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Report of tailgate of brans new Discovery Sport failing to close properly and therefore won't lock. The '+2' seats are essentially a third row that lift out of the boot floor while the moveable second row provides easy access. The four-cylinder Ingenium is a huge step up from the 2.2 diesel, with lower emissions, better economy and notably less noise. On the road the Discovery Sport feels capable and fun, with plenty of grip in the corners and plenty of torque.

However, forget like-for-like comparisons, because the Discovery Sport is miles ahead of its predecessor in on every level.
However, while the compact third row of seats are perfect for young children, adults will only want to use them for the shortest of journeys. We'd recommend the automatic gearbox over the manual, as it's smooth with near seamless gear changes. Yet, even after factoring the new pricing strategy, the Discovery Sport still has huge appeal, with plenty of refinement, sophistication and outstanding off-road ability.

The four-wheel drive system is identical to the one found in the Evoque and linked to Land Rover's excellent Terrain Response system, which means the Discovery Sport is more than capable off road.

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