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2012 go kart kits for sale, View go kart kits for sale, FARSPEED Product Details from Farspeed Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. 18" ATV wheels fitted with 25mm rally kart hubs at the rear, with 14" ATV fitted at the front of the gokart. Fully welded, bare-metal, certificated roll-cage frame, complete with steering column, stub axles, pedal kit & track rods.
FREE gift pack which includes a welcome letter introducing your project, build diary, DVD, CD-Rom, sticker pack, TOP Trumps card pack featuring your kit!!
BMI Karts & Supplies is proud to be the internet leader for factory direct go kart parts and accessories.

Be the first to hear about new and exciting products, special pricing and incredible deals! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. We recommend ATV rear tyres to our customers running their kart on either very muddy or chalk type terrain. All gokart kits come with our Teacher's Resource pack to help you plans your project and get the best results from your students. We carry a huge inventory of go kart parts and accessories, clutches, belts and repair parts.

Plus our fully illustrated, step by step assembly manuals which are aimed at the first-time engineer.
We carry all the top manufactures (Azusa, MCP, Briggs, Dynocam, Comet) for everything a gokart needs from axles, wheel and brake assemblies.

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