its community upliftment through education, skills’ development, job creation and recreational opportunities offered, the local non-profit organisation will benefit greatly from this generous contribution which will go towards its many ongoing projects.
RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
But even those numbers are more than some hundred a day, according to own statements of the South African ombudsman's bureau. But only those matters that are between those both contractors, the insurance client and the insurance company can be brought before the ombudsman's office. The same publication confirms that the ombudsman's office is understaffed to deal with the rising numbers of insurance claim disputes. Most differences with a South African motor insurance company are based on the findings of the motor insurance vehicle damage assessment.
You will find lots of information about it here to support your own claim pursues or even to answer questions you might have in your car accident claim. I am happy with the settlement agreement that you proposed and would be happy for you to draw up the guarantee for the parents to sign. The insurance company denied the claim on the basis of dishonesty and subsequent violation of the terms & condition. The other vehicle (a brand new Renault Sandeo) was damaged on the full right side of her car upto the right back door with estamated damages of R67,000, luckilly she has insurance.
Her number plate was partly taken, but was incomplete, but a week later I saw the same driver and vehicle in Atlas rd, and took her details and reported it to the SAPS Kempton Park, where I reported the accident within 24 Hours of the accident!
At the time of the accident she stated I should let her know if I encounter any problems with the insurance company. This is largely due to my car being a classic and parts are expensive bearing in mind that the only parts that needs to be replaced is a door and a fender.
The other party said their insurance told them that I must claim from them (insurance company, Outsurance). I have attached pictures of the damage and I'm still going to get a quotation for the cost of fixing the damages. Right here differences may be found, if you don't know exactly what you are covered for and how a claim will be handled, in case of determination, acceptance or rejection of a claim. This means you will be a client for a certain time already and always paid your premiums to date, but more importantly, you did not claim. This will especially be expectable, if one just concluded the contract and soon thereafter need to claim, or the accident happen at night time etc. As professional specialists, in charge of acting in motor accident damage claims in South Africa, we offer a well performing, decisive and demanding claim pursuit, at affordable fees, but not free of charge. Just draft a brief report of what had happen and send it (use this mail link) to RAMLA for free analyses and you will receive a reply soon.
If you have been involved in a motor car accident, you may not want to put in a claim to your insurer, because you suspect that your insurance premiums will go up in future. If you decide not to claim for a pay now and let your insurance company know, you're dealing with the claim, without them initially involved, you are safe in a case if matters escalate later as you cannot come to terms with the other party.
The policy already might require you to report or file a claim at all, regardless if you consider not doing it now. Time limits for giving such notice and the form will be defined in your insurance contract.
The worst problem you may find is that the insurance company cancels your policy, because you didn't do what you accepted with the terms and condition. This reference number will always be helpful, if you or another one on your behalf, need to get in touch with your insurance.

This is especially important, if any road assistance or towing will be needed which may sometimes be offered, quicker as the ambulance will be there. Most motor insurance companies don't pay all of those costs, if they didn't select or approve the provider. It can be that they reach out for legal advice, from its departments or external legal advisers. So for you, it is important to know what is going on and best be on site during such assessment.
So if your car will be stored at a place that charges for the parking, make sure you move it or make arrangements with either the storage company or your insurance. In a case, just two parties are involved in the road accident; both parties have to pay a certain amount of the combined damages of both participants, to the determined percentage of contribution.
The driver of car A, driving in front of B, thereby clearly violates the rules of the road attemting a turn not allowed right here, but did it without hitting anyone else and have observed the opposite traffic before, showing a safe possibility to turn, despite prohibited to do so. In this case B should have taken evasive measurers, such as breaking and come to a still stand before impact or even just swerve to the left lane, which had been free of traffic, bypass the obstacle to the time of impact.
Certainly not all calculations made under the supervision of the insurance company must be subject to criticisms.
This is the sole justification for the continued support by the SAIA to Business Against Crime South Africa initiatives for the fight against crime.” These were the words of Refilwe Moletsane (pictured right),SAIA Deputy Chief Executive, after the SAIA Board approved the seventh consecutive donation to Business Against Crime South Africa. Die nuwe ES, wat met ’n meer sportiewe voorkoms, sterker agterstilering, verfynde binneruimafwerking, opgedateerde afwerking en verbeterde dinamika pronk, is werklik ’n pakket wat aan die ‘meer is meer’-etiket voldoen.
