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The Inforce-Mil- Led Light can be used for military tactical weapons, self-defense weapons, or on any weapon where a dependable, easily activated and bright light is needed.
There can be times where you simply need a quick look around a room to identify any obstacles but do not want the light on constantly so you can avoid detection. You may be waiting for an adversary and want to switch on to blind them without giving away your position before they are in target range.
If you use lights not made to mount, as the Inforce-Mil-Led Weapon Lights is, then you can put yourself or family in a situation more dangerous than it is already in. The Best LED Torch For Self DefenceMost people would not think of a torch as a self defence weapon, however, there are a few torches that offer features that are definitely worth considering when it comes to non-lethal self defence.
Gone are the days of poor performance, low light, short battery life and weak beam strength – the modern tactical LED torch is now at another level, making it a superb additional self defence weapon for use here in the UK and around the world. The biggest advantage to using a tactical torch is the special STROBE FUNCTION that will completely disorientate the attacker as well as leave temporary blinded, giving you enough time to make an escape away from any dangerous situation. Get 20+ FREE DOWNLOADS immediately by entering your e-mail address at right or browse through topics including AR15, maintenance, riflescopes, handguns and more by clicking here. The Double Defense gun is outfitted with a green, fiber-optic front sight and comes standard with two Picatinny Rail accessory mounts: one on the receiver for red-dot sights and a second factory-installed rail under the barrels for attaching targeting lasers or tactical lights. Of tactical shotguns for home defense, the Stoeger (an importer, not a manufacturer) Double Defense shotgun is my top pick for several reasons. Since I wouldn’t be shooting slugs out of a double, I would probably dispense with an optical sight since the Hi-Viz pipe is very “vizible” as it is, and for what you want to use this gun for it is about ideal.
What’s nice is that if you can’t get your hands on a real live Double Defense, and you want a side by side double usable for home defense, there are still other options available, one right in the Stoeger lineup itself, and it’s the same gun as the Double Defense, without the tactical upgrades and black paint job. The Brazilian-made Stoeger hammerless Single Trigger Coach Gun is my next choice, and one I actually got to test.
The single trigger Coach Gun is available in 12 or 20 gauges with a 20-inch, un-ported barrel, in blue or nickel finishes. On the standard Coach model, the barrels have fixed chokes, set up as Improved Cylinder and Modified, the first shot, right, being the Improved Cylinder-and the second shot the left Modified. The gun, which has an MSRP of $399, is nicely blued with an American Walnut stock with what can be charitably described as checkering on the grip and forend. There is an automatic safety which needs to be disengaged after the action is opened and closed and which also cocks the internal hammers.
The chamber is a three-inch, and all I’ve got to say is “don’t” unless you upgrade to a recoil pad. I held dead center on the fist of the aggressor target at seven yards average combat distance.
With all that being said, even if I couldn’t afford the little add-ons (except the recoil pad), I could still pick this baby right up out of the box and use it do defend my home and property quite successfully. Another option, which I was not able to test, is from Savage’s branch product line, Stevens. The Stevens 612 Side by Side trail gun is blued steel wood stocked (not walnut apparently) with 20-inch barrels in 12 or 20 gauge. There was one very positive review, and it could be a matter of some of the first guns that were imported were not up to proper standards, with later versions being improved. This article is an excerpt from the Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Shotgun (Gun Digest Books, 2011).
He is the author of the Gun Digest books, "Tactical Shotguns,", "Own the Night—A Guide to Tactical Lights and Laser Sights," and Survival Guns.
Both the United Kingdom and New Zealand are adopting the 7.62mm version of the FN MINIMI machine gun. Other countries using the 7.62mm MINIMI are the Spanish Navy, Polish Special Forces, the Australian Defense Force (F89 Maximi) and USSOCOM (Mk. There are also compromises in accuracy, reliability, and durability when inheriting the separate rotating bolt design and M249 action when compared to the M240. FN will manufacture barrels and replacements to your specification like they did with the FN-MAG ( Mag58 ). The lowers are interchangeable, and according to someone on HKPRo, a DI AR bolt (with all DI parts) can be used in place of the HK one. If one damaged a bolt, firing pin, cam pin, trigger assembly on a 416, then those parts could be swapped. It only takes almost 10 years of battle for these idiots to wake up and realize their errors. Like the Canadians who wanted to drop their tanks for wheeled vehicles stopped and realized you need heavy tanks and a wheeled vehicle has way too many limitations. If an intermediate round was being used there would be no real need for a mix within the squad. I have read infantry experts recommending the use of a sniper in each squad with a weapon in .338 or similar to reach out to over 1000 meters. I know the US Army learned the hard way about how important snipers were in a urban, guerrilla war like Iraq.
The Marines did send M-1A1s and LAV-25s to Afghanistan in the last few years the Army is the one still using HUMVEEs and MRAPs only.
