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Any change of the registered owner or lienholder (legal owner) of a vehicle or vessel is considered to be a change in ownership that must be updated on the records at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
When you transfer ownership of a gas-powered vehicle that is four or less model years old, a smog certification is not required; however, a smog transfer fee is collected from the new owner. Street sweepers-Vehicles originally manufactured as street sweepers and incapable of use for any other purpose.
Being transferred between family members (spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild) or by court order. If the vehicle has been sold more than once with the same title, the REG 262 is required from each seller. Any names appearing in error require a REG 101 completed by the person(s) whose name(s) appears in error.
When the vehicle is a gift or sale from a family member, the new owner (buyer) completes a REG 256.
This form is used when the registered owner of a vehicle has been deceased for 40 days or more, and the value of the decedent's property in California does not exceed $100,000. If the vehicle you are purchasing is a commercial motor vehicle, you may be required to complete a REG 4008 indicating the gross vehicle weight (GVWR) or combined gross vehicle weight (CGVWR) at which your vehicle will be operated. The Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability relieves you of responsibility for civil or criminal actions involving the vehicle after your date of sale.

Check similar vehicles in newspaper classified advertisements, on the Internet, or at local used vehicle dealerships.
Most vehicles have sequentially issued "standard" license plates that remain with the vehicle when ownership is transferred. When you give the buyer all of the required documentation and DMV receives your completed Notice of Release of Liability, the seller's part of the transaction is complete. Once the buyer has provided DMV with all the proper documentation and fees, the vehicle record is updated to reflect the change of ownership, and a registration card is issued.
When the names are joined by the word "or," one owner can sell the vehicle without the other's signature or consent. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Female Nazi Costume" keyword.
We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here.
If you own your vehicle, sign on line one (1) of the title to release ownership of vehicle.
This does not include any vehicle that has been converted or retrofitted with a vacuum or sweeper. A Statement of Facts form (REG 256) (PDF) must be completed for the exemption; however, if registration renewal fees are due, the smog exemption may not apply.

Keep your receipt because it contains an inspection number that may be used to locate your smog certification record at DMV. If the license plate is a special interest or personalized license plate, you must decide if you want to retain the plate for use on another vehicle, or release your interest in the plate.
I am thoroughly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism shown by all of your people. Complete a Special Interest License Plate Application (REG 17)(PDF) or a Special License Plate Application (REG 17A)(PDF) indicating your retention or release of the special plate and give the form to the buyer.
The older 4- by 5-inch Ownership Certificate was commonly referred to as the "pink slip." The example below indicate who signs where to properly change the ownership of your vehicle. The Certificate of Title has a special box for odometer mileage reading disclosure and acknowledgment.

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