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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Details:This award-winning 2oz personal essential is the easiest, lightest, and most reliable solution for grab-and-go water filtering.
The award winning LifeStraw water filter features state-of-the-art purifying technology that surpasses EPA guidelines, to provide safe and drinkable water in any situation. This Kenyan coffee, grown in the rich fertile soils surrounding Mount Kenya, is noted for its superb balance, bright acidity, and body - along with a fuller and more fragrant flavor. We roast ours to a rich chocolate brown so you can fully appreciate all the flavorful characteristics of this fine gourmet coffee.
For our All Day Gourmet specialty gourmet coffees, we start with 100% premium quality Arabica coffee beans - only the finest will do.
Yes, our All Day Gourmet coffees are known for their rich and delightful aromas, well-balanced flavors, and smooth satisfying taste - cup after cup. Join the Free Coffee Wholesale USA Newsletter and receive exclusive discounts, new product information, and more! The Filtron coffee maker extracts the coffee's rich flavor and reduces the acidity, producing a bold, super-smooth coffee concentrate that can be served one cup at a time.Filtron Cold Water Coffee Brewer If you want to reduce the natural acidity from your coffee, Filtron's Cold Water Coffee Brewer is the system for you.
I have two Filtron systems, the original I got when my parents passed away and a newer one I bought several years ago. We have had the fortune of covering a variety of toilets; with some enticing us with their futuristic designs and some impressing us with their mobility credentials. Like any other regular toilet, the human waste (like feces and urine) along with flushed water goes down with gravity inside the Blue Diversion.

The cleaned water then flows into the sink plumbing by virtue of plain gravity, and voila; we have hand-washing quality water salvaged from our very own wastes! The commercial scope however goes beyond the toilet’s usage in less developed countries. As a result, the simple yet affective technology provides a long-term, sustainable and economical drinking water solution to those in poverty stricken areas around the world.
It's ultra light weight design (only 2 oz) and accompanying lanyard make this filter the easiest grab-n-go water solution for the entire family. We offer an array of accessories and emergency meal sides to compliment our food storage and offer a complete survival package for you and your family. Kenya AA brews a snappy cup with a very distinct aroma, with intense flavor and a unique wine-like finish. One of the finest available on world markets - certainly one of the more popular also - and without question an excellent cup of coffee. Since its introduction in 1997, All Day Gourmet has attracted a large and loyal following who enjoy top quality beverages for a great value.
Then, we roast them in small batches to perfection so you can enjoy a consistently exceptional cup of coffee every time.
However this time around, the game is entirely changed with a special toilet mechanism having the capacity to also supply water for its hand-washing sink!
And, the good part is – in spite of its gimmicky nature, the Blue Diversion has seen some successful tests in African countries like Uganda and Kenya, with over 50 water recycling patterns per day.
The Bio-sand filter has the ability to produce safe, clean drinking water from both contaminated surface water, and ground water sources.

Thirst Relief International currently has Bio-sand filter placements in Brazil, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. We are talking about the incredibly innovative Blue Diversion, a self-contained toilet unit designed by Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag). The ingeniously contrived toilet design stores the human waste in sealed compartments for further usage as fertilizer.
These entail: a bio-reactor that helps in eliminating organic matter and ammonia, and a special ultrafiltration membrane that screens the bacterial and viral organisms. It's perfect for hot coffee, iced coffee and blended coffee drinks.The Filtron System produces a coffee concentrate, with it's unique cold brew process it reduces the oil and acidity.
I use cheesecloth, double ply, and put the coffee grounds inside and use plastic tie to close it. On the other hand, the water used for flushing is once again re-circulated to be used for washing hands from the sink. It almost goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway: the Filtron system makes the best coffee I have ever tasted. Pour the desired amount of coffee concentrate into a cup add ice and cream for a delicious ice coffee or coffee concentrate and hot water for that warm smooth cup of coffee.

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