Ikoniese “L”-vormige pylpunt-dagligryligte (DRL) strek verby die kopligsamestelle en bied ’n kenmerkende voorkoms wat dit met ander Lexus-modelle verbind. Die agterkant pronk ook met ’n herontwerpte, stylvolle verchroomde nommerplaathulsel wat sigbaar tot in die helder dele van die stertligte invloei om met die voertuig se nuutgevonde gespierheid te kommunikeer. Die standaard-weergawe vir die ES 250 is ’n uittakkende donkergrys twintigspeekwiel met masjienafwerking, terwyl die ES 350 met ’n tienspeek-roteerontwerp met masjienafwerking op ’n medium grys agtergrond pronk. Elk van die altesaam agt kleure is versigtig gekies om die ES se dinamiese oppervlak te beklemtoon en word deur ’n nuwe veelfase-verfproses wat Lexus-modelle hul diep, juweelagtige glans gee, aangebring. Sy vloeiende voorpaneel-uitleg, instinktiewe ergonomie en die fynste materiale en omvattende standaard-toerusting laat die ES van suiwer gehalte met elke aanraking spreek.
Kleurgepaste bekleedsel word ook in die middelkonsole gebruik, terwyl die rathefboom ’n nuwe leerrompie het.
Die nuwe volkeur-dunfilmtransistorskerm (TFT) van 4.2” gee alle belangrike voertuiginligting sowel as inligting oor die multimedia-klankstelsel voor en in die middel. Die ES deel nou ook baie eienskappe met die GS, soos die groot syferhorlosie, agtergrondbeligting en die Nano-e-klimaatbeheerstelsel. Trouens, die woorde wat die meeste rondgeslinger word, is ‘heerlik’, ‘towertapyt-rit’, ‘gedemp’, en ‘ontspannend’. Die soort onderstel-instelling, wat van die Lexus IS-sportsedan oorgeneem is, gee die ES ’n gevorderde ritgehalte en interaktiewe hantering. Wat instandhouding betref, word die ES 250 en 300h deur Lexus se “Distance Plan Plus” gedek.
It’s now been 30 years since this wedge-shaped car made its official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The interior was designed by Peter Horbury, who would later become Volvo’s Chief Designer. However, it was more important for Volvo than many realized at the Geneva Motor Show in 1986. The past 7 years of commitment to create road safety awareness has also contributed to a greater understanding of not only the tragedy and despair of road accident victims - but has also the dire financial consequences for victims and those left behind. This commitment to design is reflected in the Lexus display at this year’s Johannesburg International Motor Show (JMS). However, with the ES, the company sets out to redefine the entry-premium segment, because in terms of pricing, the ES at R435 900 slots in just below the newly minted IS range, but in terms of interior space, it offers roominess closer to that of the GS. Normal mode provides a blend of performance and efficiency that is suited to everyday driving conditions, while Eco mode favours fuel economy.
Compared with the outgoing model (which was not made available in SA), the newcomer has a reduced steering-wheel angle for improved driving comfort, while the front seats can be lowered by a further 15 mm for better headroom. Standard features include the second-generation Remote Touch interface with eight-inch full-colour monitor, a navigation system, leather trim with high-quality stitching and tasteful ambient lighting. The model’s also equipped with a hill-start-assist system and a revised instrument cluster that includes hybrid-specific instrumentation. Price-wise the new ES slots in just below the IS range but dimensionally it offers accommodation closer to that of the GS – think of it as the spacious and comfortable alternative to the more dynamically focused IS and GS ranges. In a sense it’s creating a whole niche within the premium segment by attracting buyers who value space and luxury over purely dynamic considerations.
I know it might sound like I’m chanting a mantra but from a space, appointments, affordability and prestige perspective, there is nothing to touch this Lexus. If you’re in the market for a sporting sedan with rear-wheel drive, you cannot afford to overlook the new benchmark. With a wider track, more direct steering, aurally engineered exhaust system, an automatic gearbox with paddle shifters and virtual immediate lock-up technology, vented disc brakes and generous use of aluminium the new GS is a dynamic revelation.
This is a car that is superlative in every way in which every imaginable comfort feature is standard.
