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These small (usually hard plastic) diffusers are intended to spread light, make the light source slightly larger, and get a slightly softer light quality. There are DOZENS (hundreds?) of different simple flash diffusers for sale in all different shapes and sizes.
So I have written before with some great home-made options for simple lighting diffusers, but this idea is absolutely free! Step #3: Glue on a simple strip of velcro around the edge of the container that you can also connect to your flash if you want to keep it ultra secure.
If you are new to flash photography and want to learn how it all works and how you can get amazing results with inexpensive flash photography gear, you should really take a look at our 30-day online portrait photography class, where flash photography is a main focus of the course.
About the AuthorJim Harmer Facebook Twitter Google+Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast. I made a diffuser out of a 50 cent plastic salad bowl from Walmart…silver plumbing tape on the inside, and glued sewing interfacing to the rim. How would something like this compare to the smaller diffuser that came with my SB700 flash? I have also used coffee filters to diffuse the light from my pop-up flash…Just cut to size and tape over the flash.
Or a person could just spend $2 and get something like this and not fuss with old bottles and duct tape. I made a diffuser away from home of a 50 cent plastic salad bowl from Walmart…silver plumbing tape on the inside, and glued basting interfacing to the frame.
I recently wrote a post Blogging Helps My Business By… to reflect on how blogging has helped my business and why I choose to blog. Whilst my initial intention was to include all of the responses, I received more responses than I could share in this post (without you reading this post all day) and there was some level of repetition of reasons amongst bloggers (which is to be expected). Throughout the responses received and the subsequent discussions I have had with various bloggers there were some themes that really stood out for me. All of these things make readers of your blog more likely to do business with you and therefore result in an indirect income to the business. DISCLAIMER: Starting a blot will not result in an immediate influx of large amounts of cash. As the founder of Impactiv8, Loren helps businesses grow using the power of social media and lifecycle marketing automation. Loren has created three online training programs: Social Media Success, FB Business Success and Linked Business Success and she also offers bespoke social media presentations, workshops, one-on-one coaching and social media implementation services.
Loren is also the producer and co-host of the highly successful #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, which she hosts in conjunction with Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter. Research by Ravi Mehta and Rui Juliet Zhu from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia looks at these questions. The second task in this study had people read brand descriptions and then rate each brand on a scale from 1 to 7. In the second part of study 2 people completed a “creative” task – they were asked to come up with as many creative uses for a brick as they could in 1 minute. In Study 3 people were asked to read sets of names or addresses which were either identical or were slightly different.
If you are using a negative or fear message it will be more impactful if you use the color red. If you are highlighting detailed features of a product your message will be more persuasive if you use a red background. People prefer blue backgrounds over red, even though red might make them get a task done more quickly. Fascinating, and a nice confirmation of my strategy 3 years ago in redesigning the visual brand for my business! I recently read that paintings that contain red draw a higher price than paintings that do not.
My first thought is why so much red and blue, not necessarily the colors many would choose for web design.

