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Car NewsAimed at those searching for the latest automotive news delivered in a timely manner, the news category reports about new car releases and brings exclusive stories from the automotive niche. Car ReviewsReading our latest Car Reviews will treat you with professionally written and well executed car reviews from our experts. EditorialsAnalysing car market and the whole automotive world, we bring you the biggest and most intriguing stories while providing interesting facts, publishing unconventional reports and delivering amazing articles and editorials on popular car culture. I’m not really troubled by that, or even the (alarmingly successful) fact that they got license plates hung on them.
And I bet, when all is said and done, that driving one of these down to the cruise in or swap meet or that appointment with your clinical psychologist is a whole lot of fun. Our after-sales service strategy: Win the trust of consumers with active, professional and efficient service! Car news are delivered every day and focused on those in need of the newest from the automotive world.
Extensive galleries of the newest cars and interesting reports on vehicles available are complemented with rigorous appraisement expressed in our Pros and Cons section.

You can read stories about autonomous vehicles, various list articles debunking car intrigues etc. I looked at the pictures, and my first thought was of a guy who had a motorized barstool at a hot rod run I attended once, long ago. The craftsmanship looks top notch, and not just the body and paint, but the chassis tubes and shock and brake installs look rather well done. And although those brakes do seem rather nicely done, I’m sure that standing on the loud pedal for a block, whoa-ing one of these little critter up and hanging a 90 degree left would be an iffy proposition. He has worked for racing teams, aerospace companies, motorsports sponsorship agencies and on computer racing games.
Strengthen customer relationship management, to promote the standardization of products, increase investment in technical resources, strengthen the control of the key parts and meanwhile extend to the core components of the industrial chain. Semi-autonomous technologies are already available on some cars today – is full on autonomous driving next?
And yes, I’ll interject that simply adding brakes onto these guys gives me a certain amount of comfort.

We maintain the rights and interests of our dealers by providing high standard quality, professional service system and the increasingly powerful brand strength. We explore this bold new era, from the proponents who point to increased safety and better use of infrastructure, to the skeptics who feel there is no substitute for human intuition behind the wheel.
Take a look at what some crazies in California have accomplished: Motorized, wheeled bumper cars.
Also the luxurious aluminum rim (patented design), wide luxurious seat will make you feel comfortable during a long drive.
And, judging by the license plates, the Golden State has no problem licensing them for use on the public roadways.

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