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Kriss is announcing a rimfire version of their darling submachine gun for low-cost plinking and training. And as far as good .22s go, when it comes to both pistols and carbines, there are dozens of lighter weight, slimmer, prettier, more utilitarian, comfortable, and likely less expensive options out there. This fits into the narrow market for Vectors that are about as real as airsoft but fire live ammunition, and as cool as that is, it’s not very deep. Rimfire variants of the carbine and pistol should hit the market towards the end of this year. Message from the Aquarian Masters of Light from the Future Earth ~ Tools for the Aquarian Age ~ ~ via Judith K. I started doing research on our area to see what was available to women, in terms of self-defense classes, and I found the answer: not very much.
Damsel in Defense is much like the Tupperware parties that you may have attended, they are in-home party and consultant based.
College-aged women are 4 times more likely to be victim of sexual assault than other women.
Now, I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but those are staggering and really need to be shared. Please note that the Stun Gun and Pepper Spray products are restricted in some states and are to be used by individuals 18+ only. Now, I admit that I once would have shied away from both of these products, but it seems that crime is definitely on the rise, even in my small town. When it comes to protecting yourselves {and your children}, what would you consider your best Defensive Strategy?
I agree with Tony that we can get ourselves trained in self defense and keep a few self defense tools to save ourselves in the time of emergency.
We can get ourselves trained in self defense and keep a few self defense tools to save ourselves in the time of emergency. This is wonderful for all women who don’t want to be a victim of an attack and be abused and to defend yourself! The high-tech FN HAMR platform is a unique, highly adaptable, fully-modular selective fire weapon system that bridges the gap between an individual battle rifle and a squad automatic light machine gun in one compact package. When emergency situations occur, it’s vital to have a first aid kit on hand and easily accessible. Our fantastic survival kit also makes it possible for you to take disaster preparation supplies with you wherever you go. In emergency situations, it can be hard to think clearly and find all the supplies you need. When you do the thinking in advance and purchase survival kits that are packed with useful items, you won’t have to deal with the stress of last-minute preparation.

Serving as the state’s premier defensive pistol shooting competition and state championship match, the 2014 Comp-Tac Republic of Texas IDPA Championship will take place Saturday, May 24 at the Triple C Tactical Range in Cresson, Texas. The Vector is a submachine gun in .45 ACP with an exotic delayed-blowback recoil system that keeps muzzle climb down. Sure, for hardcore fans of the Vector platform, particularly those who like the style and don’t care about ergonomics or any of the features missing from a semi-automatic variant of the select-fire models, this is going to be a hit.
The final product is going to be a chunky .22 with a short sight radius and an awkward grip. We can’t help but think that for anyone looking for a low-cost shooting alternative, on almost every conceivable front, there will be bettr options out there.
It is, however, very good news for Kriss owners who want a plinker, and shooters working with plinker budgets looking to own a Kriss. 8 Comments Pin827 Share23 Tweet4 Flip Stumble +1Shares 854I was recently introduced to a company that I am really excited about sharing with you. Everything I learned in the class about crime and, specifically, assault- the statistics, the stories – they all backed up what I had seen going on around me already in my social circles and community. An opportunity to teach something that is absolutely invaluable to women everywhere, and to help support my family while I am doing it. But, there is another fact that one cannot stop their work and remain alert for a whole (24 hours) day.
I have recently bought a stun gun with a flashlight combo tool for my collage going daughter for her personal protectio.
I missed the event, however, one of my friends decided to host a party at her house and invited me.
There is so much crime going on now, and if we have these devices it can really help us protect ourselves. The blog started as a resource for parents who wanted to make small changes that would make a big impact on a better world and their family. In addition, the visual profile and the firing signature of the FN HAMR are virtually identical to that of the standard infantry rifle, thus reducing the counter-fire threat from enemy forces. For enhanced accuracy and greater first-round reliability, the magazine-fed FN HAMR initially fires from the closed bolt in either semi-automatic or full-automatic modes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Add it to your supply of survival gear at home, put it in the trunk of your car, or store one at work. First aid kits come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s what’s inside that will make the difference between disaster and true preparation.

All of the emergency supplies in this kit come in a durable backpack that can easily be stored in a car trunk, a work cabinet, or under the bed at home. Precision Defense assumes no liability and is not responsible for the actions of its members or of readers of this website. Through their continued and generous support of the shooting sports, Springfield Armory has helped bring the thrill and excitement of competition to recreational shooters all across the country,” said Robert Ray, membership and marketing director for IDPA. Police Beat Tazered man “Embers” President George HW Bush Religious Crusade BondsLaundered Drug Money Finalization of Ascendance Energy Structures is in Process You want a Smoking Gun ? For added safety during sustained fire situations, the FN HAMR automatically transitions into open-bolt operation in both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes before reaching the cook-off temperature of the chambered cartridge.
Packed in a heavy-duty canvas bag for portability and disaster preparation on the go, and containing 165 pieces of crucial first aid supplies, you can rest assured your family will be safe in a variety of situations.
Our well-stocked disaster survival pack comes with 175 pieces of extremely helpful first aid supplies.
Also, with clear inside pockets, the backpack is easy to search through to find what you need in a hurry. The materials provided here are the opinions of the authors, are intended solely for education purposes, and should not be relied on for legal or professional advice.
It’s unusual appearance has already earned it a spotlight in movies, television and video games. Behind that goes the downwards-cycling bolt carrier, something that’s sure to be missing from a rimfire pistol or carbine. I felt like I had significantly increased my level of personal protection just from educating myself. I agreed to host a party and by the time I got home I signed up to be a Damsel in Defense Pro. From bandages and gauze pads to an emergency blanket, ice pack, and scissors, you’ll be equipped with the emergency items you need to take care of your family members in a disaster. Laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force vary from state to state and each individual is responsible for compliance with the laws of each jurisdiction.
I never wanted to do ANY kind of sales I am a successful Executive Administrative Assistant for 20 years now.
I am happier with my damsel business and hope to one day grow big enough that I can stay home with my family and work at what I love to do!!!

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