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The first time I used a quality laser sight in a low-light situation, I realized lasers were real tools with real-world applications.
Despite the fact that most of us conduct our firearms training during daylight hours, bad things usually happen at night.
A laser—preferably in combination with a white light—allows the homeowner to identify a threat, acquire a sight picture (the image of the laser on the target), and stop the threat without changing one’s focus from the target back to the sights. Let’s say you find yourself in an awkward shooting position, such as holding your child or a phone in your weak hand, while holding a handgun at the retention position.
There are a variety of quality laser products on the market, so let’s explore some of the best options for home defense. One of the most Powerful stun gun flashlights in the market, convenient LED super bright flashlight!
They appealed to Hollywood because of their aesthetics—but most folks thought they were kind of a joke. When I attended a Crimson Trace sponsored event at Gunsite a few years ago, I used their laser in conjunction with a white light to “fight” my way though a shoot house in the pitched-black desert night, I was sold. Realistic home defense scenarios involve low light, movement, difficult angles, crucial target identification, unorthodox shooting positions and the panic of a life or death encounter—none of these are conducive to precision shooting.
Due to the close confines of a hall or doorway, you can fire accurately during an otherwise hopeless situation with a laser.

The operator can choose to use both the light and laser simultaneously or separately, depending on the situation.
The laser features constant on and pulse mode settings, as well as an auto-off feature to save batteries. Their products were among the first available that offered the durability, performance, and compact size to make them serious tools for self-defense. The incandescent 125-lumen white light and laser combo is built like a tank and waterproof to 66 feet.
It tucks neatly between the trigger guard and muzzle, and combines a durable 100-lumen flashlight with a 5mW green laser. Seamlessly combining TASER® touch-stun technology and a bright flashlight into one easy-to-use personal protection device.
Supplied wall charger indicates charging statusThe TASER StrikeLight is restricted from consumer use in Michigan. This flashlight stun gun comes with an interior rechargeable mechanism with removable batteries.
Their tactical flashlight and green laser pistol kit is an interchangeable system that allows the user to screw on either an LED light or a green visible laser to the battery pack.
In a home defense scenario where innocent family members could be present, the ability to illuminate the situation with a white light is crucial.

The green laser is visible out to 100 yards in daylight, and extends out to one mile at night. Buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using TASER products.
I wouldn’t expect the performance and durability of the more expensive models, but if your budget is thin—Firefield gets you in the door. With this unit—designed to be mounted to the Picatinny rail of a rifle or carbine—the user can choose between a visible red or green laser and an infrared laser visible only to those equipped with night vision equipment.
The C5L combined with a TacLoc holster maximizes your effectiveness in any self-defense situation, and it’s also a whole lot of fun at the range.
Unless you have access to a night vision device, this product is probably overkill—but if you have a set of NVGs at home, this is the ultimate home defense tool.
I’ve used this setup for nighttime hog hunting and I can’t even articulate how effective it can be.

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