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When you need power at the jobsite, at home, or for recreational use, the Ryobi 2,200-Watt Inverter Generator is ready with clean, quiet power for any occasion. The Sportsman 1,000-Watt Portable Generator is the ideal size for hunters and campers who wish to run portable TVs, radios, small stoves, grills, and other small appliances.
This question is from 1,000-Watt 2-Stroke Gasoline Powered Portable Generator with Brushless Motor 6 answers Is there a place to hook up a 12 volt dc wire?
USING THIS UNIT TO PLAY MUSIC AND RUN LIGHT'S OUT DOORS AT A PICNEC, HOW MANY HOUR WILL IT RUN??? Buffalo Tools Model # BFC12, Internet # 100648177, 12-Volt Automatic Battery Trickle Charger $13.74 at Home Depot.
Recently, Home Depot reached out to me and wanted me to do a post on a tailgate powered by a generate. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot so I did receive compensation however the views and opinions are that of my own. I’m sure I could have figured this all out on my own but it was nice to have someone walk me through everything before I tried to figure it out on my own and possibly break it. This was a painless process and I am really excited about all the possibilities that the tool rental program could offer. This TV stand make it easy to transport your flat screen to the tailgate and set it up for viewing. Disclosure: The links provided in the “materials” and “required tools” sections are affiliate links.
As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! The GE 20 Amp Power Inlet (L14-20 Twist Lock) features a single enclosure that protects against weather and normal field use.
This question is from 20 Amp Twist Lock Power Inlet 0 answers Will this work with aluminum conductors?
This question is from 20 Amp Twist Lock Power Inlet 0 answers Will this work with RIDGID 25 ft. This box is designed for weather resistance, which makes sense, since bad weather is when most generators will be pulled out. Generac's XG Series portable generators offer premium quality power, engineered for high performance using the Generac OHVI engine. I do not have an actual DB rating but I was surprised how quiet it actually is considering its size and output. Because there is no industry standard for testing sound levels on portable generators, we do not currently list a decibel rating for any of our portable generators.

The Westinghouse Portable Generator with 8000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts is perfect for commercial or residential use. I bought 2 of these and 2 of the 25ft five outlet cords, which allows me to keep the generator a little further from the house for noise reasons, but enough juice to get to all the necessary places in the home.
This product offers excellent construction quality electrical cord with heavy duty connectors and a length of 50'. Page 13 of the operators manual (under LED DISPLAY - Lubricant) states that "The oil indicator light and the engine will automatically shut off whenever level in the engine becomes low. Lightweight and portable, this generator can easily be transported in the truck of a car for use at tailgating parties or campsites. If you would like to support our site and help keep our content free come find out more about how we can make money with no extra cost to you. I have a 20a and a 30a box mounted side by side, because of the way my generator hooks up, and the quality show.
Durable construction with oversized full-wrap frame tubing and impact resistant corners minimizes damage from rough handling. Bought it as insurance against winter power outages -- no more worries about defrosted freezers and spoiled food.
I convinced myself that this bad review may have been an isolated case as the smaller Westinghouse 7500 generator had an excellent reputation and Home Depot has a 30 day return policy--so I took a chance. I was able to find on a big seasonal sale for about half price, which made them even better!
Plus, this portable inverter is parallel-kit capable, so for larger power demands you can link 2 Ryobi Inverters together for twice the power.
At first I hesitated because I didn’t think I could come up with any type of DIY project to integrate it with. In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind!
Rogue Engineer has made every effort to be complete and accurate in the instructions provided on this website.
Designed for use with a generator panel, a load center with an interlock kit, or a manual transfer switch for stand-by power. It also includes an electric start and remote start (key fob included) for ease and convenience. Also as we live out in the country and have a well, we're assured of having a working well pump. Unpacked, put together, added oil and gas, unit shook shuddered and vibrated like it was going to come apart.

This Inverter also features idle-down technology for better fuel efficiency, and rear wheels with extending handle to make transport a breeze. Head on over to the Tool Rental department at Home Depot and they’ll be happy to help. A HDTV antenna will get you all the local stations which will more than likely have the game. Rogue Engineer will not assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your project or in the use of the item you create. The remote start is a real benefit -- can't tell you how nice it is to be able to start the generator from inside the house!
Had tape marks all over it, scratches, scuffs, etc., looked to me like a demo or refurbished product (nice way kick off a new product line eh?). Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions in the use of tools, check and follow your local building codes, and observe all commonly accepted safety precautions. The big problem was that the manual (recoil) start function would not work and it took a least 3 of the 5 seconds for the electric start to work. Most stock TV stands are not meant to be placed on uneven surfaces and are sketchy at best. I called Westpro for technical support and they had no experts available at the call center so I was given several numbers for approved technicians in the field. Finally able to get through to somebody at Westpro Power, rather than the 855 number they list, which will only get you somebody with a foreign accent tell you where your nearest service provider is located, sent Westpro a video of the unit malfunctioning, they confirmed something wrong. They said drain it, dissemble, pack up, put on pallet, they would send a new one and pick up old one.
I have a built in switch on my home, but some do not, so I can see why you need to buy a power cord separate.
Don't have time for this, so called Home Depot, very cordial and friendly, as opposed to Westpro Power, who are defensive, unfriendly, and insulting; Home Depot said just bring it back as is for a full refund. I asked why and they said Westpro was slow in delivering parts and paying for warranty work. So before you buy this product at least go to the Westpro website and checkout the dealers and repair technicians in your area.

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