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The DH 9104 is a 3CH RC Helicopter with built in Gyro, the RC Helicopter comes fully assembled and ready to fly.
The DH-9104 3CH Metal RC Helicopter with built in Gyro, the onboard Gyro results in stability.
Yama Buggy Pro Road Runner version also comes with a powerful 30cc engine, making the rc buggy perform better. The Yama Buggy road runner comes equipped with special grippy tyres perfect for performing well both on road and off road. All new ccarbon style PC body shell, 30cc engine and extra grippy tyres that perform perfectly on lose surfaces. The Caldera 10E Brushless Monster RC Truck is comes fully built with many features and powerful brushless motor. The Spy Hawk from Hubsan is a unique rc airplane, the Spy Hawk is a video-equipped RC airplane with a built-in flight stabilisation system.

The Spy Hawk hosts a 5 megapixel camera which takes live colour video, and the module sends the video feed to the transmitter’s video display. If you are looking for Monster Truck for bashing and pulling long wheels this is the one for you! The RC Buggy features an impressive body shell, colour coded aluminium suspension arms, colour coded aluminium shocks and upgraded colour coded split rim wheels.
The petrol buggy comes ready to run all you need to do is purchase unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil, which is available from the petrol station. The Spy Hawk is perfect for beginners and advanced pilots looking to have fun with a First Person View System. Press the enter button on your rubberised plastic remote and the camera will start to record your progress through the sky and save the video to the built in 4GB SD card. The MT4 G3 can pull long wheelies, do back flips, take jumps in the air easily and hit top speeds with its insane brushless motor.

The DH9104 is constructed with an aluminum frame and tail boom; it is 7 inches in height and has a rotor diameter of 21 inches.
It even features a sunlight screen guard that can be attached to the remote enabling you to watch the video feed when the weather is sunny.
The Spy Hawk can be used in combination with video projecting glasses giving you the perfect FPV experience. The Thunder Tiger Truck is equipped with ACE RC cougar 2.4GHz radio system, full CVD drive shafts and high quality bearings to deliver maximum efficiency to survive from the outrageous torque and abused operation.

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