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Diesel Generator SetsMTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets provide reliable solutions for your power generation needs. From 27 to 200 kWe (30 to 94 kVA) of power potential, our generator sets are built with the same engineering and system expertise as our larger generator sets, featuring low fuel consumption, high efficiency and outstanding reliability. MTU 4000 DS generator sets perform at the highest level and cover the power range from 1125 to 3250 kWe (1550 to 3400 kVA). Prime PowerFor peak power applications or when continuous power is required for an extended period of time.
Read exciting application stories from the world of engines and generator sets from MTU and MTU Onsite Energy.
Subscribe to our MTU eReport and stay up to date with news and stories around our brands MTU Onsite Energy and MTU. Your browser may not support JavaScript.If your browser does not support JavaScript, you must upgrade to a newer version. Hardy Diesel’s reputation for low prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service keeps customers coming back.
If your looking for rock bottom bare bones Diesel generator, custom Mil Spec or off grid we have you covered! Perkins 40-115 kW Perkins generators durable in extreme work environments such as Oil fields.
Generator Ends, sometimes referred to as Cans, Dynamos, Windings, Machines or Brushless Alternators.
At Hardy Diesels and Equipment, Prime power is our minimum grade of Diesel generator sets offered. Rental grade generator sets are similar to prime power with the major difference being they are usually trailer mounted and almost always have a rotary voltage selector switch. A Diesel generator from Hardy Diesel is a wise investment whether you need it for back up or Prime power.

Diesel Generators with slow-speed engines (1500 rpm at 50 Hz and 1800 rpm at 60 Hz) are designed for continuous power supply or for standby power.
MTU 2000 DS generator sets with Series 2000G05 engines offer the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Top of the line energy products at rock bottom prices* We have large quantities of quality Diesel generators on hand Quick Ship! They are required by law in the United States if a Diesel generator is to be used in conjunction with the utility company.
Depending on the required generator power reliable diesel engines of various well-known manufacturers are used.
Various engine and generator control sensors and saftey switches protect the power generator set (GenSet) with visual and acoustic alarm or emergency shutdown. Analog display for voltage (V), current (A), frequency (Hz), operating hours and fuel level on the control panel. What they do is provide a fail-safe method of separating the utility company from the back up generator.
We run a low overhead operation which allows us to sell top quality products a rock bottom prices. When you get your Diesel generator from Hardy Diesel you know you are getting the best product at the best price. Sometimes called a double-throw transfer switch because there is a neutral position that disengages between the Utility and Generator position. Fuzhou, Fujian, China GMC Manufacturer Since: 2012 On-Site Check by TUV Quality is our Life !!
Well it means that these Diesel generator sets can be run twenty four hours a day 365 days a year. It can also be selected with the rotary voltage selector knob however only two thirds capacity is available in this setting.

Large Critical grade Diesel generators can be used anywhere reliability and noise levels are critical.
The main difference between an auto transfer switch and a manual transfer switch is the Auto transfer switch will automatically switch over and signal for your generator to start in the event of an electric grid failure.
Prime power Diesel generators can be relied on for economical electric energy over extended periods of time. They are often used for large concerts, entertainment events and industrial applications. Many auto transfer switches also have an exercise mode that will start your generator at programmed intervals to assure it will be ready in the event of an emergency.
In other words, there is a basin built into the skid with a capacity to contain all fluids contained in a Diesel engine. They can be paralleled with separate fuel supplies and parallel switch gear so that there is minimal chance for failure. The reason a Diesel generator lasts so much longer is that Diesel is actually a light grade oil. Diesel generator kW produced from 1800 RPM engines and generators last almost indefinitely. Critical grade small & large Diesel generators are often used by the military as well in situation where silence and reliability are extremely important.

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