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The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, colloquially known as the "Impstar-Deuce," was a Star Destroyer model that was derived from the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. On the first page of Star Wars: Shattered Empire, Part II, illustrated by Emilio Laiso, the ISD Torment was mistakenly depicted with the targeting array of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. Please be aware that the current sms notification of a Chevrolet Cruze being awarded to Vodacom or MTN cellular phone numbers is a scam.

Kindly refrain from responding to the notification and do not divulge personal information or banking details or pay money to the fraudulent operators.
The specifications are for comparison purposes between the different vehicle models available in the S.A market which are all tested in the same manner, specific driving cycles and controlled environment. General Motors South Africa has the right to change automobile details without prior notification.

Actual achieved fuel consumption during on-road driving will vary due to factors including driving style, vehicle load and tyre size, as well as road, traffic and ambient conditions.

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