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French girl in love with Olivia Holt, Kelli Berglund, Sabrina Carpenter, Selena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel.
Oh for crying out loud at all the political religious-issue homos posting here on this topic! Who gives a fuck what the guy thinks about dead babies, or who or what he prays to in order to make himself sleep at night……? All the years that I played high school and college football, I can tell you for a FACT, boys like Tim, who are built like Tim ALWAYS have big, thick cocks with large heads and a full set of balls hanging below.
Honestly now, bunch of bitter queens can’t appreciate a hot guy with a nicely defined package. I have tried to find a time when Tebow has made a statement against the gay community but I have had a difficult time finding such a time that he did? I know those that hate him will continue to hate, but I wonder why people who just want to be a part of everything that the rest of the world is involved in would hate as well? And the amount of time this kid has given of his time to others is way above and beyond most people his age.

Gay, straight, Jesus freak or not, I can appreciate an incredibly handsome man, and he is pretty damn hot in my opinion! Sorry Zach, not a fan, couldn’t care less what his dick looks like or what size it maybe.
People find ways to demonize him because they think he wouldn’t give them the time of day. I’m finding no good reason to make excuses for a guy who filmed promotional material for a group the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group. Stupid to write you don’t know what sport Tebow plays, because it just gives more creed to the stereoptype that fags are shallow queens who know nothing about sports.
Read up on his birth since you and few others here seem to think it’s important enough to label this guy and then put yourself in his place. Tebow refused a medically recommended procedure and everything worked out fine – aside from having spawned an only halfway competent ballplayer who is only noteworthy for his religious antics.
He says he’s a virgin and he’s saving himself for marriage, but I wonder if he masturbates?

But the fact of the matter is that she had a choice – one she would like to take away from other women who might need safe and legal access to abortion. Really it’s the media who is blowing this whole thing out of proportion, and everyone is just eating it up for discussion.
Tebow and Sarah Palin, want to be praised for the choice they made to have their children without even a shred of embaressment that they now want to refuse other women the same right.
Some people might not like Tim Tebow for wearing his religion on his sleeve, but I like Tim Tebow for having what appears to be a big dick in his pants.

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