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The word HEALTH is often associated only with physical fitness, but there are other components of health.
Physical activity is a general term that includes sports, dance, and activities done at work or at home, such as walking, climbing stairs, or mowing the lawn. When people do physical activity especially for the purpose of getting fit, we say they are doing exercise.
It can help you look your best (with proper nutrition, good posture, and good body mechanics). Besides looking better, people who do regular physical activity feel better, do better on academic work, and are less depressed than people who are less active.
Regular physical activity results in physical fitness which is the key to being able to do more of things you want to do and enjoy life. Being physically active can build fitness, which, in turn, provides you with many health and wellness benefits. Body fatness – composition: is the percentage of body weight that is made up of fat when compared to other body tissue, such s bone and muscle. At first I thought, OK, I’ll Google a few resources to back up my claim that sugar is killing me, but then I thought that this is one thing you already know and simply choose not to think about much.

Of course the goal in all of this is to feel good and have a very clear mind, unless you decide that’s not for you.
Now that I’ve made you feel guilty about your diet, go make yourself a cup of tea and think about how you can make the decision to treat your body better while here on this planet. How to Believe in Yourself 12:38 pm By Dave Jackson It's not often that someone takes the time to explain how to make the quotes you see floating across your screen, work. How to tell if Eggs are Bad 8:27 pm By Dave Jackson I have traveled away from home since 1998, away for four or five days at a time.
The Manager at GNC Can Change Your Life 11:00 am By Dave Jackson Two things on my list, whey protein isolate and Muscletech Phospha Muscle. When to Give Up on Love 12:00 am By Dave Jackson You have to be happy. A fit person is able to carry out the typical activities of living, such as work, and still have enough energy and vigor to respond to emergency situations and to enjoy leisure time activities. This is good because we simply forget about 80% of things we don’t take time to note.
Become aware that almost all of vitality comes from diet and living and feeling great from a clean diet.

You were given this body because Someone trusted you enough and knew you had the potential to do greatness.
Relationship involved many aspects which serve temporary pleasures, but we were created for sharing and community.
The Sugar industry is not in business to make you healthier, and is not responsible for taking care of you. Listening is hearing what is being said and then questioning in your mind what is that person or thing trying to tell me? You can either choose to let your mind wander off, or you can question in your mind what your body is trying to tell you. For Thanksgiving I ate a bag of chocolate covered popcorn and 4 raspberry shortcake cookies.

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