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Design Presentation is a leading provider of CAD support services to power generation and distribution companies in North America, and specializes in converting archives of electrical schematic diagrams (power plants, etc.) into electronic format, including paper to CAD conversion, 2D to 3D conversion and redline changes. Given the volume of electrical schematics and the need for consistency, we extensively use LISP routines to meet quality control requirements. All drawings that form a part of critical infrastructure information (CII) shall be marked with a CII stamp. Power generation and distribution companies find Design Presentation to be a cost effective solution to the above requirements. Samara Dam is located on the Volga River which is situated near Zhigulyovsk and Tolyatti in Samara Oblast of Russia.

The Three Gorges dam was one of the major projects of China, to improve their economy and generate humongous amount of hydroelectric power for its residents.
Tarbela Dam is one of the world’s biggest earth and rock filled Dam and supreme water resources expansion project which was completed in 1976 as a constituent part of Indus Basin Project. The project consists of a 9,000 feet long, 465 feet high above the river bed, earth and rock fill embankment across the entire width of the river with two spillways cutting through the left bank discharging into a side valley.
The lake appears to be under the control of one important government official for private use and for protection. The project utilized 27,200,000m3 of concrete, 463,000 tons of steel and about 102,600,000m3 of earth was evacuated to create the room for dam.

Duck hunting is ordinary away from the dam and there is the option of the additional room of agriculture and of mineral taking out, but there are no other major intimidations evident. A huge amount of investment was done in order to create the humongous dam, initially it was estimated that the dam will cost the Chinese government about 22.5 billion dollars but the circumstances did not allow this and the cost reached up to 27 billion dollars.
It was estimated that the whole revenue or the cost of the dam will be generated in first ten years of fully functional dam with generation of 1,000 Twh of electricity yielding 250 billion Yuan.

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