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Brand New In Box ORION HCCA25001 HCCA Competition Series Mono channel 2500 watt RMS car amplifier.
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The brand offers a wide variety of subwoofers for automobiles, including the Orion HCCA series. Comes from smoke free pet free environment.Orion XTR500.4 Car 4-Ch Extreme Power Amplifier (XTR5004)Brand New! The HCCA 102 model features 2,000 RMS power watts and 4,000 power watts, which is enough to power a cara€™s speakers and reproduce booming but clear and distinct sounds.

This is a true BEAST of an amplifier made for the serious audio competitor and enthusiasts.
Comes from smoke free pet free environment.ORION XTR1500.1D CAR MONO BLOCK SUPER D CLASS AMPLIFIER 1500W RMSBrand New! Orion's long history of producing nothing but the best subwoofers and amplifiers are exemplified if their TOP tier model the HCCA. The XTR series is also a great choice for car subwoofers, with the XTR102 offering dual 2-ohm or 4-ohm copper-wound voice coil for the circuit to work well in delivering sound inside the car. From a visual standpoint, Orion subwoofers boast the companya€™s characteristic red and black design that can add to the aesthetics of a cara€™s interior. Whether you're looking for an SPL world record or you just want to do some serious damage on the streets, these amplifiers wil ensure they hear you before they see you.
Hellacious power intersects with extreme efficiency under rugged die-cast aluminum covers with illuminated ORION badges that tell the world that HCCA is back! This protocol has been adapted to further enhance the capabilities of the ORION amplifers.CUSTOM CONNECTORSThe new terminal connectors accept larger gauge wire, simplify the installation and improve the cosmetic look of the install.

To aid in the installation, we have equipped these amplifiers with high-level inputs that also include an Auto-Sense circuit.
ORION's high-level inputs accpet voltages from 1V to 10V from the head unit's speaker outputs. With symmetrical output designs, clipping the output creates an even order distortion (as opposed to an odd order distortion).
Thermal stability is improved as heat is dissipated from the devices more evenly.REMOTE GAIN CONTROLConnection of the optional RGC2 remote mountable gain control, which is included with all HCCA amplifiers, allows variable adjustments of the gain from the driver's seat. This is done to keep the aesthetics for a clean installation while offering easy access for tuning.

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