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To bring about a change in your life, you need to know the paradigm that is stopping you – the mental program that is driving your current actions and giving you the current results. Once you know where you are and where you want to be, you can then spark the fire within you and make the paradigm shift with one of the 3 fuels – Desire, Belief or Expectancy.
Whenever you set yourself on a new path – say when you are setting up a new business, a new target, a new goal etc.
Now, if you decide to change this paradigm and introduce a Y type of idea – say earning $25,000 per month. If you need any help or tools and techniques, to break through the Terror Barrier and install the Y program in your Sub-Conscious mind, then let Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith be your friends.
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Following a successful management buyout on 27th March 2012, Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd become a fully independent company from our former US parent company Bound Tree Medical, LLC.
You are free to use any information found on this site as long as proper credit is given to BeCentsAble and a link back is provided. Chrissy has helped thousands of subscribers save money without giving up “extras” like travel and entertainment.

For example, if you want to become financially independent, use the 5 “Why” technique (explained in The Paradigm), to find out what is stopping you. When you are travelling and then get into a tunnel, it gets dark, but you believe that there will be light on the other side of the tunnel. As we saw in the previous post, you create a Paradigm or a mental program called X, by continuously repeating the X idea on the Sub-Conscious mind, until it becomes a habit.
The Secret Science of Getting Rich program has been designed by these 3 Great Teachers from the movie – The Secret. The blood test meter is very small and fits onto the top of the test strips pot which can make blood testing more simple, particularly if you’re travelling, shopping or dining out. She shows how anyone can save thousands of dollars on cleaning supplies, toys, travel, groceries and more. It may be that you have a paradigm that says – “The way to earn money is only thought Job”.
But remember, at this stage, the Y type idea is only in the Conscious mind, while the Sub-Conscious mind is still playing the X type program. To change this paradigm, we would need to re-program our mind to say that money can be earned in business as well, without any compromise on the family life.
Remember, when you had that Desire to eat a specific cake (or any other food in your case) from the specific shop.
Belief sustains you and keeps you on track, while you wait for the thing that you have thought to be manifested.

Then go ahead and increase the amplitude of each on them by constantly reminding yourself of your Purpose. Or maybe, you want to change your health condition and lose some weight and the stopping paradigm is that eating less food will result in loss of energy.
It keeps you thinking about your result, rather than have worries or doubts during the process of manifestation.
As soon as you start entertaining the $25,000 idea, it will be like going against the powerful Sub-Conscious mind.
In fact, you enjoyed it even more because of the extra effort that you had to take to achieve it.
You have to pass through the Terror Barrier and then experience the Freedom on the other side.
Once you do that, the Sub-conscious mind will give away the X program and replace it by Y program.

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