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The Infiniti SYPNATIQ Concept has been unveiled in preparation for the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge. This year’s theme focussed on how technology will transform the human-to-machine interface (HMI). According to the company, the Infiniti SYPNATIQ Concept will integrate into three different types of vehicles for each stage of the race, the first stretch of the race being a Formula-1 grand prix course from L.A. The SYPNATIQ system also uses an Infiniti User Interface (IUI), a floating holographic projection that adapts to the situation and driver’s needs, allowing the driver to move between the different vehicles without having to deal with different instrumentation. More details on the Infiniti SYPNATIQ Concept will be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week.
Providing you with the latest motoring news, new car releases and the simplest way to buy and sell cars. Nissan's Infiniti brand will stage the world debuts of two cars, the 2013 Infiniti JX and the 2013 IPL G Convertible, next week at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. Infiniti said the seven-passenger JX luxury crossover is inspired by the 2009 Infiniti Essence concept.
The production JX will be equipped with a V6 engine and a continuously variable transmission. An intriguing new feature called Back-up Collision Intervention will be offered on the production JX. Infiniti said many of the features on the Infiniti IPL G Convertible Concept will be found on the production model. The concept features a 348-horsepower version of Nissan's 3.7-liter V6 engine, 19-inch IPL aluminum-alloy wheels, three-piece retractable hardtop and a red leather-appointed interior with a Malbec Black exterior. Cars that use little or no gasoline seem to have a bit of a hard time, no matter how badly people want them. I think CNG power is the way of the future, although we may need dual-fuel engines until the infrastructure improves.
The problem with using government fleet purchases to stimulate CNG vehicle development is the only vehicles developed are fleet quality domestic brand cars and trucks. As far as government boondoggles go, this one seems like one of the most harmless, maybe even beneficial.

LNG, liquified natural gas, requires cryogenic -260 F cooling to get methane to stay liquid.
Isn’t propane what they burn off at the top of oil refineries because it isn’t worth capturing and storing all of it?
CNG cars and fillup stations were all over the place when I visited Malaysia a few years ago. In Los Angeles, public CNG stations are reasonably available, just not at every freeway exit. And fleet drivers generally won’t be carrying much in the trunk, and when they do need to they can check out a non-CNG vehicle for that trip.
That is partly because most cars were designed with gasoline tanks in mind, and CNG tanks were thrown in there as an afterthought.
I would probably trust the average large commercial fleet operator to make sure that the vehicles remain safe. If Joe Sixpack decides to destroy his catalytic converter, then we end up with a marginal increase in the amount of smog. Sorry, but I wouldn’t trust most of you out there to stay on top of the replacements or to do them properly. CNG tanks in vehicles dont explode because they have safety blow offs that vent before the pressure gets too high. Modern CNG tanks have no wear issues or inspection requirements, they will outlast the car. The tanks have to be cylindrical, so they will be harder to place in a vehicle, and yes they are bulkier. Actually, there is no law (of physics or otherwise) that says either CNG or CH2 tanks have to be cylindrical.
Did a lot of work using the large steel cylindrical tanks (argon) in grad school – they are a bear, and would weigh down a small sub-compact car unreasonably.
In addition to likely saving billions of tax dollars on less expensive CNG as opposed to gasoline, it would also help alleviate petroleum demand issues in the future if you have millions of cars not consuming gasoline.
If NG continues to be so cheap in relation to oil, oil companies will build facilities (over the dead bodies of environmentalists who will die unmourned) to convert NG into gasoline and diesel which they will sell for a handsome profit.

Refitting cars just puts the bother and expense of exploiting this anomaly on to the end user. 22 states decided to do something unusual: They tell American carmakers to make natural gas-powered vehicles, and the states will buy them for state fleets.
Mary Fallin met with automobile manufacturers and dealers, and purchasing officials from more than a dozen states in Oklahoma City, CBS reports.
The big problem is that all the filling stations are privately owned and not accessible to the public.
But if a car was designed with CNG tanks in mind, it could probably be integrated a lot better and the sacrifice in trunk space would be no worse than say, hybrid cars.
There is a famous video on youtube of the tanks on bus letting go as a man in a scooter drove by.. Perhaps even in the engine bay toward the fire wall, although space seems to have been at premium in there in the last 25 years! The JX was unveiled in concept form in August at Pebble Beach, while the IPL G Convertible concept bowed at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.
22 states join forces to solicit bids for the purchase of natural gas-powered vehicles for state fleets.
Also, fueling the nations cars on NG will remove the gas tax revenue stream from governments, which really do need that revenue to maintain and expand the highway system. The contract calls for  60 compact sedans, 850 mid- to full-size sedans, 400 half-ton trucks and 480 three-quarter ton trucks, all natural gas powered.
In other words it comes from oil so LPG prices will rise and fall in tandem with oil prices.

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