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Scientists attempting to develop a new method for mitigating oil spills by burning the oil were hoping to find a way to reduce the air pollution as the petroleum product burns. A paper published online August 4, 2016, in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes this previously unobserved flame phenomenon.
A yellow flame is a sign of very incomplete combustion and produces more particulates and air pollution than a blue flame like you see on a gas fueled stove. So far they have only created the blue whirl in a chamber which has slits in the side that cause the air to rotate as it enters. One of the principles that reduces the pollution in the blue whirl is that plenty of oxygen is available for the fuel, helping it to burn more completely. Some oil spill remediation techniques include corralling the crude oil to create a thick layer on the water surface that can be burned in place, but the resulting combustion is smoky, inefficient, and incomplete.
After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, Bill Gabbert now writes about it from the Black Hills.
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Another is that the partially burned fuel remains in the flame longer, burning more completely. However, the Clark School researchers say blue whirls could improve remediation-by-combustion approaches by burning the oil layer with increased efficiency, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere around it and the ocean beneath it.
In our experiments over water, we’ve seen how the circulation fire whirls generate also helps to pull in fuels. They may be a step closer to their goal with the discovery of a new type of fire behavior — a previously unseen type of flame. If we can achieve a state akin to the blue whirl at larger scale, we can further reduce airborne emissions for a much cleaner means of spill cleanup,” explained Gollner.
The key to the system is pumping large amounts of compressed air into the fire box or open trench. Some of the devices create a vortex which traps the particulates keeping them in the burn zone longer, causing them to more completely burn while reducing their size and the visible smoke.

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