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Whether hyperbole or fact, defensive handgun buyers also saw the combination as desirable and bought the Judge in large numbers. Taurus has expanded its .410 revolver line to include the Judge Public Defender models and the Raging Judge models. To me, the RJM most closely resembles the Taurus 454 Raging Bull, also chambered in .454 Casull.
The massive fluted cylinder features two cylinder locks, with one in front of the cylinder crane and one in the gun’s recoil shield. A red fiber-optic front sight is pinned into a sight base that appears to be part of the barrel. An allen screw in the grip’s base holds a black rubber grip with Taurus’ Raging Bull red cushion insert to the frame. To determine what you can expect when handling and shooting the RJM, I enlisted the help of my friends AJ Stuart, Irv Gill and Joe Mulligan.
About the .454 CasullThis cartridge was developed in 1957 by Dick Casull and Jack Fullmer, but nothing of note happened to it until Ruger chambered its Red Hawk for it in 1997. We set up Shoot-N-See LE B27 target centers placed at 3, 5 and 7 yards on which Stuart and Mulligan shot pairs of Winchester 250-grain Partition Gold .454 Casull ammo.
The results proved quite similar to the results I obtained earlier while shooting a 2″-barrel Judge. On another range visit, I chronographed the CorBon, Magtech and Winchester .454 Casull ammo. Walt Rauch received a BS degree from Carnegie Tech and completed service as a Special Agent in U.S.
The 454 casull rounds (up to 300 grains) for this wepon are the biggest, baddest, rounds I have ever fired through a pistol and I have been shooting for 40 years! You can feel the kick to your elbow, the rise is minimal and controlable, and fiber-optic sight makes this bear-stopping round a car-killer!
On a side note: if you use some Mothers Polish and a dremel, you can make this baby gleam like the chrome finished model that sell for $1500. The Soltaire™, a soft hobo-style bag with wide shoulder strap, is comfortable to carry, attractive and durable.
Military Tactical Pistol Mini Green Laser Light Combo Picatinny Rail for Self-defense, View green laser light combo, LASERSPEED Product Details from Dandong Xunlei Technology Co., Ltd.
Ruger’s new trigger offered only a small improvement from its original form and function.
The SR9 trigger is now a twin-blade configuration, departing from its problematic single-blade version. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a decision that upholds the exclusion of certain firearms from the protection of the 2nd Amendment.
The Ruger Silent-SR sound suppressor was designed and built by Ruger utilizing fluid dynamic simulation and computer numeric controlled (CNC) machining equipment. The .357 Mag is considered most effective in the form of a 125 grain bullet at 1450 fps, yielding 575 ft. However, .357 Magnum ammo is available with much heavier bullets, typically including 158 grain and 180 grain choices. Another advantage to the .357 Magnum is that you can have a revolver and a lever-action rifle in that same caliber.

For self-defense, the .357 Magnum revolver (or lever-action carbine) remains one of the best choices.
These petite pistols pack a wallop, and all enjoy the extra convenience and peace of mind the Taurus tip up barrel provides. To release the cylinder, move the front machine-checkered crane lock down while simultaneously pushing the rear (also machine-checkered) thumb piece forward. They kept the pairs within 2″ of each other while firing at a measured and steady pace.
However, a few of us had to acclimate to having to simultaneously move both cylinder lock releases to free the cylinder. I see the RJM as mainly a hunting handgun, with the pellets and bullets options greatly expanding hunting and predator applications.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In that regard, it is comparable to the .357 Sig cartridge, which makes the same attempt for semi-autos. Even Federal Cartridge, which invented the round, offers only three loadings, two of them American Eagle. The bullet weight is a healthy 125 grain, which in the hotter 9mm loadings has proved to be effective in self-defense. So at 124 or 125 grains, the .357 Sig is an able alternative, with the advantage of removable magazines and higher capacity. But the .357 Sig offers similar ballistics, undeniable stopping power, and all the advantages of a semi-auto.
This lightweight polymer revolver holds five rounds of .357 magnum ammunition, but barely weighs a pound. The snag free hammer makes them the dependable favorite for back up or lightweight bodyguarding, and these powerful double action only defenders remain an attractive, elegant choice for ladies and gentlemen. The story goes it was due to an interest by judges who wanted to be armed while on the bench in a crowded courtroom. Still, to the good, the combination of a heavy barrel, heavy gun and rubber grip effectively minimized muzzle flip and felt recoil.
Then we found the extractor rod a bit short—removing fired cases required using our fingernails or shaking the gun. The RJM can also be a defensive tool, of course, but considering its size and weight, it’s probably best to store in a vehicle or in a residence to have it just in case.
Another zippered pocket in front, along with pockets on each end, securely holds cell phones, sunglasses and other often-needed items. Despite a federal law prohibiting any individual from manufacturing or possessing a machine gun after 1986, the ATF inadvertently approved his application.
Each piece snaps together to seal the baffles and keep the byproducts of combustion away from the tube and end caps. We said, “Opening the box on the Cooper was a sheer delight, and it takes quite a rifle to impress our somewhat jaded crew. So let’s compare these three cartridges, as they might be useful for self-defense purposes. These two alternatives are striving to approach the ballistics of the .357 Mag cartridge, with less recoil, and that implies either a lighter bullet or a lower velocity, or both.

As for gun choices, Ruger used to offer three revolver models in .327 Fed Mag (GP100, SP101, and the Blackhawk). But you would be hard pressed to find a loading with 158 or heavier bullets in the .357 Sig. The 158 grain loading exceeds the 1450 fps velocity of the very effective 125 grain handgun round, and of course offers much higher energy, better range, and greater accuracy.
However, they were concerned with a handgun round over-penetrating and hitting a bystander, so they needed a defensive handgun firing a lethal round that offered minimal penetration. The barrel has a full-length underlug, which is relieved to serve as a shroud for the extractor rod. When the hammer is forward, you can access the Taurus Safety System because its keyhole is below the hammer spur and in the frame. It was only after firing roughly 20 rounds that Stuart commented that his hand was now stinging with every shot. We all did some unstructured shooting and used the normally hard-hitting (at both ends…) CorBon 300-grain JHP and Magtech 225-grain JHP and had a lot of fun!
What Has Worked For Me, as well as Practically Speaking, a comprehensive guide to IDPA defensive pistol shooting.
The Soltaire’s self-contained side-entry holster compartment accommodates most small and large-frame defensive handguns, and like all Galco handbags features a locking zipper for added security. After switching to 9mm or other semi-auto calibers, the decrease in stopping power was easily noticeable.
Thus, the Judge offers both cartridge and shotshell, exactly what the judges wanted and needed. The 45longcolt rounds fired through this gun feel like my 9mm in recoil and rise, I could shoot these very accurate rounds all day long and not feel it. So at 1350 fps, the 9mm bullet of the .357 Sig is in the realm of the hottest +P+ loadings. As such, these pictures generally do not include items such as the box, manual, or included accessories. The .327 Fed Mag takes the opposite approach, a lighter bullet with about the same velocity. They also do not necessarily accurately represent details such as wood grain or wood color, as these details will vary widely. To Help Speed Up Your Order : Please ask your FFL Dealer to write your Order Number, Name, and Firearm on any corresponding paperwork you or your FFL may send us. All Pick Up In-Store orders must be picked up within 5 business days after order is placed UNLESS SPECIFIC ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE AT THE TIME OF ORDER! Pick Up In-Store orders that have not been picked up within this period of time will be cancelled without further notice!

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