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Clinical oxygen can be delivered to oxygen patients by a variety of medical devices described by the following technical and non-technical terms: oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, oxygen condenser, oxygen maker, portable oxygen concentrators (often described as a POC), liquid oxygen, oxygen generator, oxygen tank, oxygen bottle, and oxygen cylinder.
Clinical oxygen is typically delivered by the following modes:  oxygen concentrator (including POC), liquid oxygen, and high pressure oxygen cylinders. Each oxygen delivery mode has strengths and weaknesses, and represents a compromise of size, weight, and duration.  Advancements in technology have improved the versatility of the three most common delivery modes, oxygen concentrators, high pressure oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen systems. The oxygen concentrator, home oxygen concentrator, and POC are probably the most common oxygen sources used.  These systems come in a wide range of oxygen liter flows and physical sizes to fit most clinical oxygen applications.
High pressure oxygen cylinders preceded oxygen concentrators, POC, and all other forms of home oxygen.  High pressure oxygen cylinders are not FAA approved, and cannot be taken onboard commercial flights.
Advancements in oxygen regulators, the cylinder top device which controls the oxygen flow out of the cylinder, increase the efficiency of the cylinder system allowing many patients to have increased mobility.
This has been a brief overview of the currently available oxygen delivery modes and systems.  Please call for a more detailed and discussion of available equipment.
The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people are subject to some form of modern slavery in the world today.
The countries with the highest estimated prevalence of modern slavery by the proportion of their population are North Korea, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, India, and Qatar. Those countries with the highest absolute numbers of people in modern slavery are India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan.
Muslim herdsmen fleeing Boko Haram jihadists and fast-spreading desertification in the north of Nigeria are clashing with Christian farmers in the south, adding a dangerous new dimension to the sectarian tensions and militancy plaguing the country. Thousands of people from Muslim Fulani tribes have moved southwards this year, leading to a series of clashes over land that have killed more than 350 people, most of them Christian crop farmers, according to residents and rights activists. In one of the deadliest clashes, about 50 people were killed in April when Fulanis attacked the village of Nimbo in the south-eastern state of Biafra, according to residents, rights groups and lawmakers who visited Nimbo after the violence.
This entry was posted in agriculture, climate change, Environment, Human Rights, property rights, War and tagged agricultural land Nigeria, armed forces Nigeria, Christian South Muslim North, climate change Africa, independent Biafra Nigeria, land scarcity, Nigeria Biafra on August 17, 2016 by EL. Italian prosecutors on August 12, 2016, agreed to release energy giant ENI's Centro Oli oil treatment plant from court-ordered seizure. Prosecutors say ENI reaped millions in "unjust profits" from illegally dumping waste from its Viggiano plant. Former Total chiefs as well as various businessmen and officials were sentenced to terms ranging from two to seven years in prison on April 4, 2016.
The current suspects include former Corleto Perticara mayor Rosaria Vicino from Premier Matteo Renzi's Democratic Party (PD), former Basilicata environmental department chief Donato Viggiano, former ENI southern region exec Ruggero Gheller, his current replacement Enrico Trovato, and five ENI staffers who have been under house arrest since March 31.
This entry was posted in Energy, Environment, hazardous waste, lawbreakers, trade-environment and tagged ENI hazardous waste illegal trafficking, hazardous waste illegal trafficking, illegal waste trafficking Italy on August 16, 2016 by EL.
The structural materials that are currently used to construct homes, buildings, and infrastructure are expensive to produce and transport, wear out due to age and damage, and have limited ability to respond to changes in their immediate surroundings. DARPA is launching the Engineered Living Materials (ELM) program with a goal of creating a new class of materials that combines the structural properties of traditional building materials with attributes of living systems. Scientists are making progress with three-dimensional printing of living tissues and organs, using scaffolding materials that sustain the long-term viability of the living cells. ELM looks to merge the best features of these existing technologies and build on them to create hybrid materials composed of non-living scaffolds that give structure to and support the long-term viability of engineered living cells. This entry was posted in biodiversity, Energy, Environment, Markets, public health and tagged bioengineered, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), engineered biology, engineered living cells, Engineered Living Materials (ELM), materials, synthetic biology on August 10, 2016 by EL. Given the multinational origin and multigenerational legacy of Camp Century, there appears to be substantial ambiguity surrounding the political and legal liability associated with mitigating the potential remobilization of its pollutants. Excerpts from  William Colgan et al, The abandoned ice sheet base at Camp Century, Greenland, in a warming climate, , Aug.
