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The cubic feet of a refrigerator model aren't always listed on its model label, but once you find the model number on the label, you can track down the model's specification sheet on the manufacturer's website.
If you need to determine the cubic feet of a discontinued model for which official information is lacking, remove the shelves, drawers and trays -- if necessary -- from the refrigerator and freezer. This machine is a really great invention, mainly because this machine quickly and easily makes a countless number of tasty beverages. Over the next few weeks as holiday schedules permit, I’ll be recapping a few of the new offerings I found at the RVIA trade show in Louisville last week. Although the entire length from hitch to tail is just over 21′, the 185BH is surprisingly roomy. Recently my wife & I got the opportunity to view firsthand one of the 2015 reissued 1961 Shasta Airflytes, courtesy of Mount Comfort RV in Greenfield, Indiana. Ken Eckstein is owner and chief operating officer of Mount Comfort RV and started in the industry in the 1970’s washing RVs for a local RV dealer.
One positive for vintage Shasta owners is that some of the components of the reissue are the same as the original 1961 Airflyte.
As posted on the Mount Comfort RV Facebook page, Shasta RV president Mark Lucas released additional photos of the 2015 Shasta Airflyte reissue.
According to Mount Comfort RV, most of the 1,941 units have been spoken for and it’s anticipated the last couple hundred will be reserved within the next week. As discussed a couple of weeks ago, Mount Comfort RV has made a trip up to northern Indiana to get a first hand look at the new 2015 Shasta Airflyte. Consider this post the first of several over the coming weeks and months to introduce you to the new Shasta Airflyte, produced by Shasta’s manufacturer, Forest River. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be privvy to some inside info on the Airflyte, courtesy of Rusty Eckstein, vice president of Mount Comfort RV, a dealer that will be carrying the Airflyte. Comparing the Little Guy version (above) to the the previous version built by Dutchmen (below) there are a few cosmetic changes. But overall, the concept remains the same with the kitchen area enclosed in the rear hatch  of the unit. The kitchen will house ample cabinet space, a sink , stove, refrigerator, and an optional flat screen TV with remote and external speakers.
The Clamshell gives the best of both worlds, for those who like a tradtional teardrop trailer where the kitchen is in the rear yet gives one room to stand up in the interior of the trailer. Last year we introduced you to Dan Sutton and his teardrop trailer business, Whetzel Trace Travelers.
Currently the materials going into the Whetzeldorf are a combination of new materials and recycled parts mainly from RV surplus stores. With each prototype he’s built so far, features have been added while some have been taken away. While the first two prototypes of the Whetzeldorf are in the hands of new owners, the third one is currently (as of October 31, 2012) up for grabs. How many times have you passed  (or been passed by) a small cargo trailer on the highway and wondered what was inside? Jerry’s designed the OTTCT to be energy efficient as well, utilizing over 1500 watts in solar panels,  powerful enough to run the on board 5,000 BTU air conditioner. The 7′ width provides ample interior room to roam as well as space for the full size bed in the rear.
As I look through the stats of the site every few days, I see a wide range of search terms from people from all over the world.
As much as I get a charge out of getting a scoop that none of the big RV media outlets have done, I get as much satisfaction in the e-mails I get from the readers.
A few other highlights over the past year have included being featured on other blogs, being mentioned on manufacturers’ web sites, getting our first site sponsor, and getting access to the RVIA trade show in Louisville. There have been individuals in the RV industry who’ve helped provide me with the content that ends up as blog posts. While I try to stay impartial regarding trailer brands, I will confess that I give special attention to the small companies trying to make their mark in a highly competitive and volatile industry.
It’s my hope that all manufacturers, big and small, do well and have many years of production.
Backus, Minnesota based Scamp travel trailers is in the midst of its annual participation at the Minnesota State Fair in St. That foot traffic creates somewhat of an expense for Scamp, but in a good way, says Eveland.  “We have so much traffic throughout the fair that we actually have to replace the carpet in the trailers!
