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So excited you are considering the next step — getting oils into your home for yourself.
Basic Starter Kit ($40): Includes 5 ml of StressAway Essential Oil, a roller top, 2 NingXia Red 2-oz samples, 10 sample packets, and literature for becoming a distributer.
At the top of the order page, mark the Wholesale Member – this is for both distributor and wholesale member. Every month we will feature a different BayBridge Senior Living community from across the country to highlight what makes it unique and share why people are proud to call these retirement communities home. There’s an old cliche that people fall back on when choosing a neighbourhood: location, location, location.
On any given day, residents are venturing out on relaxing walks through the neighbourhood, and visiting nearby shopping centres, restaurants, banks, theatres and health centres.
But what goes on inside Kensington Court is as exciting as what’s happening outside its walls.
One of the most distinctive features of Kensington Court is the passion of the staff to treat residents the way they’d like to be treated: like family. Josephine Davison, a current resident, was looking for a retirement residence with two very specific things: a library, and a welcoming environment for her dog, Mr. Of course, Kensington Court also looks after residents in a way that suits their individual needs. With a variety of rooms and floor plans, freshly prepared meals by passionate chefs who are willing to provide specialized meals for any craving, and pet friendly accommodations, it’s no wonder that the residents of Kensington Court are happy to call the community home.
Get FREE TIPS plus a powerful FREE CD - "Superstar Essentials: 7 Must-Haves for More Money, More Impact + More Fun in Your Soul-Led Business." Let's go! Here it is: be willing to try new things, fall down, learn and keep moving in a direction that allows you to expand into your next chapter.
This means that 2015 is the year you sign up for the new class, the year that you say yes to the trip to Italy you’ve been putting off for way too long.
It’s the year you join a business mastermind group that will help you take your idea to the next level. It’s the year you take Fridays off because you like having long weekends every weekend. It’s the year that you love with every fiber of your being and the year that you let people know how much you care.
It’s the year that you stop worrying about money and instead decide to appreciate money as the sacred tool that it is.
It’s the year that you say YES when you mean it, NO when you mean it, and don’t waste any energy feeling guilty for speaking your truth. It’s the year you bring ALL of you to every situation because you know there is nothing to hide. This entry was posted in Blog, entrepreneurship, Love, marketing, personal growth and tagged business, creative expression, evolve, growth, impact, Jenny Fenig, purpose, women by Jenny. Subscribe now for valuable tips + a powerful audio training to help you grow your spiritual business.
I also received an awesome gift basket from HumanX that included t-shirts, snacks and of course our CrossFit Games wristbands!! We couldn't move into our new farm right away as the family that currently lived there were taking their time moving out so we found a kind campground owner that would let us have water on during the day (this was in November, most campgrounds are closed).
After reading the inspection and looking at the house ourselves, we knew there were many things we needed to do to the home.
In our minds we had a list of the things that needed to be done to the house to get it into livable shape before we moved out of the camper, most things we figured we would just live with and fix later down the road.
Room after room in the house we went through and found trash, unsanitary conditions, critter feces EVERYWHERE, and things that were unsafe. After looking over everything and feeling a little more than slightly discouraged, we headed back into the camper to talk about a new plan. During these discussions of what we would do with the home, I often thought about the home its-self and all it had gone through over the years. Melissa, I’ve thought about that many times with sadness when I see a farmhouse torn down so that a subdivision can be built. My husband and I have been fixing my families original homestead in ND and I feel too that if we do not save the farm who will.
Kim, if you call your county courthouse you should be able to find more records on when the house was built, ect.