This entry was posted in covert action, Environment, nuclear weapons, War and tagged abandoned nuclear waste in Greenland, Camp Century, global warming and nuclear waste, Greenland nuclear waste, nuclear waste in Greenland icesheet, Project Iceworm on August 9, 2016 by EL. The Chinese company’s main involvement will be in the supply chain, providing some components for Hinkley, said Malcolm Grimston, senior research fellow at Imperial College London’s center for environmental policy. Bernard Jenkin, the Conservative member of parliament for Harwich and North Essex, near the proposed Bradwell plant, last year urged the government to assess the security implications of a Chinese designed, owned and operated technology. This entry was posted in Energy, Environment, Nuclear Energy and tagged China General Nuclear Power (CGN), Electricite de France (EDF), Hinkley Point nuclear plant, nuclear plants and security on August 8, 2016 by EL. Regulators around the globe are researching potential risks to financial stability from a failure to contain climate change or a sudden collapse in the value of fossil-fuel assets. The regulators’ concerns rest on scientific assessments that much of the world’s known fossil-fuel reserves would have to stay underground if governments want to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. Instead, energy companies should provide more information on how climate change and climate-change policies will affect their businesses and allow investors to make their own assessment, says Mr.

This entry was posted in climate change, Energy, Environment, Markets and tagged carbon bubble, carbon budget, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels on August 3, 2016 by EL. The ominous consequences have led America’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an arm of the Pentagon, to try to keep up with developments by soliciting worldwide for new ways to make weapons using commercially available materials and technologies. Part of the problem is that anyone can buy not just sophisticated hardware but also a 3D printer to make basic weapon components, says Rear-Admiral Brian Brakke, deputy director of operations at the Pentagon’s Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency. This entry was posted in civilian casualties, Markets, War and tagged biohacking, DARPA Improv, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, hell cannons, improvised bombs, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), improvised weapons, Syria civil war on August 2, 2016 by EL. 2016: Drought is plaguing much of mainland South-East Asia, including Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. A related problem is the ruling Communist Party’s obsession with maximising rice production. This policy has caused the poisoning of paddies with pesticides and has discouraged farming of more profitable, less thirsty crops. Fixing this will mean taking on powerful state-owned rice traders and exporters, who benefit from intensive production. This entry was posted in biodiversity, climate change, Environment, water resources, Weather Modification and tagged dams, drinking water, Mekong delta, Mekong river, rice production and exports, Vietnam water resources on August 1, 2016 by EL.
On May 13th, 2016 hoping to save his country’s dwindling forests, Thongloun Sisoulith, the new prime minister of Laos, banned all timber exports.
Much like the trade in rhino horn and tiger skins, trade in rosewood is driven by demand from China’s burgeoning middle classes for goods once reserved for the rich: in this case, hongmu, or “redwood”, furniture made in the ornate Qing-dynasty style.
Five years ago Thailand had roughly 90,000 Siamese rosewood trees—more than anywhere else in the world. The $49.95 paperback book is available free as a downloadable pdf file or can be read on-line. The Index presents a ranking of 167 countries based on the proportion of the population that is estimated to be in modern slavery. In North Korea, there is pervasive evidence that government-sanctioned forced labour occurs in an extensive system of prison labour camps while North Korean women are subjected to forced marriage and commercial sexual exploitation in China and other neighbouring states. Several of these countries provide the low-cost labour that produces consumer goods for markets in Western Europe, Japan, North America and Australia. The plant near the town of Viggiano in the Agri Valley in the southern Basilicata region was seized on March 31. As well, the probe found irregularities in the construction of Total's Tempa Rossa oil centre between Corleto Perticara near Potenza and Gorgoglione near Matera. Living biological materials—bone, skin, bark, and coral, for example—have attributes that provide advantages over the non-living materials people build with, in that they can be grown where needed, self-repair when damaged, and respond to changes in their surroundings.
Living materials represent a new opportunity to leverage engineered biology to solve existing problems associated with the construction and maintenance of built environments, and to create new capabilities to craft smart infrastructure that dynamically responds to its surroundings. These cells are derived from existing natural tissues, however, and are not engineered to perform synthetic functions.
