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Kaplan University — An MS in homeland security & emergency management from Kaplan focuses on the areas of legal, social, business, economic, and political aspects of the industry. Walden University — Walden University offers various educational programs in the field of homeland security and contra-terrorism. Northcentral University — This MBA degree program is structured to provide a conceptual overview of modern theory and practice in each of the key areas of managerial responsibility. A Master of Homeland Security is a fairly new degree that developed in recent years as homeland security became one of the top concerns of the government. Students focus on management skills, strategy, ethics, decision-making skills, research methods and analytical skills.
A Master of Homeland Security is intended to teach students how to protect structures and intelligence on all fronts. For those who want to work in middle and upper ranking positions in security systems for the government or private companies, a Master of Homeland Security will get you there.
A Master of Homeland Security prepares you for those specific issues you will face in a high ranking job.
It can be difficult to get a job after obtaining your master’s degree depending on your job experience and other factors. One way to obtain security clearance is to get a job as an entry level intelligence analyst.
If you are currently in the military or have a military background, you already have an edge on the competition. You can continue to work full time at your job while obtaining a part time master of homeland security degree or you can go to school full time.
If you joined the military early on and already have 10-20 years of experience, a master of homeland security is the ideal fit for you. Complete this short form and we'll match you with degree programs tailored to your interests.
In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for online criminal justice programs in 2016. You might think that criminal justice is a very specific college major, granting students only limited flexibility to work in careers related to law enforcement and security. Sam Houston University has one of the best online criminal justice programs for top internship experiences. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University is one of the oldest of its kind in the country–and has all the resources to show for it!
Florida International University has one of the most diverse curricula of all accredited online criminal justice programs.
The online criminal justice degree program at Florida International University offers a comprehensive course of study in the discipline in a fully digital format. Westfield State University’s criminal justice degree online is perfect for local community college graduates.
At SUNY College Oswego, veterans can take advantage of special benefits when they apply to the affordable online criminal justice degree program. Whether you’re already working in the human services industry or are aiming to begin a career in the field, an online public justice degree from SUNY College at Oswego makes it easy to accomplish your goals. Founded in 1943, Washington State University’s criminal justice department is the second oldest in the nation – and it is clear that the program has aged well!
Accelerated coursework and 100% online classes make the the University of Oklahoma’s online criminal justice degree a particularly convenient option. At the University of Oklahoma-Norman, students have the rare opportunity to complete all 120 credit hours of their criminal justice degree online.
Western Carolina University has climbed to the top of multiple online criminal justice degree rankings.
Unlike asynchronous distance education programs, the United Tribes Technical College allows online criminal justice degree students to interact with classmates and professors in real time. In the field of criminal justice, it takes more than a handshake to get your foot in the door. Humphreys College’s affordability and strong academic programs make it a standout on this top online criminal justice programs ranking. Humphreys College regularly tops our lists for the best online bachelor programs, and their affordable online criminal justice degree is no exception.
Criminal justice degree online students at UCF benefit from personalized academic advising and customized degree plans. At the University of Central Florida, criminal justice students don’t have to choose whether they want to go into law enforcement or pursue graduate education—at least not right away. The Transportation Security Administration still lacks a chief after two tries by the White House. But the agency that oversees airport security announced today that it has chosen a retired Air Force commander and U.S. Testa served most recently as a top executive in the CBP’s Office of Information and Technology where she was responsible for the design and management of CBP’s network infrastructure, with more than 2,300 employees and a budget over $410 million.

Testa “will be a tremendous asset to the Transportation Security Administration in Houston,” said Lee Kair, TSA’s Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Operations.
