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Here are some of the leaked product keys for Windows Vista, thanks to the high resolution photos that the owners took for their Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Premium OEM and DSP UPG DVD case. I would like to give you all(10) a free windows 7 ultimate key which i got from my technet subscription(I got two keys. Here 3 Product-Keys for all of you who needs them, that are suitable to activate ALL versions of Windows Vista! I am trying to reload my kids laptop version of Vista Home Premium – I cannot find the key code — do you have this?
Thank god it was only about stupid users posting pictures online… I thought it was some sort of exploit.

For over 30 years, Supersonic is a leader in Consumer and Mobile Electronics manufacturing. If you do so after you have activated Windows Vista, less harm is done as you may only encounter activation problem when you format the machine and reinstall Vista. Unfortunately, even if you can, the product keys are useless, as somebody (probably the legal owners) has used the key to activate their Vista system. Success has been derived from our core mission statement: To provide design, value and superior quality products, which ensure years of ultimate entertainment experience for our consumers. If the Vista serial key is leaked and used by others before you do, then you will most likely need to go through the agony to deal with Microsoft’s WPA support to resolve the issue.

This key is valid to activate for 10 unique PC and any number of activation there after with that same PC. That means that I wouldn't have had all the trouble I had by doing the time stopper crack.

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