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When you are considering the right plane and you are weighing cost and performance, we know you want the best of both worlds and we have it for you.  N112CZ is a Cessna Conquest II that is ready for your Great Flight!  It is a real stand out in the Turboprop category. A Turboprop is an aircraft that uses a true jet turbine engine which is connected to a propeller. A major advantage of the Turboprop over a piston prop is the unmatched reliability of a jet powered turbine engine. When it comes to range, the Great Flight Conquest II is in a league of its own.  We are able to make it non-stop to from Palm Beach to Toronto Canada at max cruise at 28,000 in under 4 hours. While it is pressurized, Cessna made the cabin an ‘oval’ instead of a tube which translates into a cabin that is actually more comfortable than many light jets and with the efficient engines, range is actually better than many light jets. While a turbine engine is very safe, few things are more comfortable than the redundancy of having two turbine engines like on the Conquest II. There is simply no other turboprop in the world with the combination of speed, range, comfort and efficiency.  Many of our customers were former ‘Jet customers’ who quickly learned that the best value combination in private aviation is found in the Cessna Conquest II.

Great Flight is a private air charter company with aircraft based out of West Palm Beach, FL at the Jet Aviation Facility of PBI airport. Considerations are presented for buildings located in Velocity zones, using building diagrams 5 and 6. Apply AE zone knowledge using the 10 building diagrams including both non-elevated and elevated buildings. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a component of the U.S. NFIP Training Updates to be notified about NFIP webinars, seminars, and new online courses. In this series of video tutorials, we will go through the process in a linear way to obtain the Lowest Floor Elevation. Our Policy Service Center& provides our customers information on how to change policy information, report claims, or make a payment directly to your insurance carrier.

In this video series you will learn how to determine the Lowest Floor Elevation (LFE) for zones AE & VE using all 10 of the FEMA Elevation Certificate building diagrams.
Please contact us at 574-772-5370 for one of our experienced sales team to assist you with your policy service issue.
A variety of helpful resources have been provided to support the determination of the Lowest Floor Elevation (LFE).

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