Testa takes over in Houston as the Obama administration tries to recruit a top official to lead the overall agency. President Obama’s second nominee, Robert Harding, withdrew from consideration last week after the retired general faced tough questioning about payments he had to return in conjunction with a government contract his security company had won. The White House lost its initial nominee to head the TSA when Erroll Southers withdrew from consideration following criticism by GOP lawmakers. As with many careers there is no one single educational path to follow, and it all depends on what you want to do with your degree. Students are to evaluate social and ethical implications of decisions made to protect people and property, apply leadership principals that shape change and improve management policy and practices, and analyze research on current knowledge and developing trends. The 2-year degree program, MPA in homeland security policy, will help hone managerial to lead public agencies or direct public policy organizations. Students are prepared to become senior management of law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medical care and disaster preparedness agencies pertaining to homeland security.
A Master of Homeland Security prepares students to work in the public and private sectors of security, which have blended in recent years in order to be the most effective.
Prior to this degree, it took years of working on the job to accumulate the experience and know how of making quick decisions and taking the correct actions during a time of crisis.
It can be a long process getting this job, but once you do, you will have government security clearance and work experience in conjunction with your master of homeland security.
The less of a gap there is in your resume, the better, so you should begin your master of homeland security program while still in the military or soon after. Both the government and private companies want candidates who can hit the ground running when it comes to their position.
Featuring coursework as diverse and extensive as Terrorism and Homeland Security, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Criminological Theory, and Criminal Justice and Public Policy, FIU prepares students for a range of careers and challenges that await them after graduation. Combining coursework in the public justice system with complementary research in sociology, anthropology, and psychology, SUNY Oswego prepares students for a career in anything from law and courts to counseling and corrections.
WSU also just earned the highest online criminal justice degree ranking in the nation from Criminal Justice Degree Online, owing to their graduation rate (9th highest), retention rate (12th highest), and comprehensive range of student services.
This comprehensive program prepares students for the multitude of roles that criminal justice specialists must play in their careers: community-builder, analytical thinker, public relations expert, and – above all – problem solver.
But the benefits of attending WCU reach far beyond the ability to save time and money; through student organizations like Alpha Phi Sigma (the National Criminal Justice Honor Society) and the Student Association of Criminal Justice Affairs (SACJA), online learners have the unique opportunity to network with classmates, alumni, and professionals and even acquire internship opportunities.
From law enforcement to private security, most positions require employment experience, background checks, and of course a college degree. Featuring required coursework such as Data Analysis for Criminal Justice, Crime in America, Police and Society, and Corrections and Penology, this comprehensive program covers everything from the most theoretical and abstract conceptual topics to the most practical and tangible aspects of the field. Customs and Border Protection executive to serve as federal security director at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Testa, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in human resources management from the State University of New York, won the assignment.
The Republicans challenged Southers over his position on labor relations issues at the TSA and inconsistent testimony on an ethics violation during his career at the FBI. If you are interested in finding out more about a specific school or program, we’ve listed a few popular (and accredited) options below. An MSCJ in Homeland Security Policy provides education in psychological theories and basic scientific methods to help its graduates to have an opportunity to work for a community agency to educational or social services systems.
Courses include how to handle critical issues relating to crisis management and terrorism, and budgeting. A Master of Homeland Security teaches students leadership skills, how to implement security plans, and the role technology plays in modern security measurements. Terrorism does play a large role in homeland security efforts, but a Master of Homeland Security prepares students to work with many security problems.
A Master of Homeland Security focuses on certain areas that specifically prepare candidates for those types of disasters, such as a hurricane or military attack on home soil. Now instead of learning for 10 years on the job, students with a master of homeland security degree are prepared for those positions with a two year masters program. Because many private companies work with the government under contract, they require employees to have government security clearance. You do need a bachelor’s degree in order to qualify for a master of homeland security program.
Military personnel often have a clear understanding of security computer programs and know how to analyze data and make split decisions.
If you are a civilian, you can apply for an officer position after receiving your bachelor’s degree. You have the experience and you may already have a bachelor’s degree, making you a prime candidate for a Master of Homeland Security.
