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In March 2008, as part the transformation of the 1st Armored Division to the US Army's modular force structure, the drawdown of US forces in Germany, and the Base Realignment and Closure law of 2005, the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division moved its colors from Germany to Fort Riley. Prior to this movement, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team (not to be confused with the modular brigade combat team) deployed with or without equipment, built combat power, conducted military operations in support of the 1st Armored Division or other headquarters and redeployed.
The 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division was known as a "round out brigade." Two US Army Europe brigades, known as round out brigades, were not located in Europe.
On 27 June 1944, the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Brigade Combat Team was first constituted as Headquarters, Reserve Command, 1st Armored Division. On 27 February 1951, the Headquarters, Reserve Command, 1st Armored Division was redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Reserve Command, 1st Armored Division, and activated once more at Fort Hood, Texas. In February 1962, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Reserve Command, 1st Armored Division was reorganized and redesignated as 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division and reactivated at Fort Hood. The Brigade deployed to Southwest Asia in December 1990 to participate in Operation Desert Shield.

On 17 December 1991, the Brigade's colors were relocated to Mannheim, Federal Republic of Germany as part of the USAREUR force realignment.
In July 2001 3rd Brigade's Task Force 2-70th Armor mounted up and rode out from Fort Riley, Kansas, on their way down the long, dusty trail to Kuwait. Approximately 1,300 Fort Riley soldiers with the 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division and 937th Engineer Group received orders in early 2003 to prepare to deploy in support of Central Command operations. The 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division was inactivated in March 2008 as part of the redeployment of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division from Germany to Fort Riley. Approximately 100 active duty soldiers, who helped to lead the ground war in Iraq, returned to Fort Riley on 17 July 2003. By late 2005 the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division was being dismantled and its soldiers reassigned. The first phase of the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) blanket purchase agreement (BPA)is “effectively identical” to the first four items on The Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Security version 5.0, according to Tony Sager, Chief Technologist for the Council on CyberSecurity and former COO of the Information Assurance Directorate at the National Security Agency.

The first three items on the SANS list – inventorying authorized and unauthorized hardware on a network, doing the same for software, then establishing and maintaining secure configurations for them on servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices – are not just security-oriented activities, Sager said, but a mix of security and operations measures that address the “hygiene” of the systems.
From this point on, as DHS adds phase two of the CDM BPA, the tools and services won’t follow the SANS list so neatly, but that’s because once the foundational issues are resolved, government agencies have different priorities than the global community as a whole, he said.
The fourth SANS item, continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation, begins to focus on cybersecurity specifically. There’s no magic in this business, buying these tools off the BPA won’t make these problems go away,” he said.

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