Scamp will have their display open daily at the fair through closing day, Monday, September 3. AboutThe Small Trailer Enthusiast is a home for news on small travel trailers, typically 20' or less. Recent CommentsWill Askew on Reintroduction of the Hi-Lo Brand Set for 2016Mark on R-pod vs. Take a different approach to informal get togethers and create a chic and sophisticated ambience with an attractive and original designer item that is unmistakably 50s. Developed instinctively, the Happy Bar goes beyond the classic minibar concept to offer you an innovative and special item of interior design which is ideal for housing bottles of spumante, wine and other drinks and snacks. Leaving the aesthetic qualities of the Happy Bar aside for a moment, the technology used in the appliance ensures it has an A+ energy efficiency rating. The FAB10HR also features an adjustable thermostat and automatic defrost function and operates extremely quietly with a noise level of only 37dB(A). At Tekserve, Michael explained to me that the Mac Pro is designed around a workstation graphics model with dual GPUs, PCIe-based flash storage, 6 high-performance Thunderbolt 2 ports, new-generation Xeon processors, ultrafast memory, and it supports 4K video.
I had the opportunity to take a deeper look behind this small, powerful and yes very quiet computer and found out that the new-generation Intel Xeon E5 Processor is available with 4, 6, 8, or 12 cores of processing power.
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You may be able to readily poke your measuring tape around obstructions without removing these items. Divide the total by 1,728 to arrive at the interior capacity of the refrigerator in cubic feet.
For example, an 18-cubic-foot model may devote 5 cubic feet to the freezer, and its 12 cubic feet of fridge space may be chopped up by bins and shelves. And with 18 to 24 cubic feet recommended for a family of four, you can get more useable space for each cubic foot with better designed refrigerators. These cabinets are an overlay door style from Brookhaven cabinetry which we purchase locally from Clare Dunkel and Associates.
These appliances are actually ULine appliances, and you'll be happy to know that they cost less than half of the commented dollar amount (3k USD)!

I normally don't make coffee with it because I have an espresso maker for that and because filtered coffee sometimes makes me a little nauseous. Despite not having a slide, a small family should be able to camp in the 185BH quite comfortably. There is ample pass through storage in the front, but interior storage is quite ample for a smaller, weekend trailer like the 185BH. It seats right behind the foot flush toilet and includes two large cabinet doors that provides storage all the way to the sidewall on the door side of the trailer.
The tanks are more than ample for a trailer this size as well: Fresh water is 42 gallons, and the gray and black tanks each are 36 gallons. If you’re a storage junky, the Flyte 185BH offers the best storage for this particular floor plan, a floor plan several RV manufacturers use. No worries, the Flyte 185FQ will be out as well, which will be the same floor plan as the Oasis 18FQ discussed in the previous article linked above from April of 2015. Shasta president Mark Lucas gave Mount Comfort RV an exclusive walk through video tour to go over the ins and outs of the Airflyte. And starting at $14,999, I think it’s safe to say the 1,941 that will be produced will be spoken for rather quickly. We’ll have more info including a lot of photos, specs and even some video from the factory in Elkhart.
The first images of the Little Guy version of the Clamshell were released in an article Friday on rv-pro. On the Dutchmen, the bottom of the trailer has a slight upward angle near the rear, where the Little Guy version is straight all the way across from the wheel well to the rear hatch.
It’ll be interesting to monitor the message boards over the next few years to see how well these Little Guy hatches hold up against water intrusion.
Dan’s business up until now has been building teardrops as well as restoring vintage campers.
However, Dan is on the verge of getting serious with the Whetzeldorf and the plan is to have more new parts and frames  used on future models.
The first unit was skinned with bare aluminum, but he’s currently researching a few styles, including an aluminum that resembles a polished look, but will stand up to the elements. Dan is the lone employee of Whetzel Trace Travelers, so build time on a Whetzeldorf is about 6 weeks. Could they be hauling a lawnmower heading for a non-descript business park to cut their grass? Jerry’s (last name with held upon request) 2007 Lark cargo trailer hauls his camping weekend with him. Granted, it’s entirely a do-it-yourself segment, but as popularity increases, it could easily grow into a business for those, like Jerry, who have the skills to transform a shell and make it into a comfortable living space with as many (if not more) amenities as a standard, mass-produced travel trailer. Since I was on the road on the 3rd finishing a Labor Day weekend road trip circling Lake Michigan, I wasn’t able to post this. There are too many to name and surely I’d leave someone out, but you all know who you are. Some may be discussed in blog posts, or others may just appear as a link in the Manufacturers page.
