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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Da martedi divieto di ingresso ai viaggiatori in arrivo dai paesi colpiti dal virus, annullati anche i voli. Paura in NigeriaIn Nigeria, invece, pare che medici ed infermieri stiano scappando dagli ospedali per paura del virus Ebola.
Informacion de los servicios de la empresa itati y venta de pasajes de omnibus con tarjeta de credito. Venta de pasaje de micro de buenos aires a mar del plata o villa gesell, san bernardo, pinamar, mar de ajo y todos los. En pasajes express pode comprar tu pasaje en micro consultar los horarios de todos los omnibus. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This means that when it comes to the presentation, we are mainly looking at beautiful background images, and in this regard the designers don’t disappoint. Il Kenya ha deciso di imporre il divieto di ingresso sul territorio a partire da martedi ai viaggiatori in arrivo dai tre paesi dell’Africa occidentale colpiti dal virus Ebola. Lo riferisce il quotidiano locale Punch, sottolineando che la situazione e particolarmente grave all’ospedale Yaba Mainland di Lagos, dove alcuni ammalati sono ricoverati in isolamento. The models feature solid injection molded plastic construction with crisply printed graphics. Here is a selection of such websites mainly chosen for their static or slide show background images.The Best Airline Website DesignsVirgin AtlanticThis British luxury, long-haul airline uses a full screen slide show of three images on its landing page.
E sempre da martedi la compagnia aerea nazionale Kenya Airways sospendera tutti i voli verso questi tre paesi. La struttura gia esistente nella capitale Monrovia, infatti, ha ampiamente superato il numero di pazienti: secondo i portavoce del ministero della Salute e infatti attrezzato per curarne 25, mentre oggi ne ospita circa 80.
They are known for using red in their logo, and this follows through in their search-for-flights form.
Il nuovo centro, secondo le prime stime, dovrebbe avere lo spazio per 120 letti, ma e possibile che si decida di triplicarli se l’epidemia dovesse aggravarsi.

Una di loro e un’infermiera e questa notizia ha provocato defezioni fra il personale, spesso su pressione delle famiglie.
They also have at-a-glance links to Online check in, Manage your booking and Flight status, making this design not only attractive, but also very user-friendly.Fiji AirwaysA full width slideshow of four images on this site, showing some of their offers and a competition.
Ad aggravare la situazione c’e stato uno sciopero di sette settimane del personale medico, al quale il governo ha risposto licenziando 16mila persone. Below the slideshow is a border of a kind of tribal-style pattern, with alternative links to their special offers in boxes that overlap the slideshow images.
The flight search form is relatively small and unobtrusive on this page.Kenya AirwaysUnusually, this site does not greet visitors with a flight search form, but a bright red navigation menu cannot be missed here.
They are currently working on attracting summer vacation customers, so the image is a guy having fun on the water.
The models feature solid injection molded plastic construction with highly detailed graphics. The whole of this site is nicely laid out and fairly minimal in appearance considering it is a text-heavy site.IberiaThis Spanish airline uses a four image slide show as a hero area on the landing page.
They use their signature red and yellow color scheme throughout the site, and the flight search form is relatively small on the slide show images.ScootThis site design is very different from all other airlines – it is quite a breath of fresh air! You can click down the menu for Check in and Flight status that have fly-out forms, and My bookings will take you to the relevant page.
The home page of this site as you scroll down has a very minimal design.AviancaThis site has two slide shows going on at once – the main one at the top and a smaller one below it that shows news items from the company. There are three images included in the main slide show, and the emphasis is heavily on their new Boeing 787 planes. This is quite a different solution from that used by most airline sites.FinnairThis site design has a very clean and clinical appearance, which is good for an airline site. The slide show images are pale and mainly blue and white tones, and the flight search form occupies only a small space on the left of the screen.Austrian AirlinesThis site uses a hero area slide show at the top of their landing page, with both a top and side navigation menu.
The top menu is slightly annoying as hovering the mouse over it almost anywhere brings up the huge flight search form. Produced from Boeing-approved scale drawings, this reproduction of the 777-300 is made of precision die-cast metal.
Otherwise, this is a nicely presented site.Hainan AirlinesI have included this landing page of the Hainan Airlines site because the image is just so beautiful.

When you arrive on their site for your location the images are good, but not the equal of this one!Singapore AirlinesThis is the beta version of the new Singapore Airlines site, where they use a static background image of a local Singaporean scene, and the flight search form takes a large portion of the left side of the screen. The rest of the page is presented in a magazine blog-style layout.Bangkok AirwaysThis airline website uses a very different idea from all the others – a curved filmstrip-style slideshow of six beautiful images. The flight search form on the right does not interfere with any of the images as it sits over the static pattern.Oman AirOman Air use a slide show of five images, four photographs and this illustration that basically thanks you for returning to the site. Each of the other images has the flight search form on the left side of the screen, only this one does not.Delta Air LinesDelta get to the point on their site design – there are no animations, no slide show, and a top navigation menu offers all the links you need to navigate their site. The large image shows their main marketing tool: the inside of their planes, so what more is really needed?!EmiratesThis is another understated airline website.
They use an image of their smiling staff as a hero area, and a red navigation menu on the right side of the image is easy to spot. As you scroll down the page for the first time, the flight search form appears at the top of the page.
The rest of the page, as you scroll down, is presented in a magazine-style layout.Thai AirwaysThis is the Indian version of the Thai Airways site.
It has a full width hero area slide show – to move it on manually, it has titles rather than just dots, diamonds, boxes, etc.
All of the images have a purple hue and have the main focus point on the right, leaving room for the flight search form on the left of the image. These examples are among the best of the top 100 airlines of 2014, and all of them show how designers address different issues that are involved in designing a site for an airline.
The main things they have had to address are: placement of flight search form, showing promotions, including beautiful images and ease of use. Airline sites probably more than most others need all of these issues solved on the landing page, and designers, as usual, have risen to the challenge admirably.Have you come across any airline sites that you think should have made this list?
Conversely, have you come across any badly designed airline sites that are difficult to find your way around?

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