DARPA intends to develop platform technologies that are scalable and generalizable to facilitate a quick transition from laboratory to commercial applications. Army Corps of Engineers built Camp Century beneath the surface of the northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet. Chinese reactor designs haven’t yet been approved by the British nuclear regulator, a process which could take at least three years. If they aim to contain average temperature increases to 1.5 degrees, as set out in an international climate deal sealed in Paris in December 2015, the so-called carbon budget would shrink even more. Lasers used to cut and weld materials in industry, for example, are now so powerful that Boeing bought a 10kW model to put into its High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD), a system it has assembled for the American army to shoot down drones and incoming mortar shells by firing a laser beam at them. They contain GPS navigation and frequency-hopping technology, which transmits signals that are hard to intercept or jam (both were military developments). In Iraq and Syria, Islamic State has been working on dropping improvised bombs from remotely controlled model aircraft. So-called “biohacking” groups have begun experimenting with homespun processes, much as early computer hackers did with information technology. Since March China has loosened some of the dam gates, ostensibly as a favour to its neighbours. Straining to hit absurd targets—inspired by memories of post-war food shortages—the government has pushed delta farmers to produce three rice crops per year.
It has also prompted the building of a massive network of dykes, canals and sluice gates, which spread pollution from fertilisers and pesticides and restrict the flow of sediment. Siamese rosewood is among the most highly prized of the 33 types of tree used to make hongmu.

But the EIA says “significant volumes, if not most” of those trees were illegally chopped down before trade in Siamese rosewood became regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), a treaty. Between June 2013 and December 2014 Vietnam and China (including Hong Kong) imported more than 76,000 cubic metres of Siamese rosewood—more than the total amount growing in Thailand in 2011.
Corrupt local officials have failed to enforce the restrictions imposed by the central Lao and Cambodian governments. Liberty Medical sells high pressure oxygen cylinder systems using the more advanced Chad Oxymatic 400 series conserving regulators.
In Uzbekistan, the government continues to subject its citizens to forced labour in the annual cotton harvest. 2016  in a probe that resulted in ex industry minister Federica Gudi resigning amid conflict-of-interest claims. The inclusion of living materials in human-built environments could offer significant benefits; however, today scientists and engineers are unable to easily control the size and shape of living materials in ways that would make them useful for construction.
And current cell-printing methods are too expensive to produce building materials at necessary scales.
However, it is unclear whether Denmark was sufficiently consulted regarding the specific decommissioning of Camp Century, and thus whether the abandoned wastes there remain U.S.
That contract has been widely criticized after data published on a government website last month showed this subsidy could cost more than 30 billion pounds. Some designs are no longer fired by lighting a fuse, but at a safe distance with a car battery wired to the propellant charge. Just think of HEL MD as “a welding torch” with a reach of kilometres, says David DeYoung, head of the Boeing unit that built it.
Other useful things inside include accelerometers, compasses, gyroscopes, motion detectors and sensors for orientation, measuring magnetic fields and capturing reflected infra-red light (to turn off the screen when it detects the phone is close to the ear, saving battery power and preventing inadvertent touches).
These might carry bigger payloads than the small quadcopters widely sold as drones to hobbyists and commercial operators. The biohackers see DNA as a form of software that can be manipulated to design new biological processes and devices. In the delta, for example, a booming population has built more than 1m wells since the 1960s. Koos Neefjes, a climate-change expert in Hanoi, the capital, reckons all this infrastructure has done more to harm the delta than China’s dams. But a report to be published on June 24th, 2016  by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), an NGO, suggests the clampdown will not be implemented by local officials—and even if it is, may come too late to save Siamese rosewood from being eradicated in Laos and Cambodia. Middlemen pay villagers to cut down the trees; they then sell the timber to Chinese or Vietnamese businessmen. It treated some 75,000 barrels of oil a day, before two tanks and a reinjection well were seized. The base and its wastes were abandoned with minimal decommissioning in 1967, under the assumption they would be preserved for eternity by perpetually accumulating snowfall. Bigger cannons heave oxygen cylinders and, astonishingly, even large household water-heaters packed with enough explosives to destroy a cluster of buildings. While the off-the-shelf laser is powerful enough for its role, IPG Photonics of Massachusetts is now selling a 20kW laser. Some of the amateur labs are still relatively crude, but nevertheless there is concern that they could be used to create killer bugs or provide training for bioterrorists. The episode has only heightened fears that China (with which Vietnam has an enormous trade deficit and an intense territorial dispute) can use water flow to hold the country to ransom.
Article XI of the 1951 treaty states that “All property provided by the Government of the United States of America and located in Greenland shall remain the property of the Government of the United States of America.
America’s FBI has been watching developments and even organising some biohacker gatherings. The government says the amount available for export in the three months to June will be 11% less than originally forecast. In 2014 an American study found that the delta, which mostly lies less than two metres above sea level, could be nearly a metre lower by 2050.
That may seem reckless, but the idea is to encourage responsible behaviour and self-policing rather than risk a crackdown that drives the movement underground. Drought in the country’s Central Highlands has affected a third of coffee plantations there and now endangers the region’s supply of drinking water.

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