Here you will find info on new models, industry news relating to small trailers, and any other stories I think you might find interesting.
To ask a question or request information please use the relevant form on the contacts page.
The new FAB10HR encapsulates the philosophy of Italian hospitality in an eye-catching and retro style.
Moreover, the Happy Bar has a greater capacity than the average minibar and is much more distinctive; it is thus the perfect solution for completing the interior design or furnishing of professional environments such as meeting rooms or offices, or any area that needs a dedicated product for drinks and snacks.
Guyot Bernardo Arocho Jr from BJ’s Technology News Blog recently paid us a visit to check out the new Mac Pro in person, interview our own Michael Truskowski, and review the new workstation from Apple. The Mac Pro is engineered with a single and larger fan that pulls air upward through the bottom intake. Consumer Reports' engineers, for example, subtract volume for such things as obstructions on top shelves and hardware. December 18, 2013 admin You are probably interested in the different kinds of pop up campers that are on the market right now, or which are the best or most affordable. As with all Flyte floor plans, the 185BH will have a fiberglass exterior and a few extra amenities the Oasis does not offer. The overhead cabinets are plenty and the kitchen area also includes a pantry and a spacious counter for food prep. Being a 2016 Shasta Oasis owner, I’m able to use my own trailer as a benchmark, and I believe Shasta has stepped up their game  in regards to fit and finish just in the last 9 months. And the cost is nothing to sneeze at either, as it should retail in the mid-$14,000’s when it hits dealer lots in early 2016. NOTE: As of today, December 10, 2015, neither the 185BH nor the 185FQ are listed on the Shasta website. It was our goal to work together on being the first to bring the news to the public through this site and the Mount Comfort RV site, but alas we were trumped by Greg Gerber when he broke the news in his excellent RV news source, the RV Daily Report. With the Matador Red scheme that initially debuted in July, this completes the three colors available of the 1,941 Airflytes to be produced. Instead of me rehashing in a post what he talks about, I’ll just leave all the talking to Mark. In fact, it will use a nearly exact blueprint from the 1961, although it will comply with RVIA specs. But for now, here are two photos from the factory on the assembly line to whet your appetite. Due to the angle of the body and the placement of the window, it encountered some leaking issues, so it was eliminated with the second prototype.
With the materials he’s currently using, the cost of a Whetzeldorf is in the $7,500 range. I still want to take this time to give my thanks to all of you who take the time to read the ramblings of an RVer like you.
A year’s worth of content feeding into Google, Bing, and other search engines has helped grow our traffic to just under 500 visitors per day. The readers have also been a great resource by telling me about a particular brand of trailer that I should put up on the Manufacturers page, or those who are having trouble deciding what to buy and are searching for advice. And the admiration I get from readers for how the site is set up, well, credit for that can go to someone not involved in the RV industry.
As air passes vertically through the center of the device, it absorbs heat and carries it out the top of the device.

Last April I wrote about the Oasis version, both the 18BH (bunkhouse) and the 18FQ in a post here. The Flyte at the Louisville show as well as a couple of Oasis 18BH that I walked through recently at Mount Comfort RV in Greenfield, Indiana have all appeared to have better workmanship than what I’ve seen in my own. Shasta prides itself on being the RV industry’s value leader, and the Flyte 185BH certainly adds to that reputation. It was Greg’s report that first hit just about every RV related Facebook page you could find. As always, thanks for taking time out of your day for visiting The Small Trailer Enthusiast.
More detailed photos are up on the Mount Comfort RV website and can be seen by clicking here. The Airflyte will have a limited production run of just under 2,000 units and should be available later in 2014.
He believes this particular model is a one-of-a-kind, and most likely an early prototype before the production models became 10′ in length. Another possible feature may include a cabinet large enough to house a typical sized portable toilet. I’ve seen similar sized trailers over the past few years with a price tag much higher than that.
