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This compact, easy to use SABRE pepper spray combines Red Pepper, CS Military Tear Gas Equipped, and UV Dye for maximum stopping power. The quick release key ring means your SABRE pepper spray is accessible even if your keys are in a lock or your car’s ignition. According to a study by the University of Utah, pepper spray will fail 30% due to weak batches. SABRE has worked with our law enforcement partners to create the Personal Safety Academy and College Safety Program. Sabre Red Combines the powerful inflammatory effect of Red Pepper with an invisable ultraviolet dye to aid in suspect identification. Sabre RED contains an ultraviolet dye for suspect identification, 10% OC solution the quality controlled by a High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Test. Our company with hard work and total team dedication has continued to grow, from humble beginning our success is built on service delivery and satisfied customers.

NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter to get informed about our news products & special promotions ! The #1 brand chosen by both law enforcement agencies and consumers, SABRE backs the most effective pepper spray with education and training to maximize personal safety. It also includes a quick release key ring, this key case pepper spray is immediately accessible by allowing you to separate your spray from your keys to increase your safety while unlocking doors. With keys in one hand and your pepper spray in the other hand, you’ll have immediate access to your pepper spray in dangerous situations. These programs teach techniques to outsmart and discourage potential threats and protection methods to escape safely.
Indenpendant laboratory testing found Sabre Red to be 27 percent up 30 percent times stronger than the other available pepper sprays! Security Equipment Corporation, the only OC manufacturer operating an in-house HPLC Laboratory, ensures capsaicinoid consistency in every canister.

SABRE is the exclusive choice of the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the US Customs & Border Protection, and many others.
SABRE is the only brand which eliminates these failures due to weak batches by operating an exclusive in-house HPLC laboratory.
SABRE duty belt canisters will deploy from an inverted position to increase target acquisition. SABRE products are also supported by the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification as an added means of guaranteeing the highest production quality.

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