This program is ideal for students who have already earned an Associate of Arts degree at a Florida Community College and are able to forego general education prerequisites and begin their higher-level professional coursework immediately.

Students who have fulfilled all the requirements for the “Mass transfer compact” can finish the junior and senior years of their bachelor’s degree entirely online, while non-graduates have the option to take online criminal justice classes at WSU while simultaneously completing their remaining coursework at another institution. The program is particularly advantageous for veterans, who benefit not only from the convenience of flexible online scheduling and coursework but also from a military-friendly credit policy that will grant up to 30 hours of course credit for past experience in the armed services. Students of this reputable program also enjoy access to distinguished faculty – many of them highly respected in their field – and an impressive alumni network. Accelerated, 8-week courses will allow you to complete the entire program in as few as 18 months (if you’re the ambitious, impatient type), but most students have other obligations, like work and family, to keep them busy. WCU will grant up to 12 hours of course credit for these internships, making it possible for you to earn new skills, boost your resume, and gain ground on your graduation date all at the same time. UCF also provides academic advisors who can help develop personalized curriculum and graduation plans for each student. But he had drawn persistent criticism nonetheless as he went through the Senate confirmation process. Private companies are increasing their security and need people who are well-equipped in this field and know how to utilize technology to keep their properties and intelligence safe. These are not the only degrees that will make you eligible for a master of homeland security program, as they vary by school. This is very costly for a company to obtain for an employee, so may require the employee to already have it. If you already have your bachelor’s degree in political science or a related field, you can opt to enter the military to obtain security clearance.
A Master of Homeland Security will teach you systems analysis, leadership skills and focus on the intelligence portion of security.
These are all skills that will serve you well in a Master of Homeland Security program, as well as in future security jobs.
Depending on what part of the military you’re in, you may be assigned as an entry level intelligence analyst.
Relevant coursework that is also geared for virtual delivery must focus on the many theories and concepts of criminology.
In addition to traditional 15-week fall and summer semesters, two accelerated 6-week summer semesters and a 2-week winter semester actually make it possible to complete the required courses in fewer than two years!
Graduates can feel proud to count themselves among national leaders in law enforcement as well as successful judges and attorneys working across the country. Thankfully, the program’s flexibility also enables students to take four, five, or more years to earn their degree, while experienced academic advisors can assist in creating a customized academic plan that suits your specific needs. As an institutional participant in the North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN), UTTC provides state-of-the-art video conferencing services that allow students and professors to interact in real-time for class discussions and lectures, providing an important level of engagement that is missing in many online criminal justice programs. Taken together, all of these elements make Humphreys a top choice for distance learners looking to enter law enforcement or the private security sector. This ensures that online learners have every opportunity to find the right career in any number of criminal justice occupations and institutions – and ultimately, to find success, too! Others may allow military personnel with a bachelor’s degree in any subject to quality for a Master of Homeland Security program.
When it comes down to it, if the position is between you and someone who already has security clearance, the other party is most likely going to get the job. Regardless of what your background is in the military (infantry, maintenance, etc.) a Master of Homeland Security is beneficial for your future if you wish to stay in the field. A Master in Homeland Security does prepare students for critical thinking and analysis, but seldom is the degree enough on its own to garner a high ranking position. This gives you experience and you may be able to enroll in a Master of Homeland Security program while you’re actively serving. You already have security clearance; you only need the leadership and technology skills to take your career to the next level. This often means that the curriculum includes classes in psychology, sociology, culture, community relationships, law, terrorism, homeland security, emergency management, and plenty of others! Most online programs that are attached to traditional schools will have prerequisites, while those who are solely online schools will not.
This will be beneficial once you’re out of the military and working as a contract employee for a private company in security. A Master of Homeland Security is not required for you to work under contract for a private company, but it can increase your chances of gaining employment immediately after retiring.
Students always need a bachelor’s degree in order to enroll in a Master of Homeland security program.

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