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Civil Defense personal defense rounds in .380 Auto are shipping to distributors and retailers around the country. Worse yet, with all those limitations, we expect a .380 ACP round to level a city block should we ever need to use it for self-defense. With all that said, I guess it’s not surprising that most of the .380 rounds I test don’t compare to their 9mm and larger siblings. The folks at the new Sig Sauer ammunition factory are pretty proud of their V-Crown bullets, so I’ve been testing different loads and calibers. If you want to learn about the world of guns, shooting and the American way, check out some of my books. Everybody has an opinion on this one, and if you don’t you probably need one, for conversational purposes if nothing else. Personally I am a 9MM fan, but I might be heavily swayed by the fact that it is far cheaper and I don’t have a lot of money. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
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The Liberty Ammunition .380 Auto is a copper, monolithic, hollow-point fragmenting round with an accuracy rate of 2-inches at 50 meters.
The extremely accurate personal defense round has less felt recoil than traditional .380 Auto rounds. The company provides state-of-the-art tactical ammunition to the US military, our allies and law enforcement. It’s convenient, and you can make obscenely small and handy guns that can handle the caliber, but it’s a borderline cartridge in terms of performance.
Generally, 380 ACP rounds are about 90 grains in weight, or roughly ? the weight of a 9mm self-defense projectile and just 40% the weight of a .45 ACP bullet.
You can only pack so much powder and pressure into that little cartridge without blowing up your micro gun.
There are guns that are tiny and easy to carry, so we hope (and assume) that they will provide enough oomph to get the job done. It’s simply a physics nightmare to produce a round that does what we want within the constraints of the cartridge. A few weeks back, we looked at the 9mm 124 grain V-Crown bullet and it showed impressive performance.

I'm the creator and primary author of the Insanely Practical Guides series of how-to books. I believe that life is a bowl of fruit loops and that things don't have to be so complicated, although I suppose excessive techno-jargon keeps lots of well-intentioned lawyers in business. With the increase of concealed carry firearms sales, the .380 round is experiencing greater demand.
In 2013, Liberty Ammunition entered the civilian market with the highest performing ammunition in the world for superior personal protection and to enhance the game hunting experience. Sure, if you look at the ads, you’ll see lots of impressive pictures of perfectly expanded .380 ACP bullets, but did you read the fine print? Today, Liberty Ammunition is the global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement and the civilian and hunting markets.
I could probably get a can of spackle to expand if I fired it into water or uncovered ballistic gelatin.

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