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Lines get longer and longer outside popular attractions the closer you get to Halloween night.
Wearing costumes is a bad idea, since most attractions won’t allow you in with them on. Every attraction has specific rules for how they run their spot, so make sure you know and follow the guidelines. Find everything you need for a great Halloween in our scarily complete coverage of costumes, haunted houses, special events, and much more. If you like dark games with puzzles and adventuring, you might be very interested to hear that Atari has just launched Haunted House: Cryptic Graves on Steam.
This latest version gives the player control of Anya Graves, heir to Abaddon Grange, an estate that has become the domicile of monsters and spirits.

The game was written by award-winning comic and video game writer Gordon Rennie and developed by Dreampainters, the dev team behind survival-horror game Anna, so it has quite a pedigree to its name.
If all  of this has tickled your horror glands and you game on a Windows PC, check out the trailer below and head over to the Haunted House: Cryptic Graves page on Steam for a closer look. Be prepared to wait in line if you do attend at that time, or try to go earlier in the month, when the crowds are lower. If you’re not brave enough to be in the front, try to follow in the middle of the group.
Most haunts don’t allow the actors to touch those walking through the haunt, but some have other items that could reach out and grab you.
The game is a re-imagining of the original 1982 Atari 2600 game which is viewed as one of the first survival-horror games.

It’s just as well that she is given supernatural powers to aid her on her eviction quest, or I would imagine she might find it rather a difficult job. These abilities include communicating with the dead and the crafting of powerful potions via alchemy to aid her explorations and grant her protection. It sounds like she will need all the help she can get as some of the ghosts she must evade include Silent Stalkers, Jack the Ripper and Witch.

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