Constructed using advanced carbon fibre technology, the rear-wheel drive LFA is powered by a bespoke, high-revving 412kW 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine, matched to a rear-mounted six-speed sequential automatic transmission. For 2014, the RX has been refreshed even further with a new Appearance Pack that is now standard on  the RX 350 EX model. A second Yamaha R1 followed with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS coming in third, fourth place went to the Backdraft Racing Cobra, fifth to the 450 Motard and sixth to the Ferrari 458. Some stunts included ramping over brave audience volunteers and gravity-flouting flips and turns in mid-air. Lot of those party friendly damage assessments are not acceptable for the victim of an accident and can be caused on a number of issues dealt with in the motor vehicle damage assessment report. If you want support to be compensated for your car accident damage RAMLA can be your one stop solution and take the matter forward to pursuit the claim on your behalf. As I was moving forward, now fully in front of him, he accelerated and I thought he was going to stop but he didn't. In my opinion the fact that my car suffered R 80,000 worth of damage from a parking lot accident clearly implies that this was not a standard fender bender and that the impact was clearly due to above average speed for the accident area in question.
Will the insurance company sue me if I consent for rescission of judgement against the guy? Remember, an insurance policy is a contract, and if you don't do what you have agreed to do, you violate or "breach" the contract, which may allow the insurance company to deny your claim or cancel your policy. You should just know which way to contact your insurance company or broker, before you drive off, as a car accident can catch you always and certainly unexpectedly. Missing out, it can become costly and even cause a fight with the storing company before they release the vehicle, if not paid up what they will charge you. The SAIA pledged R1 469 600 which will be used for the national vehicle crime projects which are facilitated by Business Against Crime South Africa.“Motor insurance, being the largest class of business insurance, accounted for half of the short-term insurance industry’s net claims in 2005. Ons is vol vertroue dat die nuwe Lexus ES die leier in sy klas sal bly terwyl hy aansienlik meer aandag sal geniet.
Daarbenewens is die hersiene ligdiode-misligte na die buitenste onderste deel van die voorkant verskuif waar dit die voertuig se bree houding beklemtoon en die vloeibaarheid van die ontwerp beklemtoon. Nuutgevormde verchroomde reghoekige stertpype van die ES 250 bied aansienlike flair aan die voertuig se reeds sportiewe houding.
Bykomende standaard-geriefskernmerke sluit in ’n glasdak, afstand beheerde sleutellose toegang, elektries beheerde sitplekke met ingeboude verwarmers (met geheurwerking vir die bestuurdersitplek), ’n elektro-chromatiese truspieel, trurat-gidsmonitor met ’n nuwe slimkamera, en parkeerhulp (PDC). Die nuwe 2016-ES behou daardie tradisie – en durf ons waag om te se selfs beter gemak – maar bied ’n verfrissende kinkel in die wese van gevorderde dinamiese eienskappe.
Die draaiknop waarmee verskillende rymodusse gekies kan word, gee die bestuurder toegang tot die ECO-, NORMAL- of SPORT-verstellings.
This “electronic information centre” could give the driver information about average consumption, average speed, range, and outside temperature. While the engine power was not that high, the 480 ES was a road car with driving properties that could match its sporty appearance.
The project was then split up so that Volvo Cars in Sweden was responsible for the larger car that would become the 850, and the Dutch subsidiary Volvo Cars B.V. Production of the car in Volvo’s plant in Born, Netherlands, ended in September 1995. Sport mode increases powertrain and steering responsiveness, which, allied with a stiffer body, wider track and an upgraded suspension, endows the ES with commendable handling properties. The ES also shares features such as a classic analogue clock and Nano-e climate-control system with its sibling, the GS. Elegantly styled yet suitably bold, the ES is underpinned by a chassis that offers satisfying driving qualities and an incredibly smooth ride.
Above all, though, they want it all – including the all-important Lexus badge – at a price that’s affordable, i.e. A sporty car demands sporty looks and the all-new IS 350’s tightly proportioned design fulfills this brief to a tee – from the signature spindle grille to the tightly scalpelled tail lights that follow the razor-sharp creases that rise from the flanks. To highlight just two of these, the LS is equipped with the world’s first Climate Concierge – it measures the temperatures of all occupant zones individually and adjusts four zones (including seat heating and cooling) to best suit each.
