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The Savage Stevens 320 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun features a carbon steel barrel and a synthetic stock for durability and a matte black finish. 5.11 Tactical Recon Trainer Sneaker-Type Tactical Training Shoes Rope-Ready: Lightweight Cross-Trainer Gets the Job Done, in Comfort! The top photo and fifth photo (D Dupleks shotgun slug ammo) contained in this article were taken by Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability). DefenseReview (DR) recently got to view and handle the Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG), a 15-round (14+1 round) bullpup pump-action 12-gauge (12ga) combat shotgun, briefly at SHOT Show 2011, and we came away very impressed with it. The KSG can hold 7-rounds per tube, and the mag feed switch procedure is made via a manual lever located behind the trigger guard, rather than by an automatic mechanism. In the interest of full disclosure, one could argue that Defense Review was predisposed to like the KSG shotgun on sight, since we’ve been longtime fans of the South African Neostead Shotgun, now made by Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. DefenseReview had hoped that the Neostead folks would get their act together at some point and manufacture the Neostead Shotgun here in the States. MSRP on the Kel-Tec KSG high-capacity bullpup pump shotgun is expected to be in the $800 range, which is very affordable for what it offers. DefenseReview looks forward to getting a KSG in our hot little hands for the purpose of conducting our own T&E. On the Monday before SHOT Show 2011 opened, while others were invited to the official Media Day shoot, I had the rare privilege of handling and shooting the new Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.
I put at 50-75 rounds (mostly birdshot, some slugs) through it getting familiar with its manual of arms and then posing for stills and life-fire video. I’ve seen on YouTube where if you hold the trigger while you work the action, it doesn’t reset, right? Remington VERSA MAX Synthetic Semi-Auto 12-Gauge Shotgun with Self-Regulating Multi-Load VersaPort System: Is this gas-operated shotgun reliable enough for military combat? I bought the first one in our store and was amazed at the overall concept and to hold this amazing machine in your hands just brings a smile to your face.

Stopped by the gun store for something else, and was shocked to see it on the wall…bought it immediately.
The pistol grip allows you to keep a comfortable grasp, and the shotgun is designed with a rotary bolt and dual slide bars. The rest of the photos contained in this article are courtesy of Oleg Volk Advertising Photography, and these are also copyrighted.
One could argue that the KSG bullpup shotgun is essentially a modified, updated, Americanized, and arguably significantly improved version of the Neostead bullpup shotgun concept.
First, the KSG’s pump action is cycled in the traditional manner, where the forend pump handle is pulled rearward, just like on the more traditional Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 and 590 Special Purpose shotguns. This is complicated, of course, by the fact that the forend on a pump-action shotgun moves and needs to be grippable, unless a vertical foregrip is employed.
Oleg Volk, the photographer known for his work in the firearms industry as well as Second Amendment advocacy posters, needed a model for some promotional pics and video he was producing for Kel-Tec and other clients. It’s unlike any shotgun most people are used to using, so I took some time cycling the mechanism, operating the safety and magazine lever, and getting the “feel” of it. HOWEVER, when cleaning, (as I do for every new firearm), I found the barrel was corroded to such a degree that it looked like a barrel damaged by fire and salt water. DR handled a prototype Neostead Shotgun inside a private room at the Ithaca booth at a SHOT Show we can’t remember the year on, and we really liked it. If side rails are added and you want to use the weapon without mounting a vertical foregip, rail panels will have to be utilized. According to both Oleg and Glenn, the KSG prototype they test-fired out in the desert was very sturdily built, so it should prove combat-durable. We went out – well beyond cell phone coverage range – in the Nevada desert against a foothill backstop where I got to put it through its paces. The switch lever is on the bottom, behind the pistol grip, at the front end of the ejection port.

There aren’t many guns that have a manual switch for multiple integral magazines, so it’s not like you are already used to a different design or location. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without receiving permission and providing proper credit and appropriate links.
Holding it fully loaded (7+7+1 rounds) out at arm’s length, like a typical pump, would be quite a challenge.
But given its likely uses (tactical and home defense), if you still have a problem after fifteen rounds of 12 gauge, you already had an extraordinary situation on your hands before you pulled trigger even the first time and better be reaching for your rifle.
If this is a genuine problem, I expect it will get worked out before the system goes into production. Halfway through the excercise and just as I was about to pull the trigger, he shouted for me to STOP. But the bullpup design puts the center of gravity at about the position of the pistol grip and lets you support the weight close to your body. I found it most comfortable to operate the magazine switch with my off hand while maintaining sights on target and hold the weight of the gun with my strong hand on the pistol grip. The only caveat now whould be how the forend’s movement when pumped affects any of the accessories that are mounted on it, or their tactical employment. The model I shot had a vertical foregrip (attached to the integrated bottom Picatinny rail), which helps you avoid this operator error.
The result of a short gun combined with long arms and a trained response to point at the target with the off-hand finger, when bird hunting.
Had read reports of shooters putting vertical hand-grips on bottom rail and in the heat of the moment breaking the rail off ( it’s plastic) by vigorously working the pump mech.

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