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Rockstar Games' popular title GTA 5 Online - the online multiplayer version of GTA 5 - has lot of ways to make the players get rich. Recently, Rockstar Games rolled out Patch 1.10 that fixed several issues, including the vehicle exploits, but still players have found a way to make more money in GTA Online. When you connect back, the car will Respawn and players will get a message saying that the vehicle has been placed in storage.

A new cheat will help players to duplicate all vehicles from Pegasus (a high standing hotel). This cheat will also help you gain access to helicopters like Cargobob (heavy military helicopter) and Buzzard (light attack helicopter), noted IBTimes. Instead the search results would be flooded with news, excitement and popular gaming news outlets going insane over an actual big budget Hollywood GTA film happening.Also, they should, you know, actually make it a good movie.

However if you let someone from Rockstar write the script, fill it up with typical GTA satire, and work the use of cheats into it (at least as an easter egg), and have the guys who made John Wick work on it, you’d get the action movie of the decade.

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