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Scope of work: VIBRO Vibration control products were used for the antivibration mounting of the Generators in one of British Telecom's buildings.
As teledensity has reached 70% in Pakistan, cellular towers are trying to expand their networks to remote locations. Telecom companies are left dependent on diesel generators due to defective grid supply and presence of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in off-grid areas to fill the electricity shortage. Due to high costs the generators are an expensive option for the telecom companies. The renewable energy provides a reasonable alternate in all locations, especially distant ones. In Pakistan, if renewable energy is used for cell towers it can be helpful in cost savings and provide a better standard of life for the telecom companies and the communities.
As the solar energy costs decreases, it will become helpful for remote communities to make use of solar technologies.

At the same time adequate lateral restrain was required in order to prevent displacement of the generator. Solar energy is generally being used for this reason in developing nations such as India and Africa.
The results are most encouraging with generators almost not needed any more. Reon Energy Limited is the renewable energy division of Dawood Hercules Group- the largest provider of energy in the private sector in Pakistan. The corporate commitments have propelled investors to invest in renewable energy in Pakistan. OMC Power, a renewable energy project in India, provides renewable energy for cell towers and supplies the surplus electricity to the nearby communities, making life quality better in the community and supporting economic growth.

It is important that the national policies follow the current trend to enhance renewable energy investments in Pakistan.

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