Capable of revving to a wailing 9000 rpm, the V10 produces 480Nm of torque at 7 000rpm, 90 per cent of which is available from 3 700rpm all the way to the 9 000rpm red line. This pack comprises a re-designed bumper with larger air intakes to boost the muscularity of the front view. I then heard nothing from Outsurance and my follow-up request was ignored, with not even an acknowledgment of receipt. Dit maak ’n wye spektrum ry-ervarings in die ES moontlik – van uiters ekonomies en ontspanne in ECO (waar eienskappe soos versnellerreaksie en lugversorging vir die beste moontlike ekonomiese verbruik aangepas word) tot die aansienlik meer sportiewe en meer direkte verrigting in die SPORT-modus.
Iets wat natuurlik met die hibried-weergawe in gedagte gehou moet word, is die feit dat hoe drukker die verkeer, hoe laer die brandstofverbruik, aangesien dit die elektriese motor toelaat om sy eintlik ding te doen. Die RCTA-stelsel gebruik die blindekol-monitor (BSM) se radar om voertuie wat van weerskante af aankom en moeilik raakgesien kan word, te bespeur. The model designation was tied to the 1800 ES sports wagon, which ended production in 1973.
Rear-wheel drive was replaced by front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and a range of new engines was developed.
Three of the prototypes of an open 480 ES are currently preserved at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg.
This is matched by unprecedented levels of standard equipment, leading technology and a high quality interior bristling with all the latest luxury, safety and modcon features.
The IS 350’s tour de force is the 228kW 3.5 V6 petrol engine featuring D-4S direct and port injection, and Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) to both intake and exhaust camshafts, significantly enhancing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.
The GS 350 offers features such as an intelligent climate control system, Lexus Premium Sound, electrically adjustable front seats and steering wheel and full high grade leather trim. Another novelty is the Standard Mood Lighting system which creates a soothing ambiance that changes with vehicle usage. Other changes include new 19-inch alloys (as opposed to the 18-inch units on the outgoing model), as well as LED-type front fog lamps.
When I asked him why did he hit my car, he said I came from a side he did not expect and he did not see my car. A financial contribution of over R 1 million has once again been confirmed for the next calendar year as a contribution towards the National Vehicle Crime Projects facilitated by Business Against Crime,” said Siphiwe Nzimande, CEO of Business Against Crime South Africa, after being informed of the donation.“Many of the initiatives of Business Against Crime South Africa have yielded positive results.
Die beligting in die instrumentehuisie weerspieel die soort verrigting: sagte blou vir ECO en rooi vir SPORT.
Wanneer die stelsel ’n aankomende voertuig ‘sien’, waarsku die RCTA die bestuurder met ’n visuele waarskuwing in die deurspieels sowel as ’n gonser.
The low, wedge-shaped body with pointed nose and pop-up headlights provided a hint of the future, while the abruptly-ending rear section with glass tailgate was yet another way to pay homage to the 1800 ES. As from November 2013, the GS 350 also gets an 8-speed, Sport Direct Shift (SPDS) auto box from the Lexus IS F.
On the technical front, the vehicle is equipped with an upgraded 4.6 litre V8 with 32 valves and dual intelligent variable valve timing (Dual VVT-i) that delivers maximum figures of 285 kW at 6 400 rpm and 493 Nm at 4 100 rpm.
For the RX 450h SE, the latest upgrade includes the LED interior lighting package as well as the adoption of the Integrated Sport Driving system which enables the driver to tune the Drive Mode Select to Eco, Normal or Sport mode. He then said that I'm in the wrong and I don't have a case against him, we will meet in court. In relation to national vehicle hijacking crime statistics, a decline of 9.9% was noted over the period April – June 2007 when compared to the same period in 2006. Nog ’n nuwe eienskap is wegtrekhulp (Hill Assist Control) wat nou deel van al twee modelle se standaard-toerusting is. Available in standard guise and F-SPORT (aesthetic and handling upgrades), the new IS 350 is making waves amongst the compact executive set. In addition, due to customer demand, the GS 350 will, for the first time in SA, be made available with the F-SPORT package.
Such a reduction can be attributed to continued efforts in the collective fight against crime.
This list of extras just grows longer on the GS 450h models (including full colour heads-up display) – this hybrid model in SE guise will be on display on the Lexus stand.
Equipped with a  similar V6 petrol engine to the one on the GS 350, the 450h offers 345 Nm of torque; it is tuned for a maximum delivery of 213 kW.
This is further complimented by a powerful electric motor and high voltage battery to boost total system output to 252kW. The electric motor also adds a further 275 Nm for impressive response.The drivetrain is coupled with an E-CVT continuously variable gearbox.

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