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The truth is that no matter what you do for a living or how much or how little money you might make, investing for the future is critical. Benjamin Franklin was once said that “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Planning for a secure and comfortable retirement takes a certain amount of investing know-how so it is advised to speak to a financial advisor to understand what needs to be done, what you want to be done and what you are able to do! There is a myth that financial advisors are out to get your money, but when it comes to investing in your future would you rather not choose someone that is an expert in this field?
It is important that you also review your investment plan, at least annually, to ensure you have the right investment solutions and diversification to help you stay on track to meet your desired retirement time and goals.
Bank has now become an inevitable part of life because for every transaction and investment you depend on a bank.
Standard bank has a financial group offering services in the field of investment, transactions, insurances, wealth management, risk management, etc.
Their success all over the world is the result of the high quality customer service and cost-effective delivery channels. High standards of corporate governance which comply with the legislation of various countries are maintained by the Standard bank. The perfect balance between politics and economy is difficult to reach and even more difficult to maintain. The history shows us how the political decisions become more important, influencing the economy and the society at a larger scale. The inflation represents the increase of the general level of prices in a economy, in a certain period of time.
In the last century the global inflation constantly increased, with a small acceleration in the last few decades.

Taking a good look at the monthly budget it’s crucial for any rational individual before taking the decision to invest some money, even if it’s a small mount. Relying on a traditional defined benefit pension plan isn’t always enough to ensure you are safe in the future, it is up to YOU to ensure for that you have your own future secured! If you were in accident and required surgery you are unlikely to undergo surgery on yourself, you will speak to a doctor or surgeon. They can be considered as a Universal Bank which plays key role in developing the financial sector of South Africa. They have specialized products expert to lead them successfully in the global market. Standard bank offers wealth management to individuals and organizations. The economic evolution depends mainly of the political decisions made by governments and the thin line between the economy and the politics has never been as untouchable as it is in the 21th century. Nowadays even apparently insignificant political actions influence the economy evolution and if we take into consideration the major countries, a wrong decision could affect the global economy.
This means that the prices of goods and services had generally increased in the reviewed period of time.
Many economists fear that the global recession could be followed by a significant rise of the global inflation. If you want to invest you can do it staring from as low as $50, but remember that any investment is a risk so don’t invest any money you cannot afford to lose. In 1999 during the Asian Financial Crisis doubled by increased oil production of Iraq, the oil price was set at one of the lowest points in history: $17 per barrel.
In early 2008 the oil price hit $100 and by July, in the same year the oil set a new record high of $147.27 per barrel.

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So why when it comes to your money and ensuring that you are covered for the rest of your life would you not seek expert advice?
It includes asset management services, institutional banking services, private client services etc. Some of the most reputable economic analysts suggest that this sovereign debt crisis could be much worse than the 2008 financial crisis so many investors play safe these days. The geopolitical aspect consisting in international concern over Iranian missiles tests played a very important role in reaching this high value for a barrel of oil.
Speak to one of our financial advisors today, or any accredited financial advisor,  to get a better understanding of what you need to ensure that you have the future that you have always dreamed of. Now they have branches over 30 countries in the world, 17 in Africa and 13 in other continents.
Many economies are still in recession and the global economic situation makes the recovery even more difficult. Cut off any predictable costs, rates and savings money that you will deposit into a savings account. If you still have some money after these cuts, than you can start thinking about investing the remaining money.

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