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The same arguments that you have made could translate to most AR platforms when comparing them to any of these takedowns and the defensive limitations of the .22LR. The mini 30 is a nice platform, but given the choice I’d rather have the mini 14 because of the ability to shoot the same ammo than an AR15 fires.
I am not a fan of the .223 either but you are entering the realm of personal preference here. In the end, it all boils down to what you need, what you are comfortable with, your budget, and a whole host of other factors that are unique to you.
The Henry is a good SHTF rifle just from the stand point of portability… the Ruger is more accurate but heavier and larger.
The trick with survival rifles is to actually have them when it comes time to do some survivin' — and that's hard to do with an oversized killing machine.
A lot of the zombie-related goods we feature here on Uncrate are created in jest — but trust us, Hornady Zombie Max Ammo ($28) is no laughing matter. The Henry AR-7 unique(ish) selling point: the barrel, receiver and magazines can all be stored inside its stock which is watertight. After firing 50 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt through the carbine, the skies opened up with biblical force and attempted to swamp the thing.
If I were heading to the range for an afternoon of plinking, the Henry AR-7 would not be my first choice. While awkward at first, this compact carbine has an easy-to-reach magazine release that can easily be activated from either side. The survival rifle functioned nearly flawlessly despite heavy rainfall which undoubtedly washed out all the lubrication carefully applied by its operator.
The scope was apparently stored ouside of the stock, but it isn’t shown inside the briefcase. Bond is shown running with the AR-7 stowed, then magically has an assembled weapon WITH SCOPE when he fires at the helicopter. I think before I use it next time, I will dip it in automotive parts washer solution and see if that does anything. An odd thing happened to my AR7 which I have never seen commented on: Something melted a soft spot in the left side of the stock.
All things considered, I got it because I saw them advertised (Boys Life I imagine) when I was young and decided I had to have one. If you have fading old eyes, take the peep sight blade off and use your trusty hand drill to open up one or both of the two peep holes. RTFI when you take the gun down to clean it, particularly when you remove the bolt from the receiver.
If you have fading old eyes, take your power drill and open up one or both of the rear sight peep holes. RTFI before you take the bolt out for cleaning, If you do not cock the action before you remove the bolt, it will be a real PITA to get the little fork-shaped plastic spring guide out of the receiver.

The offset of the action to the right side of the stock looks as if it will make that thinner part of the stock slot (on the right side) fairly weak.
I came across this review of the Henry AR-7 Survival rifle this morning, and thought I would share with you. I am posting another review here for you because this seems to be a VERY popular search on my blog, so I figure the more information for you, the reader the better. It does have a folding stock , one thing that I do is put it in a fishing rod tube , people see that and dont freak out ( or snitch ) made sure it has a big Zebco emblem on it as well as other fishing stickers .
The British have been trying to get us to switch to the 8mm , which is a far superior round for years .
When your talking about walking away OR back home, weight x distance x whatever your comfortable shooting x will it feed me?
Survival AR-7 is a survival tool, I decided to test it under more adverse conditions than I would, say, an Anschutz target rifle. As most of us won’t be bugging out in central California in the fall during a light breeze, it was a perfect environment to wring-out (so to speak) a survival rifle.
They’re made by folding and welding a flat blank into the general shape of a magazine. The go-along-to-get-along rifle that you keep handy in case you can’t get to a better long gun. You can mount an ACOG on the sight rail, effectively septupling the gun’s price and doubling its weight. I’d give the AR-7 a scientifically quantified value of one ‘minute ‘o squirrel,’ which more than meets its designated role. I will also add a few tips of my own since I bought one of these (not the new orange lined one though). They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps. Not sure if this is an anomaly with mine, but it might make it difficult to use in the field if I get my hands on stray ammo. Survival AR-7 Rifle ($275) is a semi-automatic firearm that sports an 8-round .22 LR magazine, and features a unique design that allows the receiver and the barrel to fit inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, making it perfect for keeping at the ready in a bag with clothes and supplies, or for hiding at a designated spot in the wilderness for retrieval post-shit hitting the fan. Far from your standard Hanes multi-pack, MeUndies, are made with a signature blend of fabric that is 3x softer than cotton yet still hugs all the right things in all the right places.
Basically tin cans on metal sticks, each measures 28-inches tall, features a crushed bottle cap on the bottom, and comes with a crudely hand-stamped name plaque for marking your territory beverage. A word of advice: if you end up using these, you're probably going to need more than one box. So someone who drops the AR-7 in the water can have the pleasure of watching it float downstream. I had intended to shoot the carbine from 35 yards at some paper, then wait until some rain showers came through the area and give it a go in less ideal conditions.

Truth be told, operator error accounted for two of the five misfeeds; I put too much pressure on the magazine. It does what it was designed to do; the inevitable compromises are down to its intended mission, weight, water resistance and price. I guess a little break in helped it out, or maybe it was several subsequent cleanings, because it is much better now.
If you were quick you could retrieve if after an accidental drop but I wouldn’t count on it bobbing at the surface for any extended period of time. Plus , you and I both know that most people will get stuck in an urban area no matter how much they say they are a rural. Made from high-strength 17-4 stainless steel, it features multiple individual links that perform two or three jobs each, giving you a total of 25 tools including drivers, a cutting hook, box wrenches, a glass breaker, and the obligatory bottle opener. Ordering is virtually risk-free, since if you don't love your first pair, they'll pay you back and you can keep it for free. The off-center receiver’s a necessary (and clever) compromise so that all those parts stuff neatly inside the stock. That caused the rounds to bind in the mag with enough force to resist the follower spring’s tension.
He shot the hand of a man about to throw a grenade at him, causing him to drop the grenade in the helicopter. Still, I hardly ever use it, partly because of having no good place to shoot within a reasonable distance and partly because of the jamming history.
Granted I only did this with one rifle but calling them watertight might be a bit of an exaggeration. My 795 can put 10 shots in a half dollar at 25 yds without even really trying to be accurate.
And if you do find yourself wearing the first pair everyday (gross) it's even easier to stock up, with generous savings for those who subscribe or buy a pack.
In terms of rifles, there’s Henry Repeating Arms’ iteration of the USAF’s AR-7 survival rifle.
I would think that if you want the best of both worlds , than a .22 anything is not what you need , although it is better than just a knife .
Now brought to you in .22LR by the same folks whose lever guns put Marlin to shame (literally).

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