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The synopsis is simple - build a streetable Classic 1970's MV AGUSTA, MAGNI Style Race REPLICA using a modern MV 750 F4 engine, the rest is old school - wire wheels, Borani rims, 4LS Grimeca front brake, 750 America Gas Tank.
I started thinking about the concept of this project Summer 2010 by sketching & working out a basic design, researching frame design techniques, sourcing and collecting the required parts to make a start on this exciting project.
What started this endeavor was simply finding a 2007 MV Brutale Engine on ebay for $1000 in July 2010- who could resist. Believe it or not, sourcing the gas tank has turned out to be the pivotal piece in being able to start on the project. The frame fixture (jig) was built using a 12" structural channel and HSS post, following concepts from Michael Moore of Euro Spares in California.
This is where the construction started - DAY 1: Locating the engine in relation to the steering head.
The success of my project has been well documented in three magazine articles - Canadian Biker (Dec 2012), Benzina (Europe) and Bike Craft (Spring 2013).
August 7, 2012 - Duffy Lake Ride on August 5th - 540km same day ride trying out the new gel pad seat. August 2, 2012 - Hard to beleive that a year ago I was fabricating the frame and looking ahead to having it finished.
July 17, 2012 - The big 2100km ride to Nakusp to the Laverda Rally at Wolfgangs was a great success. May 28, 2012 - Ridden over 2000kms now, only a few wrinkles to report - mainly the gear shift lever linkage needs to be re-engineered, it has snapped twice now. April 29, 2012 - BIG REVEAL at the Tsawwassen Vintage & Classic Show, part of the feature display of MV Agusta.
April 1, 2012 - START UP for the first time - got to hear its lovely voice - what a magnificant moment. ICBC inspection this week (April 5th), hoping for my UBILT Motorcycle VIN, then the main safety inspection following week. March 11, 2012 - Frame and most hard parts are now painted using Endura 2 pot polyurethane harder than bricks paint.
February 14, 2012 - Swingarm #3 is completed (except shock mounts) and is fitted in the frame with all the proper bearings and caps.. January 28th, 2012 - Work on the new swingarm #2 is underway, with the eccentric adjuster end of the swingarm fabricated and machined before the rest of the swingarm is fabricated. Below Left -- Oct 21 Frame in final stages - Below Right August 2011 - Frame triangular braces and spine added.
After a month of emails, I finally was able to have shipped a full fairing set, seat, tail unit and a set of their magnificent curvy megaphones.
Since I am building a frame from scratch, shoe horning the 4 cylinder engine in and around a frame and tank has proved to be very challenging. He supplied the full set up including a new 230mm Grimeca 4LS front brake, a Grimeca rear hub, alloy flanged rims and heavy duty SS spokes along with a set of Tomeselli levers and Tarozzi rear-sets.
In researching 4130 (Chrome Moly), I came to the conclusion there is no advantage for use in my project - weight saving is not a major issue, plus the issues with heat affected zones and brittle joints is quite serious. Honestly it feels really good to me - not overheating, fuel mileage is identical to my 910R.
With the help of Dynojet and a small .exe file emailed to me, I was able to get the Power Commander working properly and the bike running perfectly. I am somewhere around 600 hours into it, I have machined or manufactured about 300 new parts, and have learned and mastered a number of new skills, TIG welding, lathe work, fibreglassing, paint, upholstery etc.
It nearly didn't happen as when tuned key on for first time, all the diagnostics went OK, but nothing from the fuel pump.
After machining and polishing the Showa forks and fabricating axle, spacers and clamps - it all came together. Wheels are being laced, found I needed to order up a new set of spokes for a cross 1 pattern on the rear.
I have always been enthralled with the iconic image of MV Racers, the Magni versions are top. A promise of a tank never eventuated and I have now sourced a 750s America tank on ebay for close to what I recently sold a Norton Interstate gas tank for.
Having the actual tank means the frame can be fitted to suit see BODY WORK blog for transformation of the gas tank.. Front forks, triple tree are from a 2000 Triumph 955 Daytona 45mm Showa's with full adjustment. I will be TIG welding the frame, the strongest joint with less affect on the surrounding areas.
No issues to report other than a minor incident in a parking lot when front wheel grab but me off balance ond over she goes - breaking the gear shifter. Tank capacity is 15 litres, includes 3 litres reserve, much lower than I was hoping, as the original tank was 19 litres before I guttted it for the fuel pump and frame.
Met with Giovanni Magni and others from the MAGNI Rocket 3 Project which was being unveiled at the event. The handling is superb with a low riding position and 50mm more wheel base than the Brutale it feels very stable. Being a Kiwi, we like to do it all: I only out-sourced one wheel build and the headlight rim re-chromed. I received my VIN number and only need the safety inspection before I can put it on the road. I plan to spend some time in the saddle of this bike so my priority is making it less of a race bike with a more comfortable riding position. Picking up with a lot of the small bracketry to be added - side cover mounting plates, water bottle mount, clutch master cylinder (cable operated) and fairing mounts.
I blogged the progress on each major area separately - frame, engine, body, wheels, electrics. ECU, wiring harness, all the relays, fuse box, throttle, radiator, fuel pump, instrument unit, handlebar switchgear etc..
One major modification required to the engine was to change the throttle bodies from near vertical to horizontal. Vice grips temp fix, back to Wolfgangs to get another set of Tarozzi rearsets with solid pegs, not fold up this time. I have decided to rework the injector location, by relocating to the top side of the manifold so will have a direct squirt down the intake.
Giovanni really liked my bike, it was a great hit with the public and judges, no prizes this time, its too modern.
Bills total around $10K for the all the bits and it is essentially a bike that I could never sell.
During the mock up, the biggest challenge became the handlebars - Using stock Triumph barset the reach was too far and too angled.
Sourced a paint match today from ENDURA Coatings, their really hard Polyurethane enamel system (GM Super Red 71U). They will require machining of the lower legs to remove the disk caliper mounting bracket and make them look a little more like Marzocchi's or Cerianis used on the Classic's.
Endured about an hour of torrential rain on the way home - appears that my new inner rear fender kept all the electronics dry. Off to California on Weds for the QUAIL GATHERNG of Motorcycles and participating with the Magni Owner's group. Now it is shed time to get prep'd for the 2 upcoming shows - Tsawwassen and then the Quail May 3rd. Planning to do a big push over the Christmas break, hoping to get paint on the frame in the New Year.
Once I have completed the mods, then it will go back to the Dyno for a full session where the Tuner can build a proper map.
And why would I deface a F4?: but when I walk into the shed and see that classic replica in all its glory, my heart skips a beat and I say to myself, a€?I own one of those?a€? There is really something about the look of classic MV, and a real one is so out of reach.

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