Much of the search content is on specific models we’ve highlighted, but there is also a lot of searching for just information on small trailers. This year, the foot traffic in their display has been heavy, according to Scamp’s Micah Eveland. The 2016 models on the Flyte will have a light brown exterior as opposed to the white sides the Flyte has had, giving it a more contemporary look. Then it got shared, Tweeted and then I came out with posts of my own here that were shared and retweeted. This same aluminum was also used on a Serro Scotty Silver Pup and the near-chrome look certainly gave that Scotty some pop. But the Whetzeldorf gives you the rare opportunity to get into an affordable micro trailer with enough room to make it cozy for two. The STE, like Route 66 News, is not only a site for news stories, but also a resource center, whether you’re looking for manufacturers, online forums, or other info pertaining to small trailers or camping. They are more affordable because they are smaller and more compact, you can find fixer-uppers for only $300-400 dollars on the low end (although the less they are the older they probably are, maybe the mid 90’s).
With the demise of the Serro Scotty Pup and its cousins the Sierra Campfire and Bak-Pak, the Whetzeldorf fills a void those trailers left behind. This should prove to RV dealers every where what a powerful tool social media is and how important it is for dealers to have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as a YouTube channel with videos of current inventory. Check your local classifieds for pop up campers for sale, you never know… you might find a really great deal! Family size is important to think about when deciding on a pop up camper vs pop up truck campers. If it’s more than you and your partner then you probably want to get a pop camper for its extra room.
Most state parks have these amenities but if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have these things you’ll probably be happy you brought them along. There are simple portable shelters that can act as a room for either activity that are only around $20. The camping toilet can be around $50 or you can dig a hole in the ground for free (depending on where you’re staying of course). Thanks to recent improvements in insulation and compressors, today’s refrigerators use much less energy than older models.
Replacing an old refrigerator with a new Energy Star certified one can save up to $1,000 in energy costs over its lifetime.Pick an Energy Star It goes without saying that you’ll choose an Energy Star rated refrigerator, but did you know that those ratings are awarded in seven categories, and that each category has different criteria? This means that the most efficient member of an inefficient category is still going to be an inefficient fridge. Because it breaks the refrigerator’s seal, an ice and water dispenser increases energy use by up to 20 percent. Consider skipping it altogether and installing a bottle-less water cooler in the office, the eco-friendly alternative to the traditional water cooler.Ditch the Freezer No freezer at all could be a good option for the ultimate eco-friendly office fridge. Freezers use much more energy than standard refrigeration and, unless you run a frozen yogurt company, there’s probably not a lot of need for a freezer in your office.
Plus, by opting for a freezer-less full-size refrigerator, you not only use less energy but gain more space; the key to limiting the turf wars that often occur in the office fridge. At 18 cubic feet with an inside icemaker, this GE top freezer refrigerator is a good option for an eco-friendly office fridge.Go Big or Go Home Speaking of space, for an office with more than two people, a full-sized refrigerator is essential. Mini fridges aren’t as energy-efficient as their full-size counterparts, as they usually have less insulation.
Additionally, an overstuffed small fridge uses even more energy because it doesn’t have room to circulate the cold air, and must work harder to keep everything cool. Full-size refrigerators do come in a variety of sizes however, and the bigger the cubic footage, the bigger the energy use. This highly customizable feature will let those finicky tea drinkers choose the exact temperature for their perfect brew. The dispenser also works well for that bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or cup of soup for lunch. While not ostensibly eco-friendly, if you can dispense with the need for a kettle and even a microwave by opting for a fridge with a hot water dispenser, there are definitely energy savings to be had. Opening a fridge door to contemplate its contents accounts for 7 percent of an appliance’s total energy use in a home. Imagine how quickly that figure rises when used by ten or 15 people a day.Fridge manufacturers have stepped up to address this problem with a few new features. The door-in-door design, pioneered by LG and recently adopted by Samsung, splits the right hand door of a French Door-style refrigerator in half, allowing you to store frequently accessed items such as drinks, coffee creamer and milk inside the door – without opening the entire fridge. An even better option for an office is Samsung’s new side-by-side refrigerator with a showcase door. This takes the French Door idea and implements it in a side-by-side refrigerator, giving you much more in-door storage space. Jennifer focuses on sustainable advice for appliances ranging from ranges to washers and dryers to refrigerators.

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