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We are establishing ourselves as a leader in the video security industry, We provide top-of-the-line security camera systems helping you to keep a watchful eye on your home or small business day or night.
We provide you with light sensitive cameras for the purpose of monitoring during night hours.
Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) security camera systems are the tried-and-true technology for surveillance monitoring at homes and businesses. More modern and efficient CCTV tape systems are motion-activated; the cameras do not record unless something of at a least a specified minimum size moves within their range. Many CCTV home security system cameras use looped tapes that record over their previously stored footage continuously.
Home security camera systems can be installed by professional security companies such as ADT or Broadview Security (formerly Brinks). A more sophisticated system is this Lorex Surveillance DVR System which includes four wired night-vision weather proof cameras, and a receiver with built-in DVR for recording and playback. For the geeky do-it-yourself types, there is a free Linux-based software tool called Motion.
You should be aware that in some places, it may be illegal to make an audio or video recording of a person without their consent. We made the switch to Verizon for our home phone and internet service at the same time we purchased the Dropcam products and were unaware of the data usage problem.

This subject (of surveillance) is a thorny one for me but I may be the odd person to believe in reciprocity in the 21st century. Home monitoring systems are in demand in the market since it can protect your properties very well. Houses equipped with home security systems benefit from lower insurance rates and higher resale values. Such camera surveillance systems can be fine-tuned to ignore branches, chipmunks, cats, small dogs, etc.
You need not remember to load a fresh tape when one is full, and you don't end up with a garage full of tapes. First, they can store much more footage in the same physical space because they use hard drives to store digital video files; a hard drive of sufficient capacity can store HD video that reveals every detail of activity. Cameras can be placed anywhere around the house very easily without running cables through walls and ceilings. I purchased three of them, but had to return them due to the fact that they were using an outrageous amount of data on my Verizon Wireless Jetpack which we switched to for our internet service for our travels in our RV.
And thanks to the march of technology, you can enjoy the additional peace of mind at amazingly low prices, and even install it yourself. Just be sure a looped tape can store a useful amount of footage, such as a week's worth, whether you use continuously-filming or motion-activated cameras.

Second, it is easier and faster to access a random segment of a video stream in digital form, as anyone who's played with the slider control on a YouTube video knows. If we ever switch to a internet service that has unlimited data usage, we would definitely go with the Dropcam for the simplicity and clarity. RandiO, I understand what you are saying, but we get videoed in many streets and most shops, and I don't care at all. Third, digital video can be enhanced easily with editing software to bring out details such as a license plate or a burglar's tattoo. Taped footage must be converted to digital format before it can be enhanced, and that's a time-consuming task.
They can photograph us from outer space without our knowledge or consent, and if no one is doing anything wrong then no one should be worried.

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