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The exercises come at a time of heightened tension in the disputed waters after an arbitration court in The Hague ruled last month that China did not have historic rights to the South China Sea.
The air force sent several H-6 bombers and Su-30 fighter jets to inspect the airspace around the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal, Senior Colonel Shen Jinke of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force said, according to state news agency Xinhua. The patrols included surveillance and refueling aircraft, Xinhua said, although it did not say when they occurred. China has refused to recognize the ruling by an arbitration court in The Hague that invalidated its vast territorial claims in the South China Sea and did not take part in the proceedings brought by the Philippines. A dispute over the shoal, 124 nautical miles northwest of the Philippines mainland, was one of Manila’s main reasons for bringing international legal action against China in 2013.
Beijing has reacted angrily to calls by Western countries and Japan for the decision to be adhered to and has released pictures of aircraft flying over the shoal since the ruling. China has repeatedly blamed the United States for stoking tension through its military patrols in the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which more than $5 trillion of trade moves annually. China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam all have rival claims in the South China Sea. The United States has conducted freedom of navigation patrols close to Chinese-held islands, to Beijing’s anger, while China has been bolstering its military presence there. This past May, riding the wave of “Descendants of the Sun” — which was aired simultaneously in Korea and China — Song Joong Ki signed with Vivo to model the X7 smartphone.
However, according to recent reports by Chinese media, Vivo announced that they would be withdrawing Song Joong Ki’s ads.
The drop has been attributed to economic retaliation by China for the decision made early July by the United States and Korea to deploy THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in South Korea — in defense against missile threats from North Korea. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox.
Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Crime U.S. In the sleazy, cheesy world of x-rated movies, John Holmes was big, a star for 17 years in dozens of porno palace epics that co-starred Candy Samples, Uschi Digart, Kitten Nativadad and other leading ladies with highly unlikely names. The case involved four murders, all on July 1, 1981, in the trendy Laurel Canyon area, in one of those homes so favored by actors, musicians and artists. The victims were Joy Miller, 46, the ex-wife of Beverly Hills lawyer and the occupant of record of the stylish two-story rented home; her boyfriend, William R. Another target of the attack was Launiusa€™ wife, Susan, 29, who suffered severe head wounds, but survived. The killers had struck before dawn, but their victims were not discovered until 12 hours later, when a neighbor heard someone, presumably Susan Launius, calling for help.
After questioning him for several hours, police said that Holmes not only was in the house but had seen the murders and could explain the real reason for them.

According to detectives, Holmes said that Adel Nasrallah, a Hollywood nightclub owner known as a€?Eddie Nash,a€? ordered the murders as revenge for a robbery at his own heavily guarded home in the exclusive Studio City section of Hollywood.
The detectives also said that Holmes told them he was forced at gunpoint to admit the killers, but he refused to identify them, saying that they warned him he would die if he talked.
The Nasrallah robbery, which occurred two nights before the Laurel Canyon massacre, was not reported to police. Police described Holmes as the go-between for a gang of narcotics dealers and suppliers, and as the a€?only common denominatora€? in the robbery and the murders, but they filed no charges and they did not identify the dealers or suppliers by name.
There were reports that he had been slain, and his estranged wife, Sharon Holmes, said that before his disappearance, Holmes was worried.
Also named as suspects in the massacre a€” but not formally charged a€” were Nasrallah and his 300-pound bodyguard, Gregory Diles, who had traded several shots with police during a drug raid at Nasrallaha€™s home just 10 days after the Laurel Canyon murders. During the hearing, witnesses David Clay and Tracy McCourt, who said they were members of the gang the robbed Nasrallah, named Holmes as its mastermind. At the trial last month, the prosecution based its case against Holmes on the statement he gave police after the murders but before he was charged a€” that he admitted the killers and that he was present during the murders. The judge told the jury that it would not convict Holmes solely on his out-of-court admission, and on June 25, after three days of deliberation, the jurors acquitted Holmes.
Then on July 8, he was convicted in Santa Monica on the charge of receiving stolen property a€” an IBM typewriter found in the trunk of his car. Holmes faces a maximum eight-month sentence, but since he served nearly that much time while awaiting trial, the judge said Holmes possibly could go free immediately after sentencing on Aug. Meanwhile, police say, Nasrallah remains a€?a viablea€? but uncharged suspect in the Laurel Canyon murders. In Times Square, word of Holmesa€™ acquittal took a back seat to other news in the porno world a€” the latest film from the latest harcore hero, Jack Wrangler. Anti-Aircraft Vehicles, or AFVs, provide air defense for troops in positions vulnerable to aerial attack, such as desert terrain.
China Daily reported that the withdrawal is the result of unavoidable circumstances, and that Song Joong Ki is still receiving his ad fee in full. China had adamantly opposed this decision, and talk of how this will will affect Hallyu exports to China abounds, in addition to news of various Korean celebrities’ Chinese activities being affected. However, the actor’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, stated that while it is true Song Joong Ki received various drama offers from China, nothing had been confirmed yet, and it is not true that what happened is due to retaliation for THAAD deployment. His own screen alias was Johnny Wadd, and in a movie entitled a€?Exhausted,a€? he bragged that he had made love to 14,000 women. Then a spectacularly gruesome case of murder rocked Hollywood, and suddenly Holmes had more publicity than he ever wanted. For one thing, Miller had been arrested on narcotics charges 13 months earlier during a raid at the house.
He had been charged with murder in the summer of 1973 in a case involving a reputed drug informer.

Several hours earlier, neighbors said, they heard screaming a€” including a womana€™s anguished appeal, a€?Please dona€™t kill me!a€? a€” but said they ignored the noise because they had often heard screams and shouts inside the house.
But according to officers and underworld informers, DeVerell and Launius were members of the robbery gang and, tipsters reported, Holmes also was involved. According to tipster, Nasrallah also was humiliated after he dropped to his knees and begged for mercy when one of the robbers accidentally fired a pistol. In any case, Holmes already was in hot water, charged with grand theft and receiving stolen property, but in July, before that case came to trial, he vanished.
30, Holmes was arrested in Miami on a fugitive warrant charging him with failure to appear for trial in the grand theft case. 3, 1982, after a preliminary hearing, Holmes was ordered to stand trial in the murder case.
Each had been bludgeoned, beaten so badly that police used fingerprints to establish their identities. Her murder, in fact, came only 28 days before the scheduled start of her trial in that case. The charges were dropped after the chief prosecution witness was killed in a police shootout during another drug raid. They identified him as John Holmes, a 37-year-old, slender, sandy-haired mustachioed star in the porno film industry.
He waived extradition proceedings and was returned to California, where police formally charged him, on Dec.
They also said that they, DeVerell and Launius gained entry to the Nasrallah home by pretending to be policemen.
Set your mark on desert skies when you build the Anti-Aircraft Vehicle, which features treaded rubber wheels and a rotating turret with four bi-directional guns for taking out enemy aircraft. Moreover, police said, she had been under surveillance for six months as a suspected drug dealer. But early in 1974, Launius was convicted on drug smuggling charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison. His lawyer told the jury of eight men and four women that Holmes indeed had admitted the killers, but only because he was forced to do so.
Then, use the authentic weapons and accessories to gear the two highly detailed, super-poseable desert trooper micro action figures for an anti-air assault.

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