The marines were smart in employing the M1 Abrams, taking advantage of its superior optics, protection, and firepower, though the vehicle’s weight and gas turbine engine are glaring liabilities that make it inferior for the Afghan mission compared to the Leopard 2.
They were stupid to use the LAV just like the US Army was stupid in using the Stryker in Afghanistan.
Armies (like Canada) that considered using wheeled APCs with a anti-tank gun to replace MBTs are changing their minds.
I see it’s because of the comment I made that I am living in New York City and about the gun shot detection system.
Can anyone tell me why the idea of an intermediate round being used in conjunction with 7.62 is seemingly beyond comprehension?

You mean like 7.62×39, used as far as I know pretty exclusively by third world countries? Nice weapon if you’re willing to deal with more parts breakage, but the tubby contractor in the first photo does not exactly inspire confidence.
FN empolyees just make rifles they don’t have to use them in combat… So they can be as porky as they want as long as they do a dang good job building those guns!
Astonishingly, the outstanding PKM machine gun weighs 26 lbs to include the bipod (16 lbs just the machine gun!).
I have been saying for years they are cleverly manipulating the procurement system to get a new (automatic) rifle without having to involve the Army, Airforce & Navy (nothing ever comes of these Joint service guns) by claiming it to be a new class of weapon.
So what I am saying is I am wondering if a 7.62mm rifle (not a DMR) would have been a better choice. For any given weapon, the weight of the unit of fire means more than the weight of the weapon (the BAR was 20 lbs). I’m really glad nobody was considering the expense of the rounds we were putting downrange in Afghanistan, keeping Taliban heads down kept us alive.
This certainly does scream for a universal intermediate cartridge, but some may argue that you cannot have a do it all cartridge. Not the variant the article is talking about, though I’ve fired its American cousin the Mk48. I am Mechanical Engineeringin and terested in weapons design, and because of this line is low on resourcesTherefore, in this line of books for you to please send me I thank my dear M. You have access to this content through your organization’s enterprise subscription to the Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN). Saab Dynamics used its first ground combat systems demonstration day here to show the newest iteration of the Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle, a man-portable, multirole weapon system. Game of war guide to protecting yourself – a beginner’s guide the information on the dig site says it can be protected by a dig site shield if you march. Game of war: fire age treasure maps released treasure maps will lead you to a dig sites where you the screen shot on the game of war blog shows two purple.
Game of war cheats and hacks unlimited gold cheat this game of war cheat will provide you with unlimited gold, allowing you to have unlimited resources. If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow game of war: shield unless you will be gone from the game a long time or heavy. Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Griffon Industries has introduced their own line of Kydex Holsters and Magazine Carriers that offer an incredible amount of versatility with a touch of style.
More Recoil Stories Griffon Industries x ChristineThe guys over at Griffon Industries have shared with us some pictures of the lovely Christine posing with their Kydex Holster.
The light would be highly effective for a home self-defense weapon because target recognition is extremely important when confronted in your home. The light is securely attached and does not wobble and can take some banging around and still stay securely mounted. If you are in a stationary shooting position, the fewer distractions you have the better off you are. Taping a light to the barrel is never recommended because the tape will dry out and when you need the light of course, the tape will fail. Fumbling for the light switch means precious time for the intruder to move or fire and you stand the chance of not knowing for sure whether it is a family member making noise or an actual intruder.
Without doubt, technology has come a very long way in the development of really good LED tactical torches – we see them mounted on rifles and hand guns, as well as used by the military, police forces and security companies. Even a relatively low level of light that has a strobe effect will cause disorientation if shone directly at an attacker, especially if the attacker is not expecting it. Here also is one area where, if the double is your weapon of choice, you have to purchase one that was made overseas, since there are no American makers that are making side-by-side guns.
All metal surfaces are finished in matte blue and come complete with non-reflective matte black hardwood stock and forearm. The Double Defense comes about as ready to set up tactically as you can for a double gun, with picatinny rails and Hi-Viz front sight installed, making it ready for lights and optics if you want them.
As I said earlier, the Double Defense is so very popular that I could not get my hands on one for testing for this book, so obviously I’m not the only one out there who thinks that the old double still has merit as a defensive weapon. It is listed as a specialty side-by-side on the Stoeger website, since the original Coach gun is a more historically accurate double trigger model.
The nickel finish is stocked in black, and if you think a single barrel chromed 12 gauge is intimidating, imagine the effect of a side-by-side with moonlight glinting off that shiny finish. The wood itself is actually nicely figured, and they would have been better off just skipping the checkering.