I know, so many times when we’ve pulled something out of the house we can’t believe that someone actually lived in there with that! I really admire what you’ve been doing and coping so well despite everyday struggles. I am in real estate, and of course a majority of my work comes from sales in sub divisions, etc.. Getting Luxury Living Room Inspirations One of 7 total Images Getting Lavish Living Room Designs with Three Simple Steps. At the following are 7 image delineating the "Getting Luxury Living Room Inspirations" article, including the image you’re recently observing earlier at above. Paint colors for living room can be considered as one important matter for many people since the color of their living room will surely be one aspect to determine if their living room is good or not. If you also want to get the best colors for your living room, then you can try these things first. This kind of color idea means that you will only need to pick one main color and one color as the accent. Remember, when you are talking about the accent, that means the accent only has a small color proportion in your living room. For example, you can pick pink living room color scheme with some accent on the top ceiling and also the flooring. How to Select Wall Paint Colors for Living Room -  Changing the color of the room is the first thing you do when you move into, right? The living room and family room are typically the most utilized spaces in the home; this is particularly true if they are designed for regular family gatherings or a game space for kids. Your living room is the gathering place in your home and the right paint color will make it a place where you'll happily welcome family and friends alike.
As a wholesale member, you receive a 24% discount on all purchases forever — it really is a great deal. All you need to do to maintain the membership is to purchase 50PV (about $50) worth of merchandise each year.
What that means is they THANK YOU for sending people their way by sending you a Thank You check for each person you sign up!
But when it comes to choosing a retirement community, location is just a small piece of the puzzle. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood with a spectacular view of the Detroit skyline, this retirement community is surrounded by nature, yet nearby to the amenities that Windsor has to offer.
Residents also enjoy taking in local culture by touring the Art Gallery of Windsor, checking out nearby Little Italy, strolling in Mic Mac Park or trying their luck at Caesar’s Windsor Casino.
The independent living community has Life Enrichment directors on staff that plan and run programs and activities to engage and excite residents. And because of this, residents like to involve their own friends and families in the community’s activities.
For example, the emergency response system is monitored around the clock, to make sure that residents are taken care of any time of the day or night. Thanks to some extra leg room and free wi-fi on our JetBlue flight, it actually went by fairly quickly. Heading into San Pedro we drove through the Port of Los Angeles, which is the busiest shipping container port in the United States.
We stayed there in our rv for a few weeks getting to know our new town and the surrounding area.
It was built in 1890 and didn't appear to have been well taken care of, at least for the last many decades. We knew we were going to have to fix up this house before we bought it, we just didn't realize quite how much love this house was going to need. Thankfully we'd had a bit of money left from our own house sale that would get us started, the rest of the money to fix up the house would have to come over the next couple months while we worked. After traveling for a while we wanted to settle down on some land again and build our little dream house. I love the thinking about how my grandma and all of her siblings grew up in this tiny 3 bedroom house with no sewer or water.
We’ve had good luck going through old county books and finding info on who owned the house, when they remodeled it, ect. I so wanted to this when I was in my twenties but, circumstances (bad choices) did not allow it.

The story, not the sweat and heartache you have endured, I can’t wait for the next chapter!
I’ve always had this little dream of doing something similar, but I lack the diy-abilities and patience to do so, so I’m going to live vicariously through you!
This year (year 9) we just paid for our building permits and staked out the footprint of the additions. This number is just in case you decide to become a distributor in the future and begin making money from Young Living. And, most importantly, share the opportunity to have a wholesale account of their very own.
I can speak from experience when I say the earning potential is huge AND you can create a stable income that will last your lifetime. It’s this balance between serenity and activity that makes Kensington Court so unique and attractive to its residents.
And of course, because of its proximity to Detroit, many residents take shopping trips over the border with friends.
These activities include cultural events like gallery tours and guest speakers, fitness programs and fun experiences.
And the community was just that; Josephine arrived with her best friend and has since made many more. And while it is an independent living community, there is also the opportunity for short term stays for residents who may be undergoing a home renovation or may need a place to stay while a caregiver is on an extended trip. After placing all our boxes in the house we started exploring and learned that there are only so many things the inspection report can tell you.
The house would have to be worked on at night since hubby would have to go to work during the day. This house didn't seem like a dream right now but with hubby's handyman skills and my decorating skills, we could make it a home that we wanted to be in. This house has withstood the test of time, horrible winters, many tornadoes, the dust bowl, and so much more. After talking about what we would do we went outside in the dark of the night and looked at the house in the moonlight, the large trees making shadows all around it.
Good for you for improving your farm and making it your own – you won’t regret it! The house needs tlc but with Gods help we are doing the necessary work to make it our home as well.
Not only are your restoring a part of history you are making your own history and memories. My mother renovated a small house that everyone thought should probably be demolished, including me.
Not only are these activities fun and enriching, but they’re a great opportunity for residents to get to know one another. I looked at this house and I knew that if we gave this house some love and care again, that it was going to help us achieve our goals. With patience, hard work and lots of elbow grease she has been in her very cute little dream house for about 10 years now! The cabinets were old but I love all those tutorials you can find on re-painting cabinets so I figured that's what I would do. To be debt free, to live as self sufficiently as possible, and to have a joyful, simple life. We are in our 60s and 70s, live in a small town, and we are working to try to grow most of our produce in our yard, and buy everything else locally.
In our eyes this house was not a burden or a disappointment, it was telling us that it wanted to help us. There was no hot water tank, no heat source, rotten floors as well as multiple other problems. Since buying it a year ago we have had multiple set backs, including my husband ending up with a fracture that put him out of commission for several weeks.
And even though there is still a great deal of work to be done on the house, we are planning on moving by the end of the year.

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