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Okay, so in retrospect, I think I could make the body a bit longer and even lift it off the ground some. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. United Kingdom and British Commonwealth only: Represented in these territories on behalf of  Jabberwocky Literary Agency. His debut novel a stand-alone  fantasy, ELANTRIS, was published by Tor in 2005 and was followed by the highly acclaimed Mistborn Trilogy,  comprising THE FINAL EMPIRE (2006), THE WELL OF ASCENSION (2007) and THE HERO OF AGES (2008).

In September 2013, Gollancz will publish STEELHEART, Brandon’s new super-hero novel (to be published in the US by Delcorte Press). Kelsier uses Vin, a street urchin with the same Mistborn powers Kelsier possesses, to infiltrate the Great Houses’ society, where she falls in love with philosopher prince Elend Venture. All your choices are amazing, when I saw the post in my feeder I immediately thought of Karou (who I adore!) and Hermione. When she's not reading or blogging, Micheline is likely rewatching her favorite tv shows with her boyfriend, snuggled up with a cat or two, or wasting time on Pinterest.
In 2011, Tor published a fourth book in the Mistborn universe, THE ALLOY OF LAW. He has also written two YA novels for Scholastic with further titles in the pipeline.

This mystico-metallurgical fantasy combines Vin’s coming-of-age-in-magic and its well-worn theme of revolt against oppression with copious mutilations, a large-scale cast of thieves, cutthroats, conniving nobles and exotic mutants.
Rowling wrote some fantastic female characters; Hermione is definitely one of my all-time favorite literary heroines. I'm trying to find some time to start Mistborn because I really want to read that series!

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