Subscribe to The Brain Lady NewsletterGet news and research on behavioral science, brain science, and design. Learn MoreThe Team W has a full curriculum of online video courses, including courses that lead to a User Experience (UX) Certificate.
This is for those of you who have been emailing every day with Swoki worry, angsting about whether or not they’re still happily ever after. Taylor Swift, however, was still in New York today, making the daily trip to the gym on her New York catwalk. On the subject of his Instagram though, since he’s new to it, and since he’s eagerly earnest Tom Hiddleston, how obsessively do you think he checks his mentions?
To make an informed assessment, we evaluated the two in order to weigh up their pros and cons, ultimately looking for which platform is best for businesses to invest their time and money in to reach their consumers effectively.
Everyday, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube, and people are more likely to see a video through on YouTube than any other video-sharing platform - once you’ve got your audience, they’re hooked. While over 85% of YouTube adverts are skippable, companies only pay when people watch their adverts, meaning it’s pretty much a win-win situation.
On the other hand, it's taken YouTube the ten years of their existence to reach four billion views per day.
A natively uploaded video to Facebook reaches on average three times as many people than a YouTube video, even surpassing embedded YouTube video views on Facebook. Some have argued that Facebook’s view counter offers dubious statistics, since they work on a three-second view rate, including scrolling past a video in your News Feed (which may well take three seconds or more if something else nearby catches your eye).
Facebook is social, so sharing videos on its platform creates better opportunities for users to share, comment and tag friends in videos, inevitably driving up views and generating higher return on your videos.
Social media has transformed the way brands can interact with customers, providing a platform to engage in new and exciting ways. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. Or pop up flashes, all I do is tape a tissue over the flash, and fold it either two times for things further away or four times for very lose range.
So I have selected a few to give a good cross-section of responses (my apologies to anyone that missed out). I attended this event and have since listened to all the concurrent sessions that I missed at the event. Why do you blog and how does it help your business? Share your stories of success in the comments below, along with a link to your blog so we can see your blog in action. In a fairly comprehensive set of different studies Mehta and Zhu found some interesting color effects. Some of the anagrams used “avoidance” words, for example ‘prevent’, some of the words were “approach” words, for example ‘adventure’, and some were “neutral”, for example, ‘computer’.  Sometimes the words were on a red background and sometimes on a blue background. Some of the brand descriptions had a message of a negative outcome you would want to avoid – for example a toothpaste that would prevent cavities. They were asked to use any five parts and use them to design a toy that someone age 5 to 11 would play with.
They were told that one of the tasks required detailed and careful processing of information and that another would require creative, imaginative and “out of the box” thinking.
If you are highlighting concepts of how to use the product then the message will be more persuasive with a blue background. There are cultural effects of color, so these results may NOT hold in different parts of the world.
They looked at the effect red and blue had on how individuals evaluated an argument, but again the interesting part is that this is not detectable by the person.
As mentioned yesterday and today, Tom Hiddleston is due in LA this week for Emmy campaigning. With over 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute and many users generating vast incomes from their YouTube channels alone, the site boasts an incredible success story since its inception just over a decade ago. Since Facebook started taking their video efforts seriously last year - including News Feed embedding and increased monetization efforts - they've had some very promising results, giving YouTube a run for their money, quite literally.

Facebook share that figure for their video views too, but it's only taken them a year to do so. Facebook have defended their system, stating that it works well and that there's no industry standard for view counting.
I highly recommend this resource to assist you in building your business to help your business achieve success! People solved the avoidance words faster when they were on a red background (compared to blue or neutral) and they solved the approach words faster when they were on a blue background (compared to red or neutral). In some versions of the ad there were pictures that showed product details of the camera, for example the lens.
They were asked to select which color, red or blue, they thought would enhance their performance on each task. It is amazing to think how such seemingly trivial factors affect decisions in our daily lives, but possibly major decisions as well! Perhaps even YouTube can see the strides Facebook could make in the video-sharing world, and are arguably already making. This was limiting for users and it's axing maked the site a much more easily accessible and shareable platform for users and video advertisers. If you can make a video that’s irresistibly engaging within the first three seconds, Facebook video is for you.
Can you affect people’s decisions and behavior by changing the background color of a particular page or screen? When the brands were on a blue background people preferred brands that were described with the approach or positive description.
The color didn’t affect how many ideas people came up with, but people working with a blue screen had more creative solutions than those in the red or neutral. Judges (using black and white copies of the design) then rated the designs based on originality and novelty (creativity) vs. Other versions included visuals that were not about the camera, for example, a road sign,  or a map, which would use creative thinking to connect the camera to a road trip.
Following each other on Instagram would buy us, maybe, three days of peace before the fretting begins again. If you like to play it safe, preferring to focus on your already-established consumers' attention, YouTube still works just fine.
When the brands were on a red background people preferred the brands that had avoidance messages. People who did the task with the red screen remembered more words correctly than people with the blue or neutral background. The participants were also asked afterwards whether they were focusing on avoiding mistakes or going quickly.
But with Facebook constantly stepping up their game and realizing the future of a video-dominated content landscape, things could easily change. People working with a red screen were more accurate on the task than people working on a blue or neutral screen. When the screen was red people rated the ad more highly when it included the specific product detail visuals.
People working on a red screen also were more likely to report that they were trying to avoid mistakes. When the screen was blue then people rated the ad more favorably when the visuals were more conceptual.

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