There are extractors, not ejectors (I would prefer ejectors for rapid reloading of this gun, since it is no longer really a sporting model and you don’t have to worry about capturing your spent shells in the field). As expected, each barrel patterned just slightly toward its side from the center, but both shots struck pretty much where they were needed. Stevens doesn’t have its own website, it is merely the trade name for the Savage line of shotguns. If you are interested in one, check with your local dealer or gunsmith and see what they are saying, and examine one for yourself. A bullet from a 7.62 Minimi with 502 mm barrel will not be the same as a bullet from the same cartridge and a M240.
The M240’s locking bolt is superior for prolonged fire and overall reliability due to its engineering around the heavier family of cartridges (being based off the M1918 BAR). Again, opening up another can of worms, as is the characteristic of every other weapon out there. The 5.56mm round has way too many limitations and should be ditched too for an intermediate round.

The US military dropped the idea of a IAR when it dropped the BAR, which was astronomically stupid; the Soviets already had the RPD, then later, the RPK and the PKM in service. Even with M24-armed snipers amongst mechanized infantry squads, the advantages were unmistakable. It was one of the reasons why I counted my blessings I stayed out of anything mechanized my entire career. After floundering with LAVs and wheeled APCs, many NATO armies are discovering the merits of the M113 (with some variants having a 25mm gun) which is, by far, a superior vehicle. The Soviet Army also witnessed glaring failures of the wheeled BTR in Afghanistan, which prompted them to use the more adequate BMP and T55.
Im an ex-British soldier and trained first on the SLR 7.62 then we converted to the SA80 5.56 which was crap! If you need a weapon that can throw hundreds of rounds down range and keep an enemies head down, it might as well be chambered in a round that can reliably penetrate light cover.
That means for any belt fed weapon, the ammo is always distributed among the fire team members making it essentially a crew-served weapon. It’s certainly interesting to see the trend towards full powered rifle cartridges again. You must have the ability to identify your target in low light, or no light at all situations. The light can be activated and left on or activated for a quick look and it does not stay on. The normal torch features are excellent, however, I am concentrating purely on its defensive capabilities in this article. This method of self defence weapon is highly effective and WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO ESCAPE an attack.
While the double trigger configuration may be more historically accurate for Cowboy Action Shooting where the steel targets are not attacking the shooter, double triggers are too complicated and slow for real live defensive use without a lot of practice.
If I was going to build it from the ground up for defensive use, I would set it up with Improved Cylinder or Cylinder Bore chokes on both barrels. Overall I’m quite impressed with the fit and finish of the Coach Gun and the tightness of the action.
The gun is compact and light which lends itself to mobility in the home which is an awkward confined space.
I’m going the shotgun route but it will be a Kel-Tec KSG that replaces my 5 shot pump. Add the new 40mm grenades and your squad can reach out and touch someone at close to 800 meters instead of only 400 meters.
At least the Army and Marine Corps had the common sense to adopt the outstanding M240 (FN MAG).
They declined both times and drastically affected the effectiveness of the individual infantryman that still has profound effects today.
That role was in majority of cases taken by the RPK (and and PDR before it), chambered in the same round as the rest of the squad. Many Tali and Haji have lost their lives to this wonderful amalgamation of steel, aluminum, and polymer. Full powered rifle cartridges were almost thought as obsolete by many for military purposes. The Glock version gives you one holster that will fit Glock models: 17, 19, 22, 23, 34 and 35. Griffon Industries Limited Carbon Fiber HolstersGriffon Industries is offering a limited run of Carbon Fiber patterned kydex holsters.
If you pay a few bucks more, you can get interchangeable screw-in chokes on the Supreme Coach Model, but for defensive use, I wouldn’t bother. If you wanted to attach a tactical light without the gunsmithing you could, very simply, put a light in the groove underneath and between both barrels and secure it with electrical tape. But I sure wouldn’t pay $400 more for one of these over the Stoeger in any event, as the Stoeger guns are very well executed examples of this type of shotgun.
They stopped what they were doing so quickly and got some more tanks, canceled the whole wheeled vehicle contract. You have the ability to destroy their cover without resorting to using your LAWs and AT-4s which as far as I was taught only have an effective range of 400 meters.
The only tip to tactical I have made is a stock located shell holder which I will probably never need. I used the LAW we didn’t have AT-4 when I was in, only Rangers had the Carl Gustav we also had the Dragon and Tow. All holster are opened ended so no modification is needed if you run an extended threaded barrel. Griffon Industries Limited Run TLR-1 HolstersGriffon Industries has released a limited run of its Kydex holsters designed for certain pistols equipped with a Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light. Once an intruder turns to leave or is unarmed shooting him will cost you a lot of time and cash here in the Peoples Republik of California! Two shots told me all I need to know about patterning and recoil pads, or lack thereof, and about wanting to shoot it off the shoulder again. Girls of Griffon IndustriesOur friends over at Griffon Industries always have beautiful women with equally beautiful guns posting up on their facebook page.

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