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What is the technical enquiry service provided by the Innovation and Technology Commission?
Can you provide information of companies which have already obtained ISO 9000 certificates? What is the regulation concerning nickel content for jewellery and watches exported to the EU?
My client in the Netherlands wants me to prove that my products meet the cadmium requirements of that country.
What are the requirements and standards for electrical home appliances to be sold in Hong Kong? PSIB is a section under the Quality Services Division of the Innovation and Technology Commission.
As overseas standards are priced in foreign currency, you can first request a quotation of the standards you want by phone, fax, letter, e-mail or come to our office direct.
Normally photocopies are ready for collection in two working days while originals in one to two weeks after the payment has been settled. 4.1 What is the technical enquiry service provided by the Innovation and Technology Commission?
The PSIB of the Innovation and Technology Commission offers a free technical enquiry service on overseas product standards, certification requirements, safety requirements and regulations.
Manufacturers, exporters, and members of the public may make an enquiry via telephone (tel. 4.4 Can you provide information of companies which have already obtained ISO 9000 certificates? Innovation and Technology Commission does not compile a list of companies which have obtained the ISO 9000 certificates.
CB Test Certificate and Test Report of electrical products are the test certificate and test report issued by National Certification Body (NCB) under the CB Scheme of IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment (IECEE). The CB scheme is of great assistance to manufacturers and exporters who want to market their electrical products in markets participating in the CB scheme and which therefore need national test marks. Here is the link to The official website containing detailed information on the Green Dot Program (Duales System of Duetschland).
4.12 My client in the Netherlands wants me to prove that my products meet the cadmium requirements of that country. Manufacturers and exporters may select the Oeko-Tex institutes associated with the International Society for Research and Testing in Textile Technology (Oeko-Tex) for the application of Oeko-Tex label. There are stuffed toys licensing and labeling laws in some states of US like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Ohio.

The safety of facial cream sold in Hong Kong is regulated by the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance, Cap. 4.17 What are the requirements and standards for electrical home appliances to be sold in Hong Kong? Electrical products designed for household use and supplied in Hong Kong have to comply with the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation under Section 59 of the Electricity Ordinance, Hong Kong Law Cap 406. Here is the link to the website Bilingual Laws Information System - provided by Department of Justice, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
In addition, the Office of the Communications Authority also sends its officers to attend meetings of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Through participation in the above fora, the Hong Kong Accreditation Service has concluded a number of Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs), with a view to achieving global recognition of conformity assessment results. ISO Technical Committees, together with their sub-committees and working groups, are responsible for developing the ISO standards. ISO Technical Committees provide an opportunity for standards users to participate in the international standardisation process. We appeal to interested parties from the trade, industry and research and development fields to take part in the development work of international standards for their industry and own benefits. We aim to provide manufacturers and exporters with the latest information on local and overseas standards and technical regulations through our Product Standards Library, Technical Enquiry Service and Standards Sales Service. Order can be placed by duly completing and returning the order form, a copy of which is attached to the quotation. In this regard, the prices of originals or photocopies of standards are calculated based on the prices charged by overseas standard bodies, plus our administrative overhead. The service aims, as far as possible, to assist manufacturers and exporters in the understanding of the technical content of overseas product standards and requirements, and where appropriate, offer suggestions on ways to better enable a product to meet the requirements.
ISO 9000 certificate will be issued to company or organization which has been assessed to have attained such a standard by a Certification Body. Those who want to verify the validity of the ISO 9000 certificate of a company or an organization should contact the relevant certificate issuing body directly. The Directive lays down measures aimed at preventing the production of packaging waste, at reusing packaging material, at recycling and other forms of recovering packaging waste to reduce the final disposal of such waste. It will be recognized by the NCBs of other countries, with only additional tests for national deviations, if any, from the relevant international safety standard need to be carried out. Bearing the CB certificate issued by any NCB and carrying out additional tests for national deviations (if any), manufacturers can claim their electrical products comply with requirements for different markets without repeating a full test for each market, hence saving time and reducing cost. The label of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an internationally registered mark ® and patented.

Stuffed toys sold in these states have to meet the requirements of the relevant state laws.
However, due to local market pressure, products not bearing the UL Marks may not be insured.
Consumer goods complying with the General Safety Requirement as defined in section 4 of the Ordinance, such as testing against relevant international standards or well recognized national standards with passed results are considered to be reasonably safe. Detailed information can be found in the Guidance Notes for Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation (2007 Edition) published by EMSD. In these committees, qualified representatives of industry, research institutes, government authorities, consumer bodies and international organisations from all over the world come together as equal partners in the resolution of global standards problems.
Through contributing to the work from the users' point of view, standards users can keep themselves abreast of the latest development in international standards and related activities. The PSIB nominates interested representatives to participate in ISO technical committees to take part in the development work of international standards. While photocopies can be ready for collection in two working days, original standards to be ordered overseas will take a longer delivery time.
Manufacturers may contact any NCB to apply for a CB certificate with application and sample tests. The licensing authorities of these states will assign registration numbers to manufacturers for their stuffed toys. Hence, manufacturers and suppliers are usually requested by buyers in the US to supply products bearing with UL Marks. Besides, the bilingual safety warning or caution for consumer goods should also be complied with.
Please note that not all standards are available in photocopies and prices of photocopies are not necessarily lower than originals.
The deviations of different member countries of the CB Scheme are published in CB Bulletins. In 1999, it revised the Cadmium Decree, which is applicable to most products importing to the Netherlands.

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