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Signature Creator allows you build your own email signatures with a logo, formatted text, hyperlinks and an handwritten signature above it in few seconds.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to open an application or a website with just a couple keystrokes?
The program Live Signatures is an easy and handy tool for automatic substitution of actual data in outgoing messages.
Secure email and secure online file sharing and storage, secure document distribution and group collaboration. WeatherSig is a fun tool that displays your city weather conditions in your email signature for many popular mail programs.

Free license is not time-limited and provides many useful security features, including RSA encryption of your personal files to a Data Vault.
Features: global company disclaimer, personalized signatures for all users, AD-integrated, built-in editor, diagnostic tool, archiving.
Live Signatures doesn't replace the built-in templates for signatures in Microsoft Outlook, it extends their functionality.
Your signature is inserted automatically into outgoing messages for Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and more.
Also with FREE license you can SIGN & ENCRYPT files for email attachment or for safe keeping on memory stick There are many everyday situations where you might want to encrypt an email or a file.

Time is money; and having a signature for your email, depending on who you are sending it, can save you a lot of time! Manages an unlimited number of independent signatures and an unlimited number of quote repositories. After much demand with our other related applications, we developed this clever idea that will save you a lot of time and make your emails stand up from the rest.

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