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The truth of the matter is that network security is costing millions of dollars a year, also because of the ineptitude of companies like Target that allowed intruders to steal the credit card information of its customers. We all pay companies for security, but we do not even know what it really is and how it is implemented in our computers. On the other hand, companies will make a software more relaible only if they have a financial reason to do it.
Software companies that sell security are rarely considered accountable if a software fails to deliver what it has promised: it is always a mistake of the IT employee or consultant that, if something bad arises, is the one who gets fired. It is time to change the approach to the security softwares and keep them accountable of doing the job they have been asked to do: IT people cannot keep up with viruses if the main product of the company fails to do its job.
The company that will offer a total refund of the money paid if the product fails to deliver what it is meant to do, will gain market shares and probaly will conquer the broken hearts of many customers who are still using Windows for theur day to day activity. Security is not an investment that provides a ROI: it is an expense that tries at its best to avoid other costs.
A poker software developer plans to implement a fix this week for a vulnerability recently discovered by two security researchers who analyzed one of its gambling applications. B3W Group, based in Malta, said it had identified the root problem pointed out in a report released last week by Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante of ReVuln, a vulnerability research consultancy also based in Malta. B3W makes a range of gambling software, including that used for online poker rooms, also known as skins, for variations of poker such as Texas Holda€™em, Omaha and Stud.

ReVulna€™s report, which also looked at products from the companies Microgaming and Playtech, focused on poker software since the downloaded client allows attackers to get a good look at part of the gamea€™s software design.
AJ Thompson, B3Wa€™s director of strategy, wrote in an email to IDG News Service that players using its software have not been hacked in 12 years of operating online. The researchers found that B3Wa€™s software updates itself over an insecure HTTP connection. The industry standard for distributing new poker clients is through content delivery networks, Thompson wrote.
Using a secure connection with Fileburst is possible, but the digitally-signed security certificate would not match that of the software that is delivered, Thomas wrote. The changes will eliminate three issues outlined by ReVuln, including those around executing an unverified file, a directory transversal issue and a stack-based buffer overflow, Thompson wrote. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Users are afraid that their systems get breached and developers are under pressure to fix a problem that requires time and more than one person to get it done.
Companies are constantly under pressure to meet deadlines and very often their software has bugs.
At this present cahotic junction, every security software company does not seem to get financial benefits from slowing down the software production and focus more on delivering a qualitative product.

Security is not about earnings: it is about the continuity of the productivity of the user. Many poker games require users to download software onto their computers, which then interacts with a web service for a realistic, real-time game play.
Updated files are stored without digital signatures, and a€?.exea€? files are not verified before installation. Passwords that are not stored by a password key chain can only be obfuscated, and to create a password for a password would be less convenient for players, Thompson wrote.
It is like a car insurance: you pay a premium and a deductible to avoid paying the entire amount of the liability if you are found at fault after having caused an accident. They also found issues with how B3Wa€™s software stores passwords on a persona€™s computer.

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