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The early rumors suggested the i5 would be a sedan to rival the Tesla Model S or a bigger i3. In an exclusive interview with Auto Express magazine, BMW's board member responsible for sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, divulged a few company secrets. As emission regulations are tightening all over the world, BMW needs its electric vehicles to be very popular. Back then, the i family was brand new, but the company's top brass knew that sooner or later the gap between the i3 city car and the i8 sportscar would need to be bridged.

However, it's now believed that it will take the form of an all-electric crossover or SUV. With the i8 Spyder concept shown at CES, the company has also hinted that it wants mirrors to be made obsolete.
While everybody has hybrid off-roaders on offer, BMW is the only company with a dedicated line of green vehicles that have their own identity, the i cars. Hydrogen is another technology the Bavarians are playing with, but Robertson believes next-gen batteries with higher capacity are the true game-changers.

That's why the blocked-off kidney grilles and aero wheels make these images believable.

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