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If your a person who likes the outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, mountain climbing, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, etc.
This post will focus on the basics – the absolute bare essentials that will help keep you alive for a few days until you can be either be rescued or effect your own self rescue.
A basic backpackers tarp like the one above is very compact, lightweight and has multiple uses aside from just a shelter. An emergency blanket is another multi-use item, not only can it be used to warp around you to keep the evening chill off, but it could also help to signal for rescue (in this kit, I don’t include a signal mirror, because this blanket could be used in its place). The fire starter is self explanatory, but you may not have known that the grey magnesium portion is meant to be shaved off into a little pile and then ignited with the spark. These Bota bags are not the most high quality, but they hold a liter of water are lightweight and can be packed down to a compact size. Effecting self recovery is one of the best and most reliable methods of getting out of an emergency situation.
A small flash light, just in case the sun goes down before you get back to your vehicle or in case you need to gather fire wood or build a shelter, or flash at rescue to let them know where you are.

I recognize that the items in this personal survival kit, are basic and not of the highest quality available, but my opinion is that the items here are functional enough to do their job for most wilderness survival situations, which typically last less than three days.
Support this site by shopping for all of your Survival Gear using the Reality Survival Amazon Store! Your right adding a decent small lightweight pack is a good idea and would allow enough space to toss in an extra set of clothes or additional items as you built up your gear. I think this will be a great gift for the family over the holidays…and Walmart never breaks the bank.
Typically this will be iodine tablets, chlorine bleach drops, water filter, and some way to carry water.

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