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Over the past week two massive storms have caused a huge amount of destruction in two different parts of the world.
Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, this wild weather lashed the Philippines for nearly a week, forcing thousands of kids to flee their homes. LOTTA SYLWANDER, UNICEF PHILIPPINES: Things are destroyed and so it will take several weeks, maybe months until children can go back. NEWS REPORTER: When the cyclone crossed which is making it harder for the workers cleaning up. The word cyclone is believed to have come from a Greek word, Kukloma, which means 'wheel, or coil of a snake'. Hurricane has its roots in a Caribbean language, where Juracan was the name of a storm god. And typhoon is believed to have come from a few languages, including Chinese, where tai fung means big wind.
They always start building over warm ocean water, where the surface of the sea is above 26.5 degrees Celsius. The last ingredient needed to make one of these storms is the rotation of the Earth which causes the clouds to spin around faster and faster. This information has helped me a lot in my report about cyclones.I also feel sorry for the people who lost their lives during such big cyclones. Just by watching this video I have learnt so much of about storms, the way they are formed and the way they have been active. Dear BTN,I understand now that people in many countries need help especially, people in the countries where there are massive and very dangerous storms. WOW that story is so sad and I fell so bad for the people who live near these severe storms and I hope that the storms get better not worse and that the people feel safe and not worried. That is really upsetting and sad to know but know I understand the bad weather in some countries around the world and how it can effect the people and their environment.Even though this was a big storm I'm happy but also surprised that no one got hurt.
Now I understand how bad the weather can be in some different countries and how it can effect them and their environment . I am studying Tornadoes and Cyclones for science and I now that typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes are a wind storm and tornadoes are tube of spinning air. I always thought that cyclone and typhoon had different meanings,but now I know they have mean the same thing. The people in the Philippines and in Mexico are extremely unlucky as to have (some of the people) killed and also having their homes destroyed. What types of technology is there to warn citizens about cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes? I think that this story is very useful to just put it out there that there is stuff like this happening throughout the world and preparing us for if this happens to us. I was very interested about how we got the names of the storms because I am extremely interested in etymology and languages.

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Skies and pools both darkened Wednesday as the sun-splashed Rio Games gave way to gray clouds and murky green waters. The Rio de Janeiro Olympics were drenched in rain and continued questions Wednesday about why the diving well and water polo pools look so much like neglected aquariums. The third day of the men’s tournament in water polo began in green-tinged water, though not nearly as dark as the neighboring diving well at the aquatics center. Water quality has been a major issue surrounding the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but in the ocean and lagoons, not pools.
Strong winds rattled palm trees along the coast and whipped up waves on the scenic lagoon where rowing was postponed for a full day for the second time this week.
Under dark skies, the cyclists faced lashing rain and wind on the time-trial course along Rio’s southern coast. American Kristin Armstrong won the race, conquering the brutal course to edge Russian Olga Zabelinskaya by 5.55 seconds. Nate Ebner, the safety for the New England Patriots who took an absence from training camp to fulfill his Olympic dream, scored again in the rugby sevens tournament at sloshy Deodoro Stadium. Trust UsWe are the most experienced, most accurate, most trusted weather team in Southwest Florida. News When It MattersSign up for our news and weather alerts and download our app to get Southwest Florida news first. With Hurricane Irene making its way up the East Coast, one of the Country’s largest communications providers called on AmQuip.AmQuip was successful in locating temporary depots in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts allowing our customer to store necessary equipment to make emergency repairs due to the widespread outages.
In a review of the new electric Tesla vehicle, reporter Bradley Berman writes, “Put simply, the automobile has not undergone a fundamental change in design or use since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T more than a century ago. Electric vehicles are becoming more of a reality, and the Tesla now provides some of the zip and luxury that many would be car owners are looking for. While Toyota continues to make smaller and more efficient cars, like its Smart Insect concept car revealed recently in Japan, Tesla is going in the opposite direction to satisfy the cravings of the status car buyer. More importantly, the Tesla may appeal to cyclists because of its low environmental impact, combined with its greater oomph on the road compared to older electric vehicles.
The only if is cost: the model Berman tested comes to $77,400, a price that includes an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack a $3,740 Tech package, and a premium sound system.
But cyclists are known to pay from $5,000 to $50,000 for their bicycles: what is another $27K for a purely electric car? With respect for those French people and others who were killed or injured in Nice, France tonight, we will not do any further reporting on today’s stage.
But in the Philippines 58 people were killed and more than 100,000 are still stuck in evacuation centres like this. It was adopted by the English language, so it's used in lots of places once colonised by the British like Australia and India. It was then adopted by the Spanish that colonised the area, so it's still the term used around the Americas.

When it's that hot, water starts to evaporate, and that warm humid air begins to rise into the sky. Some countries like the Philippines and Mexico get hit more often because they're closer to the warm water of the equator. I have also been learning about the way that storms have been known differently in name and places. Now that I have watched this video I know how very bad weather can effect other countries so badly .It is very good that nobody who was involved in these massive storms got hurt. I never knew these storms were this strong.I feel very sad for the people of the Philippines and Mexico because they get hit more often. I've learnt so much about the weather in other and also about typhoons, tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes.From 4th grader Ella. With winds too blustery, rowers packed up their oars for the day as cyclists hit slick roads on skinny time-trial bikes unsuited to harsh weather conditions. The regatta also lost Sunday’s slate to foul weather a day after two rowers fell into the choppy seas and rowers struggled to keep the filthy out of their boats.
Though we have no statistical proof of this relationship, we have observational experience. The greater distance it can cover, and the greater accessibility of charging stations make the Tesla an encouraging buy. So aid organisations like UNICEF are asking for some help, especially for the people of the Philippines, who are facing a long road to recovery. There have been many evacuations in many cities that have been attacked by big deadly "storms', even Mexico and The Philippines. I am sad for my country [the Philippines]that their homes were destroyed also for the rest of the countries. I'd really love to help out and donate to these countries during this rough time, it would help them out a lot. The pair would have advanced if they had given up seven fewer points – just one point per set over three matches at the Copacabana venue.
But the equator wraps right around the world, and over time different cultures using different languages, have come up with different names for them.
This process can kick-start a chain reaction, evaporating more water and making bigger clouds.
When Qatar beat Austria later in the day, the Americans fell into a